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    Mutants are simply humans who have a genetic mutation that gives them an astonishing and sometimes dangerous superhuman power. Every mutant has the X-Gene within them, though the power it gives a mutant is unique for every one. The X-Gene can be passed down through heredity, but two normal human parents can also have a mutant child. Scientists have called mutants the next step in human evolution, but society as a whole looks at mutants with fear. They fear their power, and they fear what the do not understand. America is in an uproar over what they should do about the mutants, and violence and protests have broken out all over.Certain politicians move against mutants, while others aim to help them. So Charles Xavier formed the X-Men to help create peace with mutants and man-kind. The X-Men would were a powerful combat team that accomplished many amazing missions, and helped protect innocent lives. They defeated Apocalypse, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and many other threats in their time. They helped bridge the gap between homo-sapiens and homo-superior (mutants). Many years ago Charles Xavier opened the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. He created a school that would be a safe place for mutants to attend and to get an education. But the school would also harbor his secret team of fighter’s, the X-Men. Not all students were in the X-Men, and not all X-Men were students in the school, though they could be both, most of them were too old to be in high-school and some of them are teachers in the school instead.


    The X-Men suffered many crises. Apocalypse, the Civil War and even M-Day. Except in this Marvel universe M-Day was reversed by Scarlet Witch months after the disaster.But seventeen years ago everything changed. The Phoenix came back from the dead and allied herself with Magneto, and subsequently killed off almost all of the X-Men; including Professor X. She then turned on the Brotherhood of Mutants, wiping them out as well. In the end Jean Grey went to the grave once again as Wolverine ended her life, but she managed to turn him to ashes before he was finished. It seemed like all was lost, that the X-Men had finally collapsed. But a lone survivor, the X-Men known as Beast had survived the blood-bath. He returned to the mansion, and reopened the school, now as the new Dean and leader of the X-Men. Now seventeen years after that terrible day, Beast has recreated the X-Men, with his own group of bright-eyed teens and gifted youngsters.It turns out that Quicksilver, survived as well, and he took up his father’s mantle as leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, he has now grown the size of his organization, as new mutants have joined the faction. The brotherhood is very much the opposite of the X-Men; they work against peace, and strive to cause a war between humans and mutants, a war that Beast fears would be the extinction of both sides.Even more ominous, a corporation known as Weapon X has survived all these years. They were the ones responsible for implanting the adamantium into Wolverine, and many other terrible deeds. They have now captured a team of mutants, and turned them all into their personal weapons, and they plan to use them for evil. The Sentinel’s are still around, their one function is to hunt down certain mutants and kill them for the good of mankind. They are mutant killers, and they are highly efficient at it. The newly re-formed X-Men and the newly reformed Brotherhood of Mutants have yet to clash; but soon they will and everything will be changed forever.





    GM: Flex Capacitor


    .:Advent Aeternale:.





    1. You must post IC when you are speaking “in character,” and OOC when you are speaking “out of character.”2. Don’t take control of other players’ characters without their permission.3. If your character is in a position where there is no way to escape or survive they will and can die.4. No god-modding. You can’t ignore physics and you especially can’t ignore your characters’ weaknesses. No auto-hitting! Also you must allow your character to be injured, it’s part of the fun of fighting.5. Double posting should not happen.6. Remember that if you’re fighting other mutant NPCs, or Sentinels, you can’t just blast your way through an army of them, they are still strong. Now, humans on the other hand, most mutants would be able to mop up a large number of them.7. Limit of 10 characters total. Try not to make too many that some of your character's don't get enough attention etc, be responsible and only take on as many as you can handle.8. And as always, all regular BZPower rules apply9. Avoid straight OOC posts, if your gonna post post IC too.




    Warnings and Offenses: Numbers equal warnings for each offense

    1. Warning. 2. Character mortally wounded. 3. Character death. 4. Several day ban. 5. All characters killed. 6. Permanent ban.






    Character Rules:


    1. Try to avoid making your character overpowered, if you are a mutant, stick to two to three different powers tops!2. If you’re a member of the X-Men you don’t use weapons, unless they are a part of your power. Most mutants don’t use them period, but if you’re a human, then yes you can use weapons.3. No canon characters from X-Men or Marvel allowed. If you want to play as a character similar to existing X-Men; then make them similar. Also, you are permitted to make your character, the child of existing X-Men. This RP is obviously non-canon, so children of known X-Men can exist, as long as they have some level of originality.6. Your character is not omniscient. Everything they know has to be learned in some way.7. And most importantly, your character MUST be approved by a staff member before you post as that character.





    Mansion Layout:

    Here is a layout of the mansion and grounds so you guys know what’s on what floor and all of the rooms for the mansion.Reference for the mansion and estateBasement- Blackbird hanger, Dangeroom, Cerebro, X-Men only medical wing, Hanks’ lab, war-room, armory, interrogation roomThe Basement is a metal underground base; the hallways are completely made out of metal, with large oval shaped doors that open when you approach them with X’s on the front. Cerebro is a long metal hallway that opens up to a large abyss, which is actually a massive circular metal room. At the end of the lone hallway is the Cerebro consol, which only Ashlynn Summers can use. The Blackbird hanger is a massive metal hanger room, which the Blackbird sits in. The Blackbird is a large black, futuristic jet that belongs to the X-Men.Reference for the basement levelThe Dangeroom is a large metal room, with specialized machine traps and obstacles the X-Men must face while training. It also has very realistic and believable holograms for training, and the illusions the walls can create are quite advanced. The war-room; is a simple metal room, where the X-Men are called to meet before missions. It has an advanced computer system within the room that Beast uses to display things for the team, or search for information.First floor- Classrooms, library, teacher’s offices, computer lab, dinning room, kitchen, student cafeteria, lobbyThe first floor has brick walls, with nice paintings and expensive furniture, the library is large, and filled with many books, with large open windows that show the grounds outside. When you enter the mansion through the front door, you see the front of the house, and a large grand stair-case that leads up to the rest of the floors.For reference, first floor is in this styleSecond floor- student dorms, one for girls one for boys, School wide medical wingThe second floor has white walls, with white and black décor. It has many windows in the dorms, and each room for each student can be decorated the way they’d like, with personal items like Xbox 360 etc.Third floor- staff bedrooms, guestrooms, Beasts office, empty room for partiesThe third floor also has brick walls, except for the rooms for each of the staff, which is painted, and decorated however they like. Beast’ office is large, with a well polished wooden desk, large open windows, and shelves full of books. The office used to belong to the late Professor Xavier, there is a picture of Xavier still in the office, along with a picture of Beast.Mansion ground- pool, basketball court, garageThe pool is a large swimming pool for staff and students alike to enjoy, same with the basketball court, which is an outside court, with six hoops. The garage is a large separate garage; that has about ten cars in it, which all used to belong to past X-Men, or Xavier. X-Men are allowed to take them out if needed, but students are not allowed to drive them without permission, thought that doesn’t stop a few of them from breaking the rules.







    X-Men- The X-Men are a group of mutants founded by Charles Xavier. The original X-Men all died, all of them except for Beast. Beast has reformed the X-Men with all new members; the new X-Men are soldiers, fighting for Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence with mankind. Even though Xavier is dead, this dream is now slowly being forged into reality.The Brotherhood of Mutants- The Brotherhood is a group of rogue mutants who are lead by the powerful mutant Quicksilver. The faction was founded by Xavier’s arch enemy Magneto, but after his death his son took over. Their goal is to bring down mankind and put mutants at the top of society; if this means killing all of the humans on earth than so be it.The Enforcers- The Enforcers, are a relatively new group, they were formed in the last seventeen years. They were created by the American Government, by the same people who created the Sentinels. They are a group of average humans who want to wipe out all mutants. Mutants must register with the government by law, and if they don’t they are legally allowed to be killed without trial. They will stop at nothing until all mutants are erased from the face of the earth. They used special high-tech technologies and Mech-suits to compensate for their lack of powers.Weapon X- Weapon X is a shadow organization run by unknown persons. They are obsessed with mutants with healing abilities and have created their own personal force of powerful mutants. These mutants are usually, captured, brainwashed and experimented on. They are then used as assassins to take out high paid contacts for the organization, or dangerous missions to further Weapon-X's lucrative goals.





    Recently the Weapon-X facility in Canada has been destroyed by the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. There seems to be little loyal Weapon-X members left. The Hellfire Club- The Hellfire Club is a secretive cult within the upper echelon of human and mutant society. The Hellfire Club was founded in the 18th century, and even today many members adhere to an 18th century dress code. Additionally, the hierarchy of the Inner Circle is modeled on the pieces of a chess set, with Black and White sets of Kings, Queens, Bishops and Rooks and Knights. The soldiers and grunts that the Club control are the Pawns. The Club counts among its members some of the most powerful, wealthy and influential members of society. Membership is passed on to descendants, and can also be earned through wealth, influence or power.While many accept the invitation simply for the pleasures that the Club offers, others seek wealth and a place of power. In fact, the purpose of the Hellfire Club is to obtain and exert power through politics and economic influence instead of outward conquest and domination, though since after many years of these tactics not working they are going to more unconventional means. Since its foundation, the Hellfire Club has been involved in wars and assassinations to further the agendas of the Club's most powerful members.SHIELD: SHIELD stands for: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. SHIELD. is an extra-government intelligence and security organization dedicated to protecting the nations and peoples of Earth from all threats, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. SHIELD was organized to meet the threat of the highly technological subversive organization called Hyrda. Its current Executive Director is Colonel Nicholas Fury, an ex- C.I.A. operative. SHIELD’s Supreme Headquarters is the huge mobile Helicarrier, but there are also regional offices in all the major cities of the free world and several secret bases in Communist countries. Although most of SHIELD’s operations are covert, the organization’s existence is known to general public. SHIELD. even maintains public offices in several cities.


    There are two teams that are affiliated with SHIELD.


    Neo-Avengers- Group of children of the original Avengers, led my Patriot. No spots currently available.


    Pantheon- A SHIELD strike team that uses the names of mythos gods as their codenames, main directive is to stop disasters before they occur.


    The RP takes place primarily in NYC and New York State; but characters will be allowed to travel to other locations if they chose to. Also some missions within the story will take place in other countries and locations, which will be accessible by the Blackbird (The X-Men’s jet).



    To Join:

    Simply fill out this form and post it in the topic:Name: (Your full-name)Codename: (Your superhero/villain name)Age:Gender:Faction: (X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, the Enforcers, Hellfire Club, SHIELD or Weapon-X)Power(S): (Choose your power here. If you want to have a power, or powers, you must pick between one to three powers. For example: Telekinesis, flight, super strength.Appearance: (What your character looks like)Weapons: (Be realistic, X-Men won’t use these, most Brotherhood won’t either, Weapon-X members and Enforcer’s can have them)Skills: (Things your character is good at.)Personality: (Your character’s personality)Weakness: (Every-one should have one)Bio: (How and when did your character come to Xavier’s School for the Gifted Youngsters? When did they join the X-Men or the Brotherhood etc)




    Important NPC List:



    Name: Daken AkihiroCodename: Dark WolverineAge: 66, but looks to be around twentyGender: MaleFaction: Currently Weapon-X, is loyal to his master.Power(S): Healing factor, the same as John’s and every ability that gives: slowed aging, immunity to foreign chemicals, superhuman acute senses, smell etc, enhanced stamina, strength and reflexes (only slightly higher then normal humans) and his six retractable bone claws. Two claws come out of a knuckle on each hand, and the third out of his wrist. The claws on each wrist have been coated with a shard of the Muramasa blade, and they also have an adamantium sheath implanted in his wrist for them to slide through so the shards don’t disrupt his healing factor. He also has a unique power that John, doesn’t have Pheremone control. He can release pheremones that can do a number of things, seduce people, changer their mood, instill intense fear, happiness, depression, sexual and a false sense of security to other beings. Like his brother he also is immune to telepathic attacks.Appearance: Daken is 5’9’’ and imposing. He is very muscular, and handsome, he looks to be a cross of Japanese and Caucasian which he is. He wears his black hair in a moe-hawk, but he usually leaves it down, he doesn’t spike it up. He also has a large tribal tattoo extending from the center of his abdomen and covering most of his left pectoral muscle, trapezius, and arm all the way down to his fist. He also has two bright blue eyes and an unshaven face.Costumed Daken. (costumed)Un-costumed Daken.Weapons: He has shards of the Muramasa Blade implanted in place of the wrist claw on each hand, they have the power to negate healing factor in mutants, a wound inflicted on healing factor mutants with these blades will take several days to heal, a mortal would will kill them as they will loose all of their blood and bleed to death.Skills: Master martial artist, multilingual,Personality: Daken has been described as brutal and arrogant. He enjoys fighting, and usually he falls more along the lines of a dark character, aiding those who fight against the X-Men, he had a strong hatred for his father because of the work of his master Romulus, but he loved him before he was killed by the Phoenix. He decided to take care of his little brother John, but he became unable and vanished for many years.Weakness: Daken's healing factor can be dramatically slowed if Carbonadium is implanted inside of him, such as swallowing something made of Carbonadium or being wounded by a bullet composed of it. It causes his healing factor to be reduced to a slow crawl, at least in comparison to its normal speed, but doesn't fully suppress it. He can be killed by the Muramasa blade, but he wields shards of it himself.Bio: Daken was born in 1946 to Logan and his Japanese wife Itsu. While his mother was in the last stages of her pregnancy she was viciously murdered by the Winter Soldier in an attempt to draw Wolverine out and return him to the custody of Madripoor. After Itsu's death, The mutant known as Romulus took the baby, cutting him from his mother's womb and leaving her body behind. The baby survived the horrible incident due to his mutant healing factor inherited from his father.Romulus left the baby on the doorstep of Akihira and Natsumi, a wealthy, young and traditional Japanese couple. They took the child's arrival as an answer to their prayers and raised him as their own. Though he was named Akihiro by his father, the servants and other families of the province secretly referred to the boy as Daken which meant fatherless dog in Japanese; a slur on his obvious mixed heritage. As Akihiro grew up, he was often teased by the other boys of the village. His harsh treatment over the years caused Akihiro to develop a very cold persona to all except his father.One night, Natsumi confessed to Akihira that she didn't love their adopted son and that, after long years of trying, she was pregnant. Akihiro overheard this and began plotting. Within a year, sometime in 1957 after the birth of the baby, Akihiro confronted his mother, telling her that he had killed her son. Akihira was furious and disowned Akihiro, who furiously responded that "Akihiro" was not his true name. Natsumi suddenly appeared, trying to run Daken through with a sword, triggering the onset of Daken's mutant powers. With a wave of his arm, he accidentally slashed Natsumi with the bone claws that had sprung from his hands. Unable to force himself to harm his son, Akihara instead committed suicide. Romulus then appeared to the boy for the first time, telling Daken that he was what the boy would someday become.Romulus sent Daken to a training camp in Canada, the same camp where Wolverine had first trained more than forty years earlier. Daken was also trained by the same man as his father - Silas Burr - who would later become the mercenary known as Cyber.Years later, Romulus revealed to Daken that his father was still alive, but lied at the same time, telling Daken that it was Wolverine who had killed Itsu with Daken still inside her. Romulus told Daken that Wolverine feared what Daken would become. This lie sowed a seed of vengeance in Daken that Romulus continued to feed in the following decades.Daken then spent much time following Romulus’ orders and trying to advance his plans. Eventually he joined teams put together by Norman Osborn, the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men. Eventually his wrist blades were also infused with the Muramasa blade, This was achieved through the Tinkerer, who bonded the metal from the Muramasa blade to Daken's inner claws, finally Romulus’ plans to make Daken the next Weapon-X had succeeded.Daken then spent some time with his younger brother John once his father and the rest of the X-Men were killed by the Phoenix. Eventually he was ordered by Romulus who he began to follow once again after his father was killed to report to the Weapon-X Facility. There he spent many years fighting as a Weapon, and help protecting a young Liliana before eventually he left for a mission and never came back.










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  • Tyler's Characters







    Prime Universe

    Name: Dallas GreenCodename: SlipstreamAge: 16Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Dallas is a timeshifter; he has the ability to concentrate and send out bubbles or ripples of temporal energy that slow or speed time. Depending on his use of these waves, he can increase the agility and speed of himself or those around him, or slow said speed. He can also use this to slow such objects as bullets and knives, which may be coming at him or someone around him. In contrast, this can also mean he can speed the growth of plants or the cooking of food, so really, when it comes down to it, his power is used just as much outside of battle as it is inside, if not more. Dallas is also an empath, able to detect strong feelings and emotions in those around him and often feeling them himself; this can lead to severe mental stress at times, but he's coping. Slowly.Appearance: Tall and on the lean side, almost slightly starved looking, Dallas is a natural looker. With a light natural tan that only California can give a kid, electric blue eyes that fizzle with life and energy on a permanent basis, and perfectly kept blonde hair, he could be considered a "heartthrob" at any regular high school. His general clothing is just a regular, solid-colored v neck of some kind, some variation of slim or skinny-fit Levi's, Vans classic slip-ons, and a tight, thin black hoodie that does more to enhance his looks than protect him from cold.Weapons: Nada.Skills: Physically, Dallas has trained himself with his fists, but he's not any sort of martial artist; he's built for endurance, practicing parkour and free running on the grounds of the Academy regularly. Rather, Dallas's skill lies in his mind: he's one of the most brilliant creative and artistic minds the world has ever seen, able to freestyle music without a single second of hesitation, act as well as any Hollywood A-lister, bang out sketches of events and places he's seen only in passing with an uncanny precision and grace, and play five instruments. His room is a cyberpunk utopia, with a mini recording setup for him to practice his production skills, two different gaming stations with minifridges that are well-stocked enough to survive a zombie apocalypse, and a DVD/music/book collection that could "make the friggin Library of Congress go home and rethink its life." (A bit of an exaggeration to most people, but Dallas has always had a flair for the dramatic)Personality: Dallas is a teenage bohemian: he's always had a bit of an uncanny and liberal view of what constitutes art and music. This is because it is so closely intertwined with his being: he suffers from music-to-color synesthesia, which means that when he hears a particular instrument or piece of music, he perceives it as a color. It allows him to pinpoint an instrument, no matter how vague or small in the distance, and it gives him an almost sibling-esque bond with music. When he's not recording or playing around, he's focusing on ideas for how to change the world, and this can leave him somewhat dreamy and distracted looking. When you have his attention, he's sharp, witty, and engaging in a conversation, all while managing to be polite and friendly. Definitely flamboyant, Dallas is a born flirt and treats females almost as works of art themselves, with all the care and respect that art deserves.Weakness: Dallas falls easily for a pretty face, and his life philosophy often leaves him somewhat at odds with the more conservative and cautious X-Men.Bio: Dallas was born and raised in "Alameda, California, God's town, baby!" and instantly fell in love with the culture and art-based life that revolved around the San Francisco Bay area. He didn't even realize he had any sort of powers, or even anything remotely special about him, until his 7th grade year: one day in pre-Algebra, out of near homicide-inducing boredom, Dallas looked at the clock and found himself wishing that the teacher would end class early, or at least look at the clock and think that it would read something closer to the bell that signaled the end of the day. Three minutes later, after indulging in this daydream for a while, the automatized bell system throughout the school rang, and after some more toying around over the previous weeks, he realized that it was him that was messing around with the bells. He began to practice this on himself and his friends to try and measure their reaction times. His dad took him to the Xavier Institute to see how well he could master his new power, and he remains a diligent student - and, what's more, one of the school's most renowned fun-lovers - to this day.Name: Alaric "Ric" CarlisleCodename: CrackshotAge: 23Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Hyperkinesis: Ric's brain moves at three times the speed of a normal human's, giving him him superhuman speed and strength, along with near-perfect accuracy with weaponry and other throwable objects. He also has the power to use his brainpower to reach into the minds of others, giving him telepathic abilities and the ability to reach into the minds of others, though these skills aren't as powerful as, say, Ashlynn's.Appearance: Alaric is physically gorgeous, with pale skin, mostly neat dark brown - almost black - hair that falls to the bottom of his earlobes, sharp, well-pronounced cheekbones that ride high on his face, a forehead blissfully left untouched by any sort of age, a tall, built frame, and a clothing style that could best be described as casual disarray: though he often wears designer clothing and loves looking for a new outfit to add to his closet, he wears it as though he just woke up in it and had no idea how it got there; if he were to go to, say, Paris, he may be ridiculed slightly, but to him, this is AMURR-CA! We can wear our clothes however we dang well please!Weapons: Unlike most other mutants, due to his abilities, Alaric always carries a weapon - namely, a Ruger New Vaquero - on his person; though he can hit a target with any sort of projectile weaponry - even a pencil or a thumbtack, the feel of using a firearm is natural to him.Skills: Skilled dancer, teacher, singer, chef.Personality: Ric is casual, witty, and disarmingly charming, with a pearly white smile and a can of Dr. Pepper awaiting any student who needs a second to vent, talk, or share stories with. When he's not teaching, he can be found playing video games or organized sports with the students, and his friendliness is only outmatched by his love of the quirkiest stuff imaginable: Gone with the Wind, pickles, his Blackberry, various Italian fashion houses, and his 1958 Chevrolet Corvette are all things that he would fight to the death for.Weakness: Alaric, due to his natural hyperkinesis, often has difficulty slowing down or ceasing activity, so he can sometimes tire himself out just by being himself.Bio: Alaric is the son of Warren Worthington III, and spent his days growing up at the Academy alongside many of the other mutant's relatives. From an early age, he exhibited an uncanny display of accuracy and was an unstoppable physical dynamo; after he graduated the Academy, he immediately enrolled in the staff, and to this day he's a faithful member of Beast's team. He has great relationships with almost all the students, who see him as a sort of big brother figure, and he treats the staff - many of whom he grew up with - like family, so to say he's one of the most well-loved figures on campus wouldn't be a stretch at all. He has a small crush on Ashlynn, who he was fascinated with from childhood, but to this day, he refuses to admit it, and if a student brings it up, he spend another quarter hour in the firing range, on the receiving end of the paintball and BB guns.Name: Aleksander EnglishCodename: ArchitectAge: 19Gender: MaleFaction: Weapon-XPower(S): Aleks' power is a rare one, still clouded in mystery, and one he's not too keen on explaining: reality shifting. It's not as mind-bending as it sounds: he can create windows out of bare brick walls, staircases out of asphalt, etc etc. He uses this to his advantage as an assassin, creating miniature sniper nests out of items on rooftops, walls that curve around bullets, focusing their shot onto another target, and creating obstacles to stop, say, a retreating car or advancing group of enemies.Appearance: Aleksander is tall, lithe - think gymnast - and distinctly Russian looking. He wears dark, dark blonde hair that he keeps pushed to the side of his head to reveal his forehead; his eyes shine a deep, chocolate brown and are the only spot of color against an otherwise snowy face. He's handsome, but cold, more refined, unreachable, as though he were sculpted from stone and had the personality to boot.Weapons: Silenced Heckler and Koch HK45 for firearms combat, and a butterfly knife for close-quarters.Skills: Aleksander, being a classical thief bred in one of the largest cesspools of thievery in the world, is skilled with making a getaway and leaving no evidence behind to trace it; he's had gymnastics training, is skilled with bribes and intimidation - despite his slender frame - and he's been trained in the art of weaponry and how to use it since even before his time with Weapon-X. He's also a skilled driver and mechanic.Personality: Aleks has long since mastered the ability of "flicking off his humanity" as one would a switch: this leaves him cold, sinister, ruthless, manipulative, vain, unsympathetic, and most definitely dangerous, but deep down, he cares for a select group of people, many of whom are recurring teammates of his in Weapon-X; around these people, he is passionate, protective, and capable of an affection most wouldn't expect. Despite this, his temper, when built up, is violent, and makes the art of losing his humanity that much easier when push comes to shove. Weakness: Aleksander isn't great in warm temperatures, having spent much of his life in the cold.Bio: Aleks was born in 1994, in one of a thousand identical one-room apartments in one of a thousand identical community buildings in Murmansk, Northern Russia. His father was a policeman, as corrupt as they come, and was gunned down three days after his birth during a bribe gone wrong. From there on, Aleks was trained to be the man of the family, often committing petty thievery, assault, and other various crimes in order to provide for his mother. At age 14, he freelanced for the Russian Mafia and fell in love with the sense of hierarchy, of family, that the Mafia provided him. At 16, with his mother's permission, Aleks was one of the youngest full members of the Russian Mafia in its history, and at age 18, two years after rising in the ranks and acquiring a various number of bounties on his head, he left the Mafia with full blessings to take a job in Weapon-X. Due to his standing with the Eastern European organized crime world, and his sociopathic tendencies, he wasn't wiped of his memories, nor was he given an explosive inside his head; instead, he was given free rein and the ability to do with his free time what he pleased, as long as he remained ultimately loyal. Upon his arrival to America, to represent the way the country eventually assimilated everything in it, Aleksander changed his last name to English and still works for Weapon-X today.Name: Brooklyn Pace-CarlisleCodename: SirenAge: 19Gender: FemaleFaction: None (Prisoner of Weapon-X)Power(S): Brooklyn was born with one of the more left-field mutant abilities: when there's music playing, or someone is singing, she can read their thoughts and emotions, as well as a glimpse into the next twenty four hours of their life. This does not apply to music heard over the radio or an iPod; she actually has to see and hear the person playing in order to get a proper read.Appearance: At first glance, Brooklyn shares many of the same qualities as her half-brother Alaric: her frame is slight and tall, with most of the muscles that her body actually has poking out through an extremely thin layer of body fat. Her face possesses the same sharp, natural beauty of Alaric's, with the same thin mouth, prominent cheekbones, and ever-present perfect grin; however, her eyes are a dark, intelligent brown that shine like a just-unwrapped Hershey bar, her long black hair falls softly along her shoulders, and her skin is a more natural tan when compared to Alaric's pale complexion. She generally wears dark-colored slim or skinny fit pants and loose fitting, sleeveless black t-shirts that cut off at about her midriff, on which is tattooed the word Carlisle in cursive, flowing script underneath her belly button.Weapons: None.Skills: Musical and artistic prodigy. Trained in a couple forms of self-defense, both hand to hand and knife wise.Personality: Brooklyn is the person you go to when girl talk is in order; having been kidnapped when she was a sophomore, she is still firmly in the stage where gossiping and talking about relationships is the norm for a young girl. She's bubbly and outgoing to other prisoners of Weapon-X, and even the guards can't bear to punish her. Despite this, at her core aches a pit of solid loneliness, for though Weapon-X has a recurring cast of characters, there are very few genuine friends that she's made in her time at the complex.Weakness: Brooklyn, despite her spending years as a prisoner, has an innocent view of mutants and people in general, believing firmly that circumstances make people what they are and no one is truly evil. As well, though she doesn't bear a Weapon-X tattoo or an explosive in her head, she has an irrational fear of any Weapon-X personnel and refuses to go against them unless she feels like it's safe enough.Bio: Three years after his birth, Alaric Carlisle's mother left Warren Worthington and her son, considering her mutant boyfriend's lifestyle to be too dangerous for her to live around. After Warren's cajoling, she left Alaric in his care and then moved to the West Coast, settling down in Los Angeles and eventually taking jobs in acting and theatre. During one of these jobs, she met another actor by the name of Jeremy Pace and quickly fell for him. The two raised a child together that would eventually become Brooklyn, and from an early age, she displayed talent in all the areas that her mother and father had and then some. When her powers started manifesting, her mother decided that she couldn't lose another child the way she'd lost Alaric and kept Brooklyn's abilities hushed; nonetheless, word spreads fast in Tinseltown, and soon Brooklyn was hanging out with actors and their kids on a regular basis, attending the best schools, acting lessons on the side, yadda yadda. At the age of 15, however, on her way to hang out with Alec Baldwin's daughter, she was snatched up by a Weapon-X operative hiding out in Los Angeles. Due to her celebrity heritage and well-known face, she couldn't be used as an assassin, nor could she be mutated, so she was held instead as a ransom, a trophy that no one ever collected.Name: Jonathan Curtis "Jace" PulliamCodename: N/A Age: 172 (looks 22)Gender: MaleFaction: NonePower(S): Jace has all the powers of a normal vampire: his senses, speed, and strength are heightened to those of a trained mutant, and he's been practicing his traits long enough to have limited forms of telepathy and mental/emotional manipulation, similar to a hyperkinetic's. In addition, as a vampire, Jace has a healing factor that, depending on the extent of his injuries, can bring him into a fighting state after anywhere from minutes to hours to even a day or two. He wears a black onyx ring on his right ring finger that gives him immunity from being harmed by daylight.Appearance: Jace is, to put it frankly, captivating: he's tall, with a commanding presence, a slim, lean body with taut and hardened muscles underneath slim-fitting black clothes, and perfect, refined facial features; his cheekbones and jaw structure are sharp and enticing, helping support a gorgeous, angular face that you could put on a dollar bill. His eyes are pitch black with flecks of gold dotting the irises, like the midnight sky, framed with stars; they're framed by pale, clean-shaven skin and a long, soft shock of copper-colored hair that falls in curtains over his forehead, earlobes, and down the back of his neck.Weapons: None.Skills: Superhuman physical abilities, good at getting what he wants from people, master actor and improviser. As someone who's spent almost two centuries in warfare, Jace's skill with weapons - both firearms and melee - is honed and perfected, and he can kill you just as effectively with a Bowie knife and a blunderbuss as he could an M1911 and an Uzi.Personality: Jace, as a human, was the typical prodigal son, lazy, always slacking off, never caring for academics or the future or anything of the sort. Rather, he spent his youth gambling, dueling, womanizing, and pickpocketing Southern gentlemen up and down the South. As a vampire, these hedonistic traits have been amplified, leaving him sinister, remorseless, arrogant, and impulsive. His approach to romance and love is not much different than his view as a human: he views true love as dark, intense, practical, and strong and believes that his ideal woman should personify those qualities. Of course, just because love isn't true doesn't mean it can't be temporary, so Jace adopted promiscuity like a bible, moving through women at a mercurial pace ever since he first turned. Underneath these layers of what could generally be considered dickishness, Jace's southern charm and chivalry lays dormant, waking up under the right circumstances. If he feels a cause is worth his time, he will fight for it, even if it may not be one he entirely agrees with.Weakness: As a vampire, he can easily be killed by a wooden stake, any wooden object will immobilize Jace in pain if he's run through with it, whether it be a wooden bullet, 2x4, or even something as innocent as a pencil; he is also affected by verbena, which is a flower associated with divine and supernatural forces by ancient Chinese culture. For good reason. In addition, if he doesn't drink blood, he'll start to desiccate after a couple weeks, drying up and mummifying into a paralyzed state until he feeds again.Bio: When the Civil War broke out, the young Jace signed up for a regiment out of North Carolina and marched out into battle as soon as his state seceded, earning several brevet promotions for bravery in the field of battle, eventually ending up an unofficial Colonel for the Confederacy. All of that changed at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee in 1862, when his forces, under the command of Albert Sydney Johnston, were quickly pushed back. After the death of Johnston, Jace tried to assume control of his beleaguered regiment and led them into a charge, but desertion and superior numbers took hold, leaving Jace dying on the field of battle with three bullets in his chest, unconscious and left to suffer whatever fate awaited secessionists in the afterlife.Something the young colonel didn't expect, however, was for a Confederate nurse to take him into her charge. While unconscious, he was fed her blood - the blood of a vampire - and then killed, leaving him to transition into a vampire as well. The nurse gave him a ring of black onyx that would protect him from the sun's rings and then disappeared, leaving him to start his new "life" by himself. He decided to stick around in the army, signing up as his own descendent every time a new, major conflict appeared. As such, Jace has fought with weaponry from the Civil War all the way into modern times. He recently returned to the United States after fighting in the Middle East for upwards of two and a half years, and upon his return, he found that the mutant issue had inflamed to new heights. After some internal debate and soulsearching, the vampire decided he'd play along with the new civil war brewing inside the borders of his country, curious as to where it would end...Name: Marlon Brando BartonCodename: Top Gun (Marlon's a Tom Cruise fan.)Age: 22Gender: MaleFaction: SHIELDPower(S): None.Appearance: Marlon has pretty much the quintessential Hollywood bad boy look straight out of the 1950s and 60s: he's tall and built, with a prominent chin, facial structure, and dark, shining blue eyes. He has dark brown hair that is pushed back, giving it a spiked look, and his clothing often consists of simple black t-shirts and either black or denim slim fit jeansWeapons: Any variety of projectile weapons, from blowguns to bows and arrows to most firearms dating from the Spanish-American War to the modern day era. For close quarters combat, he carries a furnished, hand-crafted kukri balanced perfectly to act as an extension of his arm.Skills: Marlon was born and raised to be a part of SHIELD and has the strength, speed, and durability of a gold medal Olympian. More important than that, however, is his skill with weaponry: he's lethal hand to hand, but his true power lies in his reputation as the best shot in all the US Government, able to hit a target with almost any sort of projectile weapon.Personality: Contrary to his lethal skill set, Marlon is...chill. He acts like he's borderline faded half the time, but in reality, he's just an easy-going, hilarious guy. Getting him angry is nearly impossible; the emotion just doesn't exist inside him. What does exist inside him, however, is a complete determination towards his work, and, by extension, any attempt to try and make him miss a shot will be met with all sorts of mischief later on.Weakness: Marlon, unlike most of the Avengers, has no singular special power.Bio: Marlon was born to Clint Barton, and even when he was in high school, it was clear that though he himself may not have been superhuman, something about his athleticism, determination, and persona was. He was a three sport varsity athlete, a class clown, and somehow managed to eat up every single bit of schoolwork he could find, spitting it out at the pace of a Gatling gun. Despite this, he had no direction in his life until the night of his graduation when, while throwing shot glasses up in the air and breaking them open with baseball bats on the roof a friend's house, Nick Fury appeared outta nowhere and offered him a role as one of SHIELD'S top field agents. Naturally, Marlon declined, but the next morning, while flirting with the Starbuck's girl, Nick Fury interrupted him again and this time, Marlon felt like he had no choice to accept. He's been with the Agency ever since.









    Ultimate Universe

    Name: Dallas GreenCodename: ShowstopperAge: 18Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Like his prime universe counterpart, this version of Dallas was born with the ability to slow or speed up both himself and the others around him.In addition to this power, the alternate Dallas has the power to freeze a being or object in time for as long as he feels necessary, giving him a sort of ability to turn anyone he wishes into a temporal statue. Dallas is also an empath, able to detect strong feelings and emotions in those around him and often feeling them himself.Appearance: This version of Dallas is more emo-looking than his decadent, Californian counterpart, but definitely sharper and better-looking in a dangerous sense. The blonde tresses of the Dallas of this universe are gone, replaced by soft black hair that practically calls out to you to run your hands through it, and his flirty blue eyes shine like fresh born stars. His mouth is thinner, crueler; instead of the West Coast drawl that spills out of it normally, the alternate Dallas speaks in a soft Essex accent, refined and polished to the point of absolute smoothness.His clothing tastes, however, remain largely the same, sans hoodie; tattoos range across his entire body, from the words “Stay Gold” across his knuckles, to his own name in Katakana script across the inside of his right wrist, to “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing” in Arabic down his spine. Since his return to the Ultimate Universe, he got a tattoo running across his waist, reading "For Every Enemy, Love Someone:" the capital letters of each word are bolded and italicized, so as to spell out the word "FEELS."Weapons: Nada.Skills: Physically, Dallas has trained himself with his fists, but he's not any sort of martial artist; he's built for endurance, practicing parkour and free running on the grounds of the Academy regularly. Rather, Dallas's skill lies in his mind: he's one of the most brilliant creative and artistic minds the world has ever seen, able to freestyle music without a single second of hesitation, act as well as any Hollywood A-lister, bang out sketches of events and places he's seen only in passing with an uncanny precision and grace, and play five instruments.Personality: Dallas’s bohemianism is amped up to eleven in the universe of the Ultimates: he's always had a bit of an uncanny and liberal view of what constitutes art and music, but in this new form, his complete fascination with art and all of its derivatives has led to almost a nihilistic belief that a culture of those who have spent their lives creating masterpieces can truly lead an entire civilization. Like his counterpart, he suffers from music-to-color synesthesia, which means that when he hears a particular instrument or piece of music, he perceives it as a color. It allows him to pinpoint an instrument, no matter how vague or small in the distance, and it gives him an almost sibling-esque bond with music.His belief is that Homo superior is its own form of art, and that the X-Men, together, can elevate the species to the point where humans will accept them as such and ork alongside them in friendship as they create a new world together. He’s slightly more dark and cold than his other counterpart, though his sharp-as-knives wit remains intact; he’s definitely more of a playboy, adoring the chase and collection of different girlfriends with an almost unhealthy degree.Weakness: Dallas’s attitude can often lead him into trouble.Bio: Dallas was born and raised in "Alameda, California, God's town, baby!" and instantly fell in love with the culture and art-based life that revolved around the San Francisco Bay area. He didn't even realize he had any sort of powers, or even anything remotely special about him, until his 7th grade year: one day in pre-Algebra, out of near homicide-inducing boredom, Dallas looked at the clock and found himself wishing that the teacher would end class early, or at least look at the clock and think that it would read something closer to the bell that signaled the end of the day. Three minutes later, after indulging in this daydream for a while, the automatized bell system throughout the school rang, and after some more toying around over the previous weeks, he realized that it was him that was messing around with the bells. He began to practice this on himself and his friends to try and measure their reaction times.After several months of this, his father took him to the Xavier Institute, where almost immediately he fell in love with a fellow student who had arrived not long before him: Julia Phillips. Dallas began to work on an attempt to ask her out, but on the eve of the date he’d mentally set for himself, a new student named Alexander Smith swooped in and immediately won her over, causing Dallas to retreat inside himself in bitterness. His personality shifted almost overnight, and he began engaging in a series of casual relationships that he made sure would lead nowhere, keeping a mantra of “no love lost, no love found” dear to his heart. When the invasion struck his universe, Dallas was one of the X-Men at the forefront of the fight, but when the technopathic Alex died, the fight instantly began to slide downhill for the mutants. As part of a last ditch effort, Dallas volunteered to help join an effort that would pluck an Alex from another dimension, and with a few other X-Men, the team finally managed to break into another universe, parallel to their own: ours.


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  • The Story So Far



    The X-Men’s first major mission was to save the President’s daughter from the Brotherhood. Then the Brotherhood’s secret Savage Land base was discovered by the Enforcers who sent an army of Sentinels there. Quicksilver re-programmed the Sentinel’s and sent them to Washington DC to attack humans and destroy the capitol. The X-Men intervened, by destroying the Sentinels. Also around this time a group of Ultimate X-Men came from their own reality, looking for a technopath X-Man named Alex to save their reality from a techno-organic alien race the Phalanx. SHIELD created two new teams, the Neo-Avengers, and Pantheon. When the Brotherhood attacked the Enforcer Tower in NYC, the Avengers fought back, but they were unable to stop the tower’s destruction. Eventually the shadow organization known as Weapon-X attacked the X-Manor, destroying most of it and capturing almost every student and X-Men member, while a few escaped.


    The captured X-men were flown to Canada where they had bombs planted in their skulls and they were turned into Weapons. Meanwhile the escaped X-Men met up with the Ultimate X-men who were searching for Cerebro to return to their reality with Alex, and also with the Brotherhood of Mutants. Together the three groups attacked the Weapon-X facility, destroyed it and set the captive mutants free. Now the X-men have returned to their destroyed mansion to rebuild, while the Brotherhood has returned to their base. Weapon-X is all but destroyed. The nefarious Hellfire Club is on the rise with some dark plans for the X-Men and the entire globe. As for the Ultimate X-Men, they returned to their reality using Cerebro which had been captured by Weapon-X; with Alex in tow.


    Two months passed and the X-Mansion was rebuilt. It wasnow Christmas Eve, and already strange things were happening. Quicksilver killed a news anchor on live television and then three cops. Then a group of Weapon-X spec-ops hijacked many stations showing a broadcast and saying how the X-Men were corrupt and how they'd worked with the Brotherhood, showing live footage of this, creating a large anti-X-Men sentiment across the nation. Then the spec-ops teamed up with the Enforcers and attacked the Brotherhood warehouse. The Brotherhood was forced to flee when Sheen summoned a large amount of Sentinel's against them. They then sailed towards their nation, Genosha.


    A group of assassins working for a man known only has Harbinger burned down a Las Vegas casino after killing almost three hundred people inside. They then proceeded to kill and murder more people including a whole slew of cops out in the open. They left a message taunting the X-Men, which led the X-Men into a trap. Their Blackbird was downed and they had to fight to survive.


    During the battle Zack Summers was shot several times. This awakened the dormant Phoenix Force inside Ashlynn Summers. She struck out at the assassin who shot him with her Phoenix fire, only to have a friend and comrade, Jeremy Wagner jump in the way. Jeremy was slain by the attack and Ashlynn fled because of what she'd done. She was then attacked by two telepaths until Warren Worthington III landed the other Blackbird near her and snapped her neck killing her. The X-Men have made it back to the Blackbird. Meanwhile the President was giving a conference in NY and there was a plot on his life... The President was then assassinated by Quicksilver. Whom was in turn killed by his own Brotherhood members.


    The Brotherhood crumbled after Quicksilver's death. A small group of remaining Brotherhood members fled Genosha and went back to a mansion in New York while Genosha was wiped off the map once again by the Enforcers during their bombing.


    New York is now a war-zone from a recent Hydra attack.

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  • OOC: You should make an IC post just to introduce the present state of things.Here are my characters:

    Name: Jordan PhillipsCodename: PhorceAge: 16Gender: MaleFaction: X-Men, formerly BrotherhoodPowers: Gravity Field Manipulation: Jordan can control gravity via spherical fields. This includes changing the direction and strength of gravity, as well as directing it towards the center of the sphere.

    Compression: Using his other power, he can compress substances into solid projectiles that can be launched by redirecting their gravity.Appearance: Tall and thin with somewhat dark skin and straight, black hair. He normally wears a long leather jacket that goes down to mid-thigh and a pair of dark jeans. He has Heterochromia, as one of his eyes is blue and the other is a searing red.Weapons: NoneSkills: He can levitate by creating a field of reversed or zero gravity around himself and those around him. Personality: Jordan's past has caused him to be angry and bitter, and he is easily enraged. Unless he is around family or friends, he is usually cold and brooding.Weakness: His rage can cause him to lose control of his powers.Bio: Jordan and his twin sister, Julia, were orphaned when they were very young, as their parents were mutants hunted by the Enforcers. Little did they know that X-23, AKA Laura Kinney, was their mother, and as such, Weapon-X also pursued them. They were found by the X-Men and began attending the School for Gifted Youngsters. However, Jordan did not agree with their ideology of equality with humans and left the school to join the Brotherhood of Mutants.Name: Julia PhillipsCodename: PhelineAge: 16Gender: FemaleFaction: X-MenPowers:

    Claws: Julia's original bone claws have been filed down, and two adamantium claws have been implanted in each of her hands, mimicking her mother's.

    Lupine Traits: Her Lupine blood has given her enhanced hearing and smell, as well as greater agility.

    Healing Factor: Weapon-X's engineers have given her an advanced healing factor, though it isn't as effective as her mother's.

    Appearance: Tall and thin, with straight, black hair that comes down to her shoulders and somewhat dark skin. Her eyes are not only different colors (green and blue), but her pupils are thin and catlike. Her costume consists of a skintight jumpsuit that maximizes her agility, along with boots that have retractable blades in them.Weapons: The blades in her boots.Skills: Her claws allow her to climb most surfaces with ease. She hasn't let her enhanced abilities go to waste and has been trained in Kung Fu.Personality: Julia has an innate curiosity and is benevolent to those she trusts. However, she can also be quite fierce, and isn't afraid to kill if necessary.Weakness: Despite her healing factor, she is easily hurt, and broken bones will still mend at the rate of a normal human's.Bio: She and Jordan lived on the run as children. Their mother was the clone of Wolverine known as X-23 or Laura Kinney, who ended up dead at the hands of Weapon-X. Eventually, Julia and her brother found themselves at Xavier's Institute. Jordan chose not to stay for very long, but Julia remained after he defected to the Brotherhood.Name: Unknown, goes by "Bob" when not using codenameCodename: JawsAge: Unknown, looks about twenty-ishGender: MaleFaction: Weapon XPower(S): "Bob" was born with extremely powerful jaws and sharp teeth. However, his teeth have been replaced by Adamantium analogues. His strength and size have also been enhanced through the use of various chemicals. He possesses a healing factor and short claws that are coated in Adamantium.Appearance: Extremely tall and muscular with dark brown hair and pupils so large that his irises are almost invisible. His jaw is wide and set. His costume consists of a black armored jumpsuit.Weapons: His fists.Skills: Hurting people. That's about it.Personality: Rather slow and simple-minded, but extremely cold and merciless. Weakness: His low intellect. His eyes are also very sensitive to bright lights.Bio: His memories have been erased by Weapon X, so not even he knows about his past.Name: Zachary "Zack" SummersCodename: The DestroyerAge: 17Gender: MaleFaction: NonePower(S): Zack has inherited powers from both parents. From his father, he inherited the ability to fire beams of pure kinetic energy from his eyes. These blasts can knock back targets as well as cause injury. From his mother, he has inherited the Phoenix. While this doesn't normally have any effect, it can turn him into a telekinetic rage-monster if he is angered to a certain point or pushed to his physical limits.Appearance: Zack always wears a pair of highly reflective aviator sunglasses. He also typically wears an elongated black hoodie that comes down to his knees. Underneath the hood, he has dirty blonde hair and a light five-o-clock shadow. Weapons: A SPAS-12 shotgun and a two small tomahawks. Skills: As his line of work requires, he excels in tracking and killing people. He also knows a few different martial arts, but mostly relies on his weapons and powers to get the job done.Personality: He has tried to keep his emotions under control, and normally acts cool and merciless. However, all of this pent-up anger is going to effect him eventually...Weakness: When he's not in Phoenix mode, he's just as vulnerable as any normal human. Bio: He is the long-lost sister of Ashlynn, and only found out he was the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey recently (but he still doesn't know about his sister). He was transferred from orphanage to orphanage and foster home to foster home until, one day, the bullies pushed him too far and he went on a rampage, killing most of the staff and even a few of the other children. That day, he escaped the authorities and began seeking training to control his emotions. One day, his vision power surfaced and he fled again after the death of his trainer. Since then, he has become a lone gun for hire, killing people for the money he uses to put on the table. While he hasn't attracted the attention of the Enforcers yet, he's a wanted criminal.Name: Phillip MacMarrCodename: DemonAge: 35Gender: MaleFaction: BrotherhoodPowers: With his secondary ability, Phillip can manipulate a form of red electricity. This also allows him to briefly convert any portion of his mass into electron particles, which he mostly utilizes for fast travel. His primary ability allows him to temporarily accelerate the development of the X gene in any individual. Most mutants under the effects this acceleration will experience a boost in their mutant ability (shape-shifters can take on more elaborate disguises, telekinetics will be able to lift/manipulate more mass, etc). Normal humans, however, also have a small chance to gain the X gene, but at the cost of the bio-electricity of those around them (every other human within a certain radius becomes greatly weakened).Appearance: Phillip is a firmly-built man with dark skin and no hair. His eyes glow an erie red and strange charcoal scars run across his chest. He will normally be seen wearing a crimson cloak.Weapons: NoneSkills: As a former CIA agent, Phillip excels in stealth and hand-to-hand combat.Personality: Phillip is extremely emotional and usually sorrowful. He has a distinct moral compass, and isn't afraid to stop his fellow Brotherhood members from crossing certain barriers. He believes humans are people too, but the only for humanity to continue on is for Homo Superior to dominate.Weakness: His morals usually get in the way of his work. Also, water tends to disrupt his secondary ability.Bio: Phillip worked for the CIA for most of his life. That is, until his power manifested in the most violent way possible and killed everyone on a routine infiltration mission in a burst of blinding red light.Phillip fled the scene and learned to control his power, soon firmly believing that mutants were the next step in human evolution. He was recruited by the Brotherhood after another incident involving a building full of Enforcers. While he agrees with their ideals, he does not share the same opinion of their methods.Name: Earl GreystoneCodename: Reptilian/Black Bishop Age: 36Gender: MaleFaction: Hellfire ClubPower(S): Much like the original Lizard, Curt Connors, Earl can transform into a hybrid of lizard and human, giving him enhanced strength, reflexes, and a healing factor. However, unlike Connors, he can control this transformation.Appearance: A tall, well-groomed man, usually wearing a tuxedo or other formal wear. His hair is jet black, and he always has an air of insouciance and arrogance about him.Weapons: NoneSkills: Earl is a skilled businessman, and very charming. In his Reptillian form, however, his intelligence decreases somewhat.Personality: Arrogant, manipulative, and intelligent, Earl is the perfect candidate for the Hellfire Club's inner circle. Weakness: In Reptillian form, Earl is susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, especially cold. He can only maintain this form for limited amounts of time, and it usually leaves him exhausted when he returns to human form.Bio: Earl was the head of Oscorp's biological research division, and was also secretly the Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club around the time of the Phoenix's rampage. After the X-men and the Brotherhood of Mutants were all but eradicated, he realized the potential of superhuman enhancements, and began secretly developing and enhancing Curtis Connors' original Lizard serum. One day, he was accidentally exposed to the new formula while supervising a shipment. After plowing through half of Oscorp's security and being fired from his position, he found he could control his transformation. He recently heard of Sebastian Shaw's return, and is currently headed for the banquet.


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  • IC: Summer-flight, (Cerebro room)Ashlynn summers slowly walked towards Cerebro. Her shoes made a soft padding sound on the metal paneled floor that resounded within the room. She needed to check on how the world was doing, to see if anything of interest was happening. Soon Ashlynn reached the metal pedestal where the Cerebro helmet rested; waiting for her. With an exhale of breath Ashlynn picked up the metal helmet and placed it on-top of her head, covering some of her bright red hair. She closed her emerald eyes and instantly the world was transformed within her mind. Cerebro heightened her mutant powers, and awakened her telepathic powers to a level she'd never been able to reach before.Ashlynn saw every mind in the entire world; in a strange grey astral plane of existence. The humans appeared dull and grey to her mind’s eye, but the mutants glowed a faint red. There was almost and endless supply of beings for her to observe, a few red figures lost in a sea of grey. Suddenly Ashlynn honed into a certain area, her minds eye zoomed into the mind of a certain mutant. Through the mutant’s eyes she watched as two massive shapes loomed from the clouds. Metal robots the size of small buildings flew through the clouds, their lifeless crimson orbs glowing vibrantly. They had almost skeletal faces; their mouths were cast downwards in an eternal grimace.Their metal exoskeleton was painted a bright pink and purple, contrasting their immenseness and their extreme dangerous appearance. Both of them were gliding through the air on rocket-booster’s trailing from the bottom of their feet. Sentinels, Ashlynn had never encountered one, but Beast had told her plenty about them, and she’d seen them on the news. Her mutant host began to run across the pavement, trying to escape the machines. But he was too slow, the things swooped out of the air, and pointed their massive hands at the boy as he reared up to cover his face. Ashlynn felt the boy’s emotions, she felt as tears gushed forth from the mutant’s eyes. And then she saw as a blinding light burst from the palm of the machine, and Ashlynn’s heart wrenched as she felt intense pain for a moment, and heat, and then nothing. She felt as the mutant died, his last moments of excruciating pain.Sometimes it’s dangerous to be a little different. Sighing Ashlynn removed Cerebro’s helmet from her head, her eyes hard. It was official mutants being hunted by humans. Ashlynn had heard the rumors, but she had never witnessed such a terrible thing before. She needed to check the news on the TV, to see how the world was reacting. The late Professor X had spent so many years trying to get humanity to accept the emergence of mutants, but now it seemed things had taken the wrong turn, one he’d never wanted the human race to take. She exited the Cerebro chamber and quickly rode up an elevator to the next floor, which was the war-room, resided, the X-Men’s control room of sorts.Once she entered the room she quickly turned on one of the paneled flat-screen TV’s that lined the wall with a remote. The TV blinked onto the local news, and Ashlynn studied the newscaster as he spoke. The bold faced letters across the news-casting read: Mutant Nest in Los Angeles City. “Good evening: I’m Boaz Eshelmen and you’re watching the channel Nine News Update.” The reporter said. “Tonight’s top story: trial run of the new Sentinel line is hailed as a triumphant success as a mutant Nest in Los Angeles is uncovered and neutralized with no civilian casualties.” The reporter said; his words made Ashlynn want to be sick.“Were these mutant terrorists behind the recent anti-human violence in New York and Washington? Police say the evidence is undeniable, but Human Rights Campaigners’ Amnesty International has condemned the action as “inhuman and unconstitutional,” provoking a stern White House response.” The screen flashed to an image of the President’s Press Secretary before a podium. “How can anyone question the Sentinel initiative is astonishing.” She said. “The President wishes to reaffirm his support for the project, and offers his most sincere congratulations to the Federal employees behind it,” the secretary said. The image switched back to the newscaster, “The President’s Press Secretary was, of course, referring to the Brotherhood of Mutants’ attack on Capitol Hill only seven days ago.” The reporter said.“And the subsequent broadcast from Quicksilver, Master of the Brotherhood—the cult’s self-appointed leader…” The screen then changed to a hazy recording of a man sitting on a metal throne. Quicksilver had two piercing blue eyes, and pale skin, that complemented his all white hair. His hair was a bit long, but two long strands fell onto hi forehead. He was wearing a costume that was a dark blue suit with a white lightning bolt across the front. Quicksilver began to speak. “Man is a parasite upon Mutant resources. He eats our good, breathes our air and occupies land which evolution intended Homo Superior to inherit.” Quicksilver began.“Naturally, our attacks upon your power bases will continue until you deliver this world to its rightful owners.” Quicksilver said, the camera zooming in on his face, revealing two hard eyes and a thick white brow. “But your replacements grow impatient. I will continue the dream of my father Magneto.” He said. “This world will have a reckoning, and I will be the engineer.” He said, before it went black.The screen then switched the image of a scientist within the Enforcers. “Former NASA engineer and the new Sentinel designer Professor Jeremy Trask, was pleased with the performance of his new androids, the new Sentinels are stronger and more intelligent then their predecessors, and he and is excited about future potential.” The newscaster said. “I am simply continuing the work of my late father, who sadly is no longer around to continue his work.” Trask said. “Los Angeles was only the first step: my colleagues and I estimate that every mutant hiding in the Unites States will be detained within the next six to eight weeks.” The voice of Trask reported. Ashlynn quickly shut off the TV her face pale. This was not good. She had to do something to stop this, she had to tell Beast to mobilize his team of trained mutants, his soldier’s, Beast had to mobilize the X-Men for their first big mission, and soon.________________________________________________________________________IC: Feral (Classroom)John Howlett sat at his desk while Beast lectured the class. John’s face was expressionless, and honestly he’d been sleeping a few minutes ago. It wasn’t that Beast was a bad teacher, actually he was phenomenal; school just wasn’t John’s strong point. In fact sometimes the only reason he stayed at the institute was because he was apart of something greater, he was a member of the X-Men, his codename was Feral. It was weird being apart of the same group that your father was, and it was even weird that John had never gotten to meet his father, he’d just heard stories about him, many stories, and in the end John had decided he was a great man, and he was proud to be Wolverine’s son.Without meaning too John’s thoughts began to drift toward his fellow X-Man, Ashlynn Summers. For some reason John could never get her out of his head. Even with her wings, John found her absolutely captivating, but he’d always been to shy to tell her his true feelings for her. Suddenly John felt a presence enter his mind, and then the voice of Ashlynn began to speak in his head. “All X-Men, please report to the-war room for your next mission briefing.” she said.IC Beast (Classroom)“Class, please excuse me for several minutes.” Beast said abruptly. “Turn to page 312 and please start working on the assessment questions.” He said, before he began to lumber towards the door. Beast had just received Ashlynn's telepathic message, and he knew it was important. Perhaps it was time he sent his X-Men on a mission. IC Feral (Classroom)John looked up in surprise. They hadn’t had a mission in a few months; he wondered what could possibly be going on. He quickly got up from his desk and hurried toward the door, continuing down the hall to the elevator that would take him down to the basement level where he’d meet the rest of the team. A few moments later and he entered the large metal room. Feral nodded to Beast and Ashlynn and waited silently for the rest of the members of the team to arrive._______________________________________________________________________IC: Quicksilver and IC DestructionQuicksilver sat upon his throne brooding. He’d witnessed the recent News Report. He knew about the new Sentinels now and the threat they represented. It was time for him to take action, to somehow use these Sentinels against mankind, to fuel his world-war, the one that would put mutants’ on-top.Quicksilver was inside the Brotherhood of Mutants base, it was a massive metal building that had been built by his father years ago with his magnetic powers. The base was located within the Savage Lands, a strange dimension that Magneto had discovered. The Savage Lands was full of ancient dinosaurs, but no intelligent life. It was the perfect place for new Brotherhood members to train, by hunting the giant reptiles, and it kept them off the grid. Not only that, but the Savage Lands was only accessible by a portal that only the Brotherhood currently knew about.“What is your plan?” Destruction asked Quicksilver.“To bring down the X-Men... I can’t let other young mutants be swayed into buying into his insane ideals.” Quicksilver said.“Beast must be stopped…” Quicksilver said.“I respect Beast for what he’s trying to do, but as I said before, the X-Men can’t be allowed to continue on.” Quicksilver said.

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  • IC: Julia Phillips/Pheline, War RoomJulia had hurried to the War Room as soon as she had received the telepathic message. Of course, it meant another unexused absence. Not that she cared.Her enhanced speed and agility allowed her to reach the War Room first, and now she stood in the corner of the room, tentatively gazing at her nail-less fingers.IC: Phorce (outside Brotherhood HQ)The raptor lunged with impressive speed. In fact, Jordan Phillips would be dead if he hadn't increased the creature's gravity almost tenfold. It fell to the ground with a sickening crunch and died.Jordan dusted his hands and admired his handiwork. Thanks to his powers, a whole herd of the vile beasts lie dead on the ground, their broken limbs twisted out at awkward angles. With a sly grin, he turned around and headed back to HQ.

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  • IC: Dallas Green (War Room)Dallas walked in next, tapping away on his iPod Touch with a confused look on his face; the timeshifter seemed to be trying to get the device to lock properly, but from the way his brow continually furrowed, and the way the screen stayed lit, it obviously wouldn't power down properly. Finally sighing, the Californian teen forced a shutdown and dropped the music player into his pocket, an expectant grin on his face as he looked around at the slowly filling room.-Teezy

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  • IC: FeralJohn looked up as two of his fellow X-Men entered the room, Dallas and Julia. He wondered of they were as excited about a possible mission as he was, he was just itching to get into a real fight. "So what's this all about?" he asked.IC: Beast"I will explain when all of the X-Men I had Ashlynn summon arrive." he said. Beast sat down in a chair and waited patiently, he took off his glasses and put them in his pocket, and then slowly removed his jacket, revealing his X-suit underneath. Beast didn't usually go on the missions anymore, he was a bit older now then he was in his glory days, his fur now had tints of grey in it, but still he liked the feeling of wearing a costume and feeling part of the team. IC: Scorcher (Weapon-X base), NPC Weapons X OfficialScorcher continued to assault the punching bag before him within the training room within the base. Beads of sweat dripped down his muscled form as he continued to hit the punching bag again, and again. When he was finished he grabbed a towel and used it to clean the sweat off of his body.NPC: OfficialSuddenly the door opened and an Weapons-X official walked in. “It seems that a mutant that Weapon-X has been searching for has been seen in the city a few minutes ago. His name is Jake Wagner, but he likes to be called Darkfang. It seems they think you can handle him alone.” the man scoffed. “You better go find him, and bring him back alive.” the official said. “Don’t screw it up.” he added, before walking out. IC: ScorcherScorcher ignored him. “I’ll bring him back.” He said. He then brushed past the official and began to make his way toward the locker-room where he could don his costume.

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  • Name: Alexander Smith (More commonly called Alex)Codename: The WIzardAge: 15Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Alex is, what he calls, a technopath.He has a natural affinity for technology and programming, able to instinctively know what is wrong with a machine or program. He can troubleshoot and fix almost any problem, and furthermore, create new technologies with relative ease. He isn't sure how his second ability is linked with the first, but he is fairly certain there is a connection. He can bend what most would call a forcefield. It's always around him, though he usually angles it in such a way that it doesn't interfere with normal life. It is roughly triangular, with a base of roughly three feet and a height of four. In addition to being used as a shield, he can also lash out with it, use it almost as a blade.Appearance: Alex is not what one would call a stylish person. His usual attire varies, normally a pair of khakis and a black or gray polo shirt for classes, and a pair of jeans and a geeky t-shirt in his time off. He wears a pair of glasses that he keeps spotlessly clean, and a pair of brown sneakers. He has black hair, a stark contrast to his pale skin. He isn't nearly as pale as some, those from countries eternally in winter would call him tanned, but he is pale compared to most. He is almost never seen without his laptop in a messenger style bag, and his phone, He keeps a pair of headphones in the bag as well, which he commonly dons when working,Weapons: No actual weapons.Skills: He is a wizard when it comes to technology and software, to the extent that he runs his own company from his room. He is also quite versed in most academics, though he excels in those particular fields.Personality: Alex is a rather quiet individual. It's not because he doesn't have things to say, but because his social skills are quite limited. He could recite pi to the hundreth place, but he could not start a conversation to save his life. He's a good person, and helps where he can. He has almost no friends, but is incredibly loyal to the ones he has.Weakness: His hand-to-hand combat skills are little more than self defense. His reflexes are quick, but his actual ability is limited. That is why he avoids outright combat where he can, and prefers instead to win by outwitting his opponent. Arguably, his lack of social skills also count.Bio: Alex is quite new to the School, he only arrived about a month ago. Most of the students haven't taken much note of him, and he hasn't seemed to make any efforts to introduce himself. He discovered his powers shortly before he arrived. He'd always been gifted with technology, in fact, he ran a small but successful company from his home (and now dorm room). But no one ever thought there was more to it then that, until one of the students at his school tried to beat him up. His shied had blocked the blows, and in his anger, it had lashed out, and left a long cut from his assailant's left shoulder down to his hip. His parents sent him to the school almost immediately, and he wasted no time in turning his dorm room into the ultimate tech haven. His company continues to this day, and it remains a steady source of income for him.By the way, what's the character limit?

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  • OOC: Cool.IC: Alex (War Room)Alex walked quietly into the War Room, invisible.Not in the literal sense, of course. That was one power he didn't have, though sometimes he might as well have it. No, he was invisible in a social sense. He was a nobody, the one person nobody cared if they were present or not. They just existed.He could sense the iPod that was malfunctioning is Dallas' pocket, and he itched to fix it. His messenger bag was slung across his back as usual, and he was wearing his school clothes. He didn't look anyone in the eye, instead staring pointedly at the opposite wall. He thought of his favorite trench coat, hanging back in his dorm. He knew he should have put it on. It had seemed, he reflected, a trench coat kind of day. And with good reason. I have a feeling I'm going to need the boost in self-esteem.

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  • IC: Beast (War-room)Beast looked up as Alex entered the room. He was one of his newest additions to the team. Alex was an interesting student, his powers were strong, but not in the usual combat sense, he was great at technology though, and his force-shield was powerful enough when needed. Beast was sure that Alex would make a great addition to the team, he just needed the right push, and the chance to feel more at home with his fellow X-Men. Beast nodded at Alex and smiled warmly, "Glad you could make it Wizard." he said, using Alex's codename. It was about time he got used to it.OOC: Is it okay if he addresses him as Wizard? Since calling him The Wizard just seems a bit not formal haha.IC: Quicksilver (Brotherhood base)Quicksilver turned to Destruction. "Go find Phorce." he said. "I have a mission for the two of you." he said. "I want you to attack the Enforcer base inside the city." he said. "Make them remember that we are still out there. Kill as many as you can, and then return." he said.IC: Destruction (Brotherhood base)Destruction nodded. "As you wish." he said, turning his bright yellow eyes away from Quicksilver as he began to walk through the base, heading for outside. Soon he saw Phorce approaching. "Your coming with me." he grunted.

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  • OOC: Actually, I figured it would happen. :PIC: AlexAlex paled further, and mumbled something about it being his honor. He nervously readjusted his glasses.

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  • IC: Feral"Hey man, don't sweat it I'm sure this mission will be a breeze, don't sweat it." Feral said to Alex. His knuckles itched slightly, which always happened when he didn't unsheath his claws in a while. He felt it would be odd if he did it right now for no reason, so he decided to wait until they were actually in combat.OOC: I'm off to bed, will continue this later, and accept any new character's that might be waiting for me tomorrow.

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  • Great, so this is up.Editing...Name: George WalkerCodename: MadnessAge: 15Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Increased speed, ability to walk on walls and ceilings, telekinesis.Appearance:If you saw him, Madness would be most likely dressed in shorts and a light shirt with various pictures on it. He has black hair and wears a set of spectacles which he rarely takes off, due to him being almost half-blind without them. Is rather tall and skinny. Constantly wearing socks and a pair of sandals. Wears a black wristband on his left wrist. Occasionally seen with a pair of blue headphones on his ears or around his neck. Occasionally whistles and sometimes is seen with an erhu, books or piles of paper.Weapons: None, other than himself. If needs be, a hardwood staff.Skills: Madness physically may not seem to be a powerhouse, but he packs a powerful punch. He can do free-running and is good with a hardwood staff, which he keeps up the training although most other mutants frown upon it.He is skilled at music and drawing, but is no Picasso or Beethoven. Has a wild and vivd imagination which he attempts to keep under control.He knows basic orthopedics and acupuncture, having learnt it from his father.Personality: He is quite silent and rather intelligent. To strangers, he might seem to be antisocial. But around friends, he sometimes would goof off. Can be rather sarcastic and emotional at times when he's concentrating on something. He insists on being a good person and he empathizes with a lot of people.Weakness: His empathy makes him a target for indirect torture. People might think he's a weirdo due to him disliking strangers. Slight fear of spiders.Bio: Born in a country where people feared anything out of the ordinary, Madness developed his powers early and fled for his life with his family when he was 10. They sought refuge in the United States, but his family feared that the conflict between mutants and human would make them a target, so when they heard that there was a school for mutants, they eagerly sent Madness there.Madness is a relatively new student, and the other students still do not know who he is yet.Edited.

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  • OOC: How's this look?Name: His given name is Abbas, he has not divulged a surname.Codename: DeityAge: 37Gender: MaleFaction: X-Men, currentlyPower(S): Very simply, Abbas can manipulate the molecular structure of matter. While this is a powerful ability, it is dangerous and difficult to control. Abbas' military experience and discipline allows him to use it skillfully, but there are things even he will not attempt to do.Some of the uses of his power--Walk on water-Turn a wall to dust-Break an enemy's bones with a touch-Alchemy, the changing of one element to another. He can start with any substance, but the more complicated it is the longer it takes- humans take at the least a half hour. He is able to rearrange the very structure of the atoms themselves, turning the object to any pure element. Golden spoon? Sure. Phosphorous wall? Yep. There are a few exceptions to this power- non pure elements which are very simple, such as water, can be created as well. The other exception is radioactive elements. He does not understand their structure well enough to create them, and the radioactivity would kill him anyway.In combat, he tends not to rely on his powers, but his skills, as his supernatural abilities don't lend themselves well to the heat of combat.Appearance: Abbas is a darkly tanned giant of a man with middle eastern features. Standing at 6'7", with short cropped black hair and deep brown eyes, he's a sight to be reckoned with.Weapons:Abbas' suit consists of a black skintight material which is breathable, fireproof, and has Kevlar plating. As he is not as durable as some mutants, he had it designed specially.Though he is proficient with a variety of firearms, he rarely uses them, having had enough of them in his past life.Skills: Abbas is the most skilled fighter the X-Men have. His sheer size grants him an enormous amount of strength by human standards, and he works out and runs regularly to keep himself in top condition. Because of his time in the military, he has an understanding of tactics which makes him a good field commander. He has achieved the highest ranking attainable in the martial art of Krav Maga, and technically is required to register his body as a deadly weapon in most countries. He can kill someone in 14 different ways from a standing position, and is skilled in each one. Most likely, he could have taken on Beast in his prime and possibly won. However, in a world where men can create fire and manipulate the flow of time, his fighting skills can at times seem ineffective.Abbas is proficient in the use of combat knives and a variety of firearms. While he employs the first fairly often, he rarely uses the latter.He is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and French.Personality: Abbas is a quiet man, a brooding giant. To his enemies he's a symbol of death, to his friends he's someone who will fight to the death for them. Though a loner by nature, Abbas has come to appreciate the X-men, and will stand by them in a fight. Weakness: His powers are directly based on his knowledge. If he doesn't understand the chemical structure of an object, or if it's too complex to process it, he can't affect it. This puts a number of caps on his powers- while technically he could be a healer, the complexity and variety of molecules in the human body is impossible for him to comprehend, so basic first aid will have to do. The same goes for all organic matter- the coolest thing he can do is turn it to gold, can't create it. As well, complex fabrics and the like slow him down, so if you have a suit containing plastic of some kind, it'll help. As a result of this, his room is full of chemistry books and he reads on the subject voraciously.While his skills make him a formidable fighter, without his powers he's still human, and can be killed as such.Bio: Abbas doesn't speak much of his past, even to those he trusts. However, a few things can be inferred. He is Middle-Eastern, presumably Israeli, and spent time in his country's special forces. At some point he left service and came to the U.S., most likely due to his mutant blood being discovered. He was a loner for some time, but began fighting back against the Brotherhood of Mutants. He found them sickening, using the abilities that they had been gifted for themselves. This brought him into contact with the X-men, who he became loosely affiliated with. Around 2 years ago Beast asked him to join them at the institute, and he serves as the physical education teacher and the X-men's combat and tactics instructor. He's proven a valuable asset to the school over the two years, and trained the students excellently. However, he is still a mystery, and questions about his past are met with a stern look and sealed lips. 

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)Alex nodded, still not making eye contact with anyone.Dallas' iPod was driving him crazy. He knew exactly what was wrong, the last software patch hadn't installed properly. Re-synching it with iTunes would fix the problem. In an effort to ignore it, and not explode from sheer social awkwardness, he tried to focus on the War Room computer.He tried to ignore the fact he didn't know any person in this room, didn't even know all of their names. He knew Beast. That was about it, and he was pretty sure they didn't know him either.... He lost himself in the specifications of the powerful device, running through them with a growing sense of calm. His exterior expression didn't change, staying nervous and pale, but he felt a bit better.

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  • IC: Dallas Green (War Room)"Dallas Green, man," said the teenage Californian, sticking out his fist for a bump. "Slipstream, technically, but I'm chill with just Dallas. It's a pleasure."-Teezy

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)Alex's eyes widened to the size of saucers, and his face paled considerably. He looked at Dallas' fist as if it was an alien object he had no idea what to do with. "uh, um, uh, ah....." Stop babbling fool! Say something! Just 'Hi, I'm Wizard, codename Wizard. It's nice to meet you all.''uh, I'm Alex, codenamed Wizard.... Um, i-it's nice to meet you all....." He looked like he was about ready to die of a heart attack.

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  • IC: Dallas Green (War Room)"Yo, he looks like he's about to pop," noted Dallas his face suddenly slightly concerned as he looked around the room. "Should we call the nurse--oh. Hey, Ash."He smiled at Summer-flight briefly before turning back to Alex.-Teezy

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)"No! Um, I mean, I'm fine...," Actually, he was about ready to run screaming. He was horrible at first impressions, and three at once was pushing on his sanity.

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  • IC: Julia Phillips/Pheline, War Room"Name's Julia," the girl in the corner of the room said, "codenamed Pheline. Nice to meet you, Alex."She gave a polite smile.IC: Jordan Phillips/Phorce, outside Brotherhood HQJordan grimaced as Destruction came running up."What do you want?"

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)Make that four. Good lord, whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo...."Um, hi, nice to meet you, Julia." Breathe. In, out. In, out. That's better. "Nice to meet you as well, Dallas, John, Ashlynn."

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  • Name: Blake RaynkinCodename: Tragedy Age: 16Gender:MaleFaction:X-Men,Power(S): Shape-shifting. The power is what it says, but he does not gain or lose mass when he shifts. He can only shift into animals, making him useful for being a tank, but no good for spying. A werewolf form is his favorite form, and one used the most. He also has a split personality, which has taken to being called Death. Appearance: John looks like the type who did all his workouts indoors. He is very pale, yet has great strength. He is of medium height, coming in at 5'7, and weighing in at 156 pounds. He isn't ripped, but he is in shape. His eyes are a pale green color when he's himself, and they become a very dark red he he is death. He almost always in wolf form as death, and has a pale fur color. As him self, his fur is a jet black. He always wears a black jacket that has a design of a wolf, and a black pair of jeans. He wear a dark red and black shoe, with white socks.Weapons: One Italian Stiletto he got from his father, and he can use it, but rarely has to.Skills: Parkour is John's favorite sport, and he practices all the time. He can be seen around the school, climbing, jumping, and running. He is also good at martial arts, having received a black belt in it. He is also very mentally disciplined.Personality: As John, he is nice guy, once you get to know him. He can seem very antisocial to some people, but he opens up to others. The ones most would call nobodies or unpopular he would be with. Can almost seem emotionless at times, making him slightly unnerving. He doesn't talk about his past, at all. You could threaten to kill him, and he will not tell you a thing.Weakness: He is mentally unstable. His split personality Death is a polar opposite of John. If John is angered to much, Death will come out, and start attacking and killing everyone in it's way. This makes John seem emotionless to other when he is fighting back DeathBio: John arrived at the school about two months ago. He has made few tries to talk to other students.John's life before he came to the school was a Tragedy, which is where he got the name from. He was bullied as a kid, and didn't take it to well. He was 12 when his powers came to him. He went wolf and mauled one of his bullies with in an inch of their life. After that he took up martial arts, to help keep him in line. He got his black belt three years later. It was his 15th birthday that every thing went downhill. He was just about to blow out the candles on his cake when someone broke in, and killed his parents. This sent John almost over the edge, and thus Death was born. It was Death that took over then, and ripped apart the murderer. After that, John lived on the run for about a year. Eventual he found his way to the school, and signed up.

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  • OOC: Pre-approved via PMName: Alexander TraskCodename: BionixAge: 17Gender: MaleFaction: X-MenPower(S): Alex's powers all operate around technology and stem from his mechanical right arm. If this arm touches anything mechanical Alex can assimilate that machine's traits and abilities into his own arm. So if he were to assimilate a calculator, the arm would gain the ability to manifest a screen and buttons to perform calculations. While the arm can produce a seemingly unending number of parts to produce what it has assimilated it can only do so with actual mechanics (so while he could technically turn his arm into a flame-thrower it wouldn't work because he has no way to synthesise the fuel) and is limited by what he could actually attach to his still-human shoulder (so anything too big and heavy is just going to shatter his collarbone)Appearance: Alex has decided to run with the lopsided look having a metal arm gives him, wearing clothing with asymmetrical patterns (usually sleeveless) and cutting his hair short on the right but shoulder-length on the left. Even when in uniform he'll be wearing different boots or have torn the sleeves in different placesWeapons: While the mechanical arm is not super-strong its still an entire arm made of metal and is going to hurt if he hits you with it. It can also manifest a blade and a laser weapon (though the laser draws power from Alex's own body, so he has to be careful with how many shots he uses)Skills: Allowing his arm to interface with technology makes him a skilled hackerPersonality: You would think he'd be the brooding type given his past, but he's surprisingly upbeat and cheerful. As far he's concerned he has no reason to be depressed. He's a superhero with a robot arm, thats pretty darn sweet!Weakness: He has to touch whatever he is trying to assimilate or hack, so kept at a distance most of his skill-set is neutralised. He also has an issue with power, as the arm lacks batteries and uses his energy just like any other limb. Trying to create parts or use extra functions will tire him out just as any physical activityBio: Alex was actually an orphan, but he was picked up and fostered at the age of five by the Enforcers. He had demonstrated an apparent technopathic power in his young age (mostly thing like changing channels just by tapping the TV) and they wanted to test how their tools and powers would stand up against such an ability. They ran a few tests but couldn't encourage any kind of mental command of machines out of him. As tests began to veer into experiments, Alex was put into contact with a Sentinel's arm. To the surprise and slight alarm of his keepers one touch to the advanced machinery was enough to awaken Alex's mutant power and his own arm transformed into the bionic appendage he has to this day. He realised that this would lead to him becoming a guinea pig somewhere more fortified than the small lab he was currently contained in so tried escaping, his arm mimicking the Sentinel's blaster weaponry. This use of a mutant power allowed the X-Men to locate him and with them on the outside and him on the inside, he was successfully. freed. Now part of the new X-Men he adopted the surname Trask (after the original inventor of the Sentinels) and chose the surname Bionix, complete with misspelling (partly because it shows a connection with the team he just joined and partly because he's still at the age where he thinks it makes him sound cool and edgy rather than illiterate)Name: Zachary AdamsCodename: MagnitudeAge: 26Gender: MaleFaction: BrotherhoodPower(S): Mental manipulation of Pym Particles to increase or decrease size. When going large has increased strength and endurance with the extra mass, but likewise (and unlike the original user of Pym Particles) when smaller his strength decreasesAppearance: A big beefy man, broad across the shoulders. Though bald he also has a black goatee with a streak of grey running through it. Costume is mostly black but he has silvery gauntlets on his hand and white zig-zig patterns running around elbows, knees and waistWeapons: The gauntlets he wears allow him to 'spray' the Pym particles he commands, at about the same rate as water from a hose, shrinking or enlarging what they hitSkills: NAPersonality: A bit dour, he doesn't fight with the Brotherhood because he feels any hate towards humans, but because he feels, in the end, thats its them or him. And its not going to be himWeakness: Limited imagination with his powers. He tends to just grow big to hit stuff with enhanced strength, rarely thinks what advantages could be had by shrinkingBio: From a poor and rough part of New York, Zachary found the only way to survive was to sidle up to whoever was most powerful, from school bullies when he was a child to small-time gangsters when he grew up. Being a lackey to crooks earned him the displeasure of his parents, who both disowned him. Now alone, Zachary's world view became increasingly soured. Then his powers kicked in, making him grow three storeys high in the middle of a skirmish over turf. This was during the time when both X-Men and Brotherhood were still reassembling after the disaster, so he had further time to experience human animosity, this time directed squarely at him. By the time Quicksilver came calling with an invitation, Zachary was all to happy to acceptI find it amusing that there are now two technology-related members of the X-Men and that they're both called Alex :PIC: Idly blowing a strand of hair from the fringe on the left side of his face Alex Trask walked into the War Room, light glinting off the chrome exterior of his signature arm."What up?" he said to the room in general, "Bad guys laying down some of their mojo?"OOC: I want him to talk like that forever :D

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  • OOC: I was just thinking that as I was reading the profile. :PIC: AlexAlex's eyes shot to the mechanical arm, and stayed there. His innate curiosity drove him to go examine the arm, to tinker, and to figure out how it ticked. The rest of him, however, realized this would be a very socially unacceptable thing to do. So he restricted himself to a wave. "Hello, there. I'm Alex."

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  • IC: "Hey Alex, I'm Alex." He held out his hand (the non-metallic one) to shake, "Say, you're not me from a parallel universe are you? It's bound to happen one day, so best to check."

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  • IC: Dallas (War Room)"He can't be you, Alex, he doesn't have your sense of style," Dallas quietly replied with a grin as he fiddled with his iPod subconsciously, trying to fix it. What was wrong with this thing, anyway...?-Teezy

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)He shook the other Alex's hand, and tore his gaze away from the mechanical arm. Without this distraction, his social unease started to return. "Um, I don't think so. I mean, it's possible, but I don't think so. But I suppose it depends on what your mutation is."He looked at Dallas. "Your last software update is glitching. Re-synch with iTunes, and you should be fine." He commented offhandedly.

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  • IC: "Would have thought the mutation was obvious," said Alex holding up the metal arm. "Cool, huh?"

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)"Incredibly. But is the arm itself the mutation, or an extension of the mutation? There have been mutations resulting in physical change, but I don't think I've ever heard of one that has resulted part of the body turning mechanical." He shrugged. "But then again, my research is far from comprehensive. I'm mostly limited to what is contained in the X-Men datafi-"He coughed. "Files. Which I have totally not read."

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  • IC: "Well it used to be flesh and bone before going all robot on me, so I would guess its the mutation itself. Then again, maybe it just makes it easier for me to do things like this-"He placed his metallic fingertips on Dallas' iPod. The chrome plating of his arm quivered a little before sliding back in places, revealing intricate inner workings. As things spun and whirred the arm steadily reshaped until eventually the chrome slid back into place...except now there was clearly an iPod nestling within his wrist, headphones dangling down from exposed wires (he couldn't manufacture the rubber casings) like the world's loosest watch."How's that for incredible?"

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  • IC: Dallas (War Room)Dallas wasn't listening to the two talk, though; he was busy toying with his iPod, following Alex's instructions, and suddenly his head darted up and tilted at the young technopath."Dude...it works," he said, almost as if he were trapped in some sort of Inception-style dreamland, and when he awoke, his music player would once again be a fickle little hunk of scrap and gadgets. "You were...man.-Teezy

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)"Technopathy. Which I would guess," He looked at the other Alex. "Is what you have. Isn't it? My guess, if you'll permit me the luxury of making one, is that your arm is a manifestation of technopathy." Now that he had warmed to the subject, he was a completely different person. His eyes were alight with a gleam of curiosity, and a smile was forming on his lips."Your arm made a copy of the iPod, which indicates an innate understanding of the device. Whether you have the understanding, or your mutation does I'm not sure. But it seems to be a similar variation of my gift, a different form of technopathy. I suspect if we were to experiment, we would find many common characteristics between the two."

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  • IC: "Its not technopathy how you're thinking of it. Trust me, people have checked on that," Alex said with a smirk, "Its more like I can absorb tech into it. Like the Borg. But I can sort of tune into machines so maybe it has some similarities."He looked at the others, "But hey, don't let us hog all the fun. What can you guys do?"

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  • OOC: Ninjas!IC: Julia.Julia held up a hand with her fingers spread out. A long, razor-sharp claw extended from each. In an instant, she had leaped up to the wall and clung by her claws. She did a backflip off of the wall and landed facing the wall with her arms pointed outwards. She turned around to face both Alexes."Ta-da!"

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  • IC: Dallas (War Room)In reply, Dallas flicked his arm upwards and sent his iPod up above all their heads, about fifteen or twenty feet into the air: as they watched, the machine's fall slowed almost to a stop, and any who made movements to try and catch it found themselves moving at a fifth of their normal pace. Dallas, however, seemed unperturbed or unaware of any shift as he caught the iPod easily in his hands. As soon as the music player made contact with his skin, it was as if nothing had happened at all, and he grinned."Time perception," he said. "Specifically, altering it."-Teezy

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  • IC: Alex (War Room)Alex eyebrows raised, at both abilities. "Time perception, and cat-like physiology? Impressive. One a biological shift, anbd the other a manipulation of quantum mechanics, perhaps? Or perhaps a control of other's reflexes?""Either way. Quite impressive."

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  • IC: "So along with the Big B-Man," Alex indicated towards Beast, "we have wings, technopath, techno-shapeshifter, time-perception and looks great in a catsuit. I am feeling confident with this team." He grinned broadly