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  • Posted 2020-03-30 21:51:50 UTC
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  • Happy April! This is where you can post out of character about the Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR) game until the end of August, 2020. Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play for how to behave in this and all SKR topics. Lastly, remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. There are no "plot post." Please make sure to chat with friends about what stories you want to form together, be they faction quests or personal journeys.

    Your GMs are Unreliable Narrator and Vezok's Friend

    I look forward to playing with you all!



    I couldn't NOT have a character demographics spreadsheet...


    PPS: there is also a discord I manage for communicating about Six Kingdoms. Please PM me for the invite link. Please have at least 1 approved character before requesting the link.

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  • Posted 2020-03-30 22:38:21 UTC
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  • Skyra is going to get more dakka, mark my words. 

  • Posted 2020-03-30 23:32:23 UTC
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  • I had a few questions regarding our newfound circumstances. 

  • Posted 2020-03-30 23:42:20 UTC
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  • Hi there! Let me answer those point by point:

  • Posted 2020-03-31 05:18:30 UTC
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  • Are we going to be using that Six Kingdoms wikia account for SKR? If so, I might bring back Tugarak for this as well.

  • Posted 2020-03-31 16:15:50 UTC
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  • So, what is this island like? Is it well vegetated or is it mostly desert?

  • Posted 2020-03-31 16:57:47 UTC
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  • @Smudge8 according to the discord, it’s the island of Mata-Nui, after being completely ravaged by Skakdi war bands. So chunks of the island were tore asunder, the forests have been pillaged, the Matoran and Toa native there were all but wiped out, it’s basically post apocalyptic 2001. Hopefully that helps. 

  • Posted 2020-03-31 17:49:49 UTC
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  • I'll get more specific soon, working on getting characters approved (number 1 thing is always population), working on getting topics cleared up, and then I'll make sure to start engaging in posting.

  • Posted 2020-03-31 18:04:33 UTC
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  • In response to the aggressive acts of the Skakdi-Xa upon Metru-Koro, Toa Arkius is assembling a host of Toa and others interested to strike back at the Skakdi-Xa threat and ensure the safety of the Matoran populace. Any interested in taking part in this campaign may PM me, approach Arkius after I've posted on him in Metru-Koro, or talk to me on Discord. Toa participants are encouraged, though all are welcome.

  • Posted 2020-03-31 18:53:01 UTC
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  • Hi, question if I may? When you say the ACRs need a heartlight to function, is that like... literally need to have killed something and taken its heart, to make it work? Or does heartlight means something different in this context?


  • Posted 2020-03-31 19:06:57 UTC
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  • 14 minutes ago, That Matoran with a Vahi said:

    Hi, question if I may? When you say the ACRs need a heartlight to function, is that like... literally need to have killed something and taken its heart, to make it work? Or does heartlight means something different in this context?


    He literally means that the pilot has to have killed someone or something in order to make the ACR work.

    Very morbid, I know.

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  • Posted 2020-03-31 19:19:31 UTC
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  • Right, got it ^^ I thought that was what was meant; I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't misinterpreting it.

    Thanks for clarifying!

  • Posted 2020-03-31 19:39:32 UTC
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  • Well, that, or steal an ACR from someone who did that.

  • Posted 2020-03-31 22:15:19 UTC
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  • Congratulations @Burnmad on making page 2. For those who might not remember, I had a little game going on in SKE: get the first post on a new page and you can ask a question about SKr. I'd give a cryptic answer in spoiler tags. 

    So, with that said, its too early to talk about SK3... Or is it? :p

    feel free to ask a question about SKE, SKR, or my GM process. 

  • Posted 2020-04-01 01:14:34 UTC
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  • O-oh, alright.

    Uh, I'm curious: What's the deal with the Aqua Sphere?

    That's a bit vague, so I guess I'll ask specifically, where did it come from?

    (Also, unrelated, but it looks like there aren't any other PCs in Nektann's war band yet. And seeing as I'm new to this world, I'm not sure what the best way to get myself involved in some action would be. Do you think you could throw me a bone and have something happen in that area? Or should I just gather up NPCs for a raiding party or something?)

  • Posted 2020-04-01 01:28:26 UTC
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  • 12 minutes ago, Burnmad said:

    Also, unrelated, but it looks like there aren't any other PCs in Nektann's war band yet. 

    As it happens, I'm working on a character for that group. Hoping to have the profile up within the next hour or so. 

  • Posted 2020-04-01 01:33:32 UTC
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  • The Aqua Sphere is a region displaced from its own unraveled time paradox. It was destroyed in a previous game, and has remained above this island in the time between time ever since. You could almost say it's a legend of a former time. 

    As for NPCs, I am working on a post from Nektann's perspective. Or Veef is. We are.  

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  • Posted 2020-04-01 01:50:17 UTC
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  • @Onaku I think I'm going to have Jephro join in on that, just gotta post him for aproval first.

  • Posted 2020-04-01 13:53:09 UTC
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  • New Species and Faction: The Eakai

    The Eakai are a race of exotically elemental beings hailing from a realm devoid of most standard elements, though being originally elemental beings like toa from a realm not unlike our own, they were forced to adapt to this realm they came to call the Twilight Realm by taking on new elements deriving from the less the straightforward building blocks of the realm, creating a new elemental foundation. 

    Though originally they came to thrive in this realm with their new elemental foundation, the world they found themselves in did not take kindly to an outsider stirring things up. The world devolved into chaos, many Eakai died, and the remainder went into hiding. Desperate to save their species, the Eakai turned to their Void affiliated brethren, who proudly ventured into the unknown to find sanctuary for their race, and a way to deliver them there safely.

    One of these Void Eakai, one by the name of Matrak, found himself in the Matoran Universe in the midst of its collapse, becoming entangled in a complicated series of events that eventually lead to his disappearance, though not before he sent a signal through the void to others of his kind. This signal was one word: “Hope.”

    Answering his call, other Void Eakai have now arrived in this strange realm between time, desperate to find whatever it was that Matrak uncovered on the island of Zakaz.

    Species Traits

    Void Eakai on average stand a head taller than the average toa, and are ganglier in build. Their colour scheme is usually dark green and black, their eyes taking on various shades of green such as lime, emerald, or teal. Further differentiating them from Toa, the Eakai have an elongated cranium, and mandibles around their mouths. They are unable to use Kanohi masks.

    The Void Eakai possess several unique abilities. Being that their element is the Void, their various powers relate to it as a concept. Their ability to immerse themselves in their connection with the void manifests in several distinct abilities.

    • Void Step: The Eakai can traverse near-instantaneously from one location to another by travelling through the void. The location they travel to must be a location they have been before or are highly familiar with. For the latter, this familiarity can be either a mental projection from another being who has been to this place, or they must utilise their Void Extrospection to find it themselves.
    • Void Shroud: The Eakai can also step only half-way into the void, blurring the line between their reality and unreality. The effect of this is that they become in essence invisible and undetectable, though in exchange they are unable to affect anything around them while in this state, only observe and traverse.
    • Power Nullification: The Void Eakai possess the ability to tap into their connection with the void to nullify one power they can see being used in a ten foot (3 meter) radius around themselves. This can only be used for one power at a time, and cannot be switched instantaneously.
    • Void Extrospection: Through intensive meditation, a Void Eakai is able to explore far away places through the void with their mind. This kind of meditation takes time and energy, but can give glimpses of different places both on the same plane as the Eakai and beyond, unless some other power directly inhibits it.


    If you have any questions about the Eakai, feel free to PM me or contact me on discord, whichever works best for you. I'm always happy to work together on a character concept.

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  • Posted 2020-04-01 20:33:01 UTC
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  • Hey by the way, if a player character is desecrated, would they only have the ability of what that stage one Kraata would have? Like if they got a Kraata-Ye, would they just secrete an unpleasant slime everywhere? And not actually have a real power over poison?

  • Posted 2020-04-01 20:50:18 UTC
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  • That's correct. They would be desecrated and receive the stage one power. Once they fulfilled the Aspect's wish though...

  • Posted 2020-04-01 21:17:16 UTC
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  • So, just for the record, I have my Skakdi character application practically all ready to go... I am just thoroughly stuck as to a name for her xD So it might be a bit longer until she gets posted, after all, due to that ^^

  • Posted 2020-04-01 21:58:23 UTC
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  • About how far away is Po-Koro from Metru-Koro? Thinking of having Pardehi go there to buy more medical supplies.

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  • Posted 2020-04-01 22:30:27 UTC
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  • probably a day's journey, more or less.  Please take an Ussal when you go!  There is no real road, and the cute crabs can maneuver the terrain! Also kepe in mind Day/Night is now kind of a thing, so if it takes you a day, maybe end your post at night then next post have it be day.  Hopefully other PCs see this and we can all start to /night post/ for a bit lol


  • Posted 2020-04-01 22:37:06 UTC
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  • @Biological Chronicler sorry, tagged the wrong person. Po-Koro is honestly pretty poor in resources and plants. I plan to respond to your guy after Nale replies, if you want you can join us on the trek.

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  • Posted 2020-04-02 00:59:55 UTC
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  • I do wish to join, that sounds like a great idea to me. As I explained in my post, Pardehi is after medical supplies in general, not just herbs. These could include things like Remove Posion kanoka, disposable tools like syringes, materials for building hospital beds and son on. Besides, Po-Koro is the only other village in the vicinity, or at least the only one with player characters in it, and I wanted Pardehi to be doing a lot of traveling as part of his role as a healer. I could be wrong, but I got the impression that most of Zakaz had been turned into a desert anyway. Assuming they still had a functioning agricultural system, they would not be any poorer in botanical resources than any Metru-Koro.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me come along. i will try not to drag down the action with late replies.

  • Posted 2020-04-02 01:30:50 UTC
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  • Sounds good. And there actually are some remove poison disks in the village, Kanohi used to use them with his disk launcher, though his disks and launcher are currently with a Po-Koro sentry. They are low level, mostly power levels of one or two, but if Pardehi would be interested in them, Kanohi could get him a few.


  • Posted 2020-04-02 03:15:43 UTC
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  • Congratulations on page 4 already! The spoiler question asked was more or less about if Energized Protodermis would be in this game. While that's a rather specific substance I've kept out of SKE and SKR lore, I'd say there are many ways individuals mutate in the Bionicle canon... 

    Answering this question is really the pits

  • Posted 2020-04-02 04:23:24 UTC
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  • Looks like I've done it again

    What kind of Kraata does Nektann have? And would that be common knowledge among his underlings, or does he keep it secret?

  • Posted 2020-04-02 04:37:15 UTC
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  • That's a great question! Nektann, who actually hates his name hence why he goes by Boss, has two visible kraata. The first kraata is primarily black with mottled sand yellow metallic splotches. The second visible kraata is primarily metallic sand yellow with reddish gold splotches. Some of his underglings in the warskaks gang wonder if he has more, but they've never been seen.


    P.S. We have a new Discord. Please feel free to join if you have at least one approved character and want to politely talk about this fun game.

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  • Posted 2020-04-02 20:21:43 UTC
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  • Okay, question time: what do the Aspects know about the interior of the GSR?

  • Posted 2020-04-02 20:51:02 UTC
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  • The Aspects know nothing of the interior of the GSR. I could imagine them becoming very... curious... about it though.

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  • Posted 2020-04-03 23:27:11 UTC
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  • @Unreliable Narrator,if it turns out that Tugarak is still serving as an airship captain, should I write up a profile for the Ripple or whatever vessel he ends up in command of? It would probably be treated like the Taku, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. I was thinking of giving it a primary and secondary weapon, and a small crew compliment. The crew would be essentially NPC's, just there to take care of tasks in the background and for players to interact with however they choose. Alternatively, I could write out profiles for all or most of the crew and only write posts for them in character when they are relevant to the plot.

  • Posted 2020-04-04 00:08:59 UTC
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  • Please see vehicle rules in the character creation topic. :)


    Hi everyone, these are my safe for consumption and SKR spoiler free GM notes from SKE. I included everything that did not provide spoilers for the current game. I’d love to discuss your thoughts.


    Metru-Nui is under threat from the six kingdoms and the brave Toa Mangia have been imprisoned after their betrayal alongside Lihkan. Turaga Dume searches for new toa, offering to award the power of toa to those lucky six who can retrieve the legendary great disks from each metru. While the race for power begins across Metru-Nui, a war of intrigue and diplomacy brews as the great Barraki warlords gather their forces for a final assault after years of proxy wars with the last bastion of matoran civilization. The Dark Hunters mercenary group led by the Shadowed One pit brother against sister for profit. The Great Spirit remains distant and uncommunicative save with their servants in the little known Order of Mata-Nui.

    Initial plot hooks

    • Dark Hunters: Weekly Hits: start with Nuparu, move through NPCs who know disk locations and PCs.
    • Metru-Nui: Find the Great disks, Silver Sea Conflict
    • League of Six Kingdoms: Silver Sea Conflict, Sabotage Metru-Nui, Find The Orb

    Cast of NPCs


    • Pridak: angered by those who cannot see his perspective, but needs others to validate his choices and opinions.
    • Kalmah: close friends with Mantax, both suffered at hands of matoran culture
    • Ehlek: speaks to himself because he’s the “smartest in the room”
    • Mantax: chooses not to speak a language different than his own, especially matoran.
    • Carapar: Trying to climb the ladder
    • Takadox: Out to kill everyone, wants Pridak’s throne


    • Tuyet Alter: the core version, killed by Lhikan, haunts Dume, revived by Lhikan
    • Tuyet Prime: the SKE version, killed by Nidhiki


    • Turaga Dume: wants to use the time machine, is the current Cortex custodian
    • Nidhiki: works with the League, will connect Nuju’s teleporter if able
    • Lhikan: confused, in prison, tries to talk to those who are thrown in jail


    • Nuparu: worked on the time machine for Dume, is concerned about the possibilities
    • Nokama: knows Vhisola, studies ancient history and knows location of sunken temple
    • Vakama: knows Dume and Nuhrii, was tasked with making a mask of time
    • Nuju: secretly works for the League, knows Ehrye
    • Whenua: knows Tehutti, wondering where he went
    • Onewa: knows Ahkmou, wants help with cleaning graffiti off one of his statues
    • Matau: knows Orkahm the taxi driver, needs help repairing a prototype bike he broke
    • Vhisola: knows location of Ga-Metru disk
    • Nuhrii: knows location of Ta-Metru disk
    • Orkahm: knows location of Le-Metru Disk
    • Ehrye: knows location of Ko-Metru Disk
    • Ahkmou: knows location of Po-Metru Disk
    • Tehutti: knows location of Onu-Metru Disk (was actually consumed by the disk in finding it)
    • Nixie: Matoran Astronomer, survived the impact. Now resides in Metru-Koro


    • Brutaka: works for the Metru-Nui forces on the silver sea front lines
    • Axonn: hangs in the background, mainly messes with people
    • Tren Krom: Krom Sphere and shenanigans


    Great disk Puzzles


    Location: The Great Furnace

    The location can be found by speaking to Nuhrii, one of the Smith's living and working in Ta-Metru, or by talking to Vakama at his mask making shop. While Vakama will point players to Nuhrii, Nuhrii knows the general location of the disc after having discovered something weird his manager doesn't want to talk about.

    First puzzle:

    The First Puzzle is a social puzzle. Players need to either use diplomacy with the vahki or the conveyor belts going into the Great Furnace.

    Second Puzzle: 

    The Second Puzzle is environmental. Players need to realize the secret way in: swinging on the water extinguishers from cat walks on one side to the other.

    The Final Puzzle:

    The Final Puzzle is deduction. Players are presented with a three digit lock, values 0-9. Understanding the meta of what they're seeking will enable solving to lock with the code 159.

    Disk Location: 

    The Great Disc is hidden in a whispering forest of blackened trees.



    Location: underwater temple

    Nixie and Vhisola both know the whereabouts of the Great Disk.

    First Puzzle: 

    The Giant Temple Squid guarding the underwater temple has a disk stuck to it. If players can get the disk, they find it’s not the disk they were originally looking for. This disk of growth can prove useful if players decide to go headlong into the main puzzle.

    Second puzzle:

    Inside the inner sanctum of the temple is a whirlpool. Carefully exploring the ruins they find the following:

    • Three levers with three positions: up, neutral, and down.
    • Three nearby statues of matoran with rahi heads are looking left, right, and center.

    Shift the levers to down, neutral, and up from left to right. This shuts the hole in the middle of the sanctum and stops the whirlpool. Players entering the sanctum see a glimmering portion of water in the center of the room, and swimming through takes them to the location of the Great disk. Alternatively, players who get the disk from the squid and slip into the whirlpool will see a strange event with six matoran wearing larger rahi masks over their heads, be told to go back, and then the disk will be exchanged for the Great disk. 

    Disk Location:

    A small cave inside a waterfall. The sounds of matoran chanting can be heard coming from the other side.


    Le Metru

    Location: The Notch

    Matau and Orkahm both know the location of the Great Disk. The same puzzle is interacted with in multiple permutations.

    Puzzle Space:

    The Notch has several twisting tubes accessed through four chute entrances, one of which is broken. Several pieces of information are laid out with each chute entrance, as well as on wooden boards stacked by the chutes. From left to right:

    • Four dots, black paint, a matoran Faith charm, wood board says “broken”.
    • Three dots, white paint, a matoran Accuracy charm, wood board says “don’t go”.
    • Two dots, green paint, a matoran Unity charm, wood board says “maybe”.
    • One dot, red paint, a matoran Duty charm, wood board says “no”.

    The dots correlate to level of difficulty, the paint correlates to the first junction in the chutes, the matoran charms correlate to the second junction in the chutes, and the wood boards offer clues as to which chutes are safe and which could lead to danger.

    First Junction:

    The chute entrance tubes except the four dot tube all have a first junction puzzle. The one dot chute leads to a safe exit regardless of the choice at the junction:

    • Left: white paint, continue to second junction
    • Middle: green paint, continue to second junction
    • Right: red paint, exit

    Second Junction:

    The second junction has four branching routes which correspond with the matoran charms found back at the initial entrance. From left to right:

    • Faith: leads to the Great disk
    • Accuracy: broken chute exit
    • Unity: broken chute exit
    • Duty: broken chute exit
    • Broken Chute Exit:

    Players who choose Accuracy, Unity, or Duty are led through a series of chute loops and finally spat out in a dangerous waterfall of protodermis from a broken chute. Quick thinking will save players from dying. If they survive, it’s a long climb back to the chute station of the Notch to try again.

    Safe Exit:

    Taking the Red exit in the first junction or the Faith exit in the second junction leads eventually to the Safe Exit. This is a platform a few stories above the initial entrance chutes which is built into a derelict building. A small lizard lives here, but otherwise the players are safe from harm.

    Disk Location:

    Those who have faith in their journey will rush through a dangerous series of twists, turns, and loops before becoming magnetically charged and shot into the center of a Force Sphere. Being inside teleports the party to a strange temple in a foreign jungle where the Great disk is stored. They have a limited window of opportunity to grab the disk, jump back through the portal, and finish their chute ride in the safe exit.


    Onu Metru

    Location of the disk: Archives, level 12

    Whenua knows Tehutti went in search of the disk. Tehutti successfully found the disk, completing the puzzle, but created a new problem. Each time the disk reconstitutes the Tehutti at random, it latches onto something else alive and slowly grows. This abomination continually tries to escape the disk only to activate it again.

    First Puzzle:

    The Archives is curiously missing data for floors 6, 7, and 12 from three months ago. If players go find an archivist and speak with Whenua, he will tell them Tehutti went down to check floor twelve after noticing a brief power outage.

    Second Puzzle:

    On floor 12 players encounter a hallway with a series of six doors. Three of the doors are empty and lead into large storage closets. Opening all six doors at the same time opens the secret entrance at the end of the hall. Beyond the secret entrance is the final puzzle room.

    Final Puzzle: 

    The final puzzle got destroyed when Tehutti recovered the Great Disk and accidently used it. Players must find a way to stop the abomination Tehutti has become after witnessing it absorb a stray rahi. Strictly using combat will lead to a TPK as each PC becomes part of the abomination.




    Onewa and Ahkmou will point players in the direction of the Sculpture Fields or The Wastes as locations they’d seen the Toa Mangai visiting in the past few months. A section of the Sculpture Fields has rings of graffiti with the tagged name “Lhii” in the colors of a rainbow. Going toward the center of the circle brings players to the first puzzle which involves a tall statue of Turaga Dume. 

    First Puzzle:

    Turaga Dume’s statue is heavily graffitied. Some of the graffiti holds clues for what to do:

    • On the staff is of the symbol on a Po-Metru kanoka. This is the decryption key.
    • An arrow points towards the ruby-red glass prism set in the top of the staff.
    • Turaga Dume’s statue is also pointing in a direction with his other arm.

    To solve the puzzle, players need to wait for the right time of day when the sunlight shines through the red glass, or they need to provide a form of illumination coming from the opposite direction the statue is pointing. The glass has a cipher written on it, which shows up in the red circular mark it leaves in the sands:

    • “Srzhu fdq rqob uhdfk vr idu / Glj lwv judyh zkhuh lw hqgv.”

    Po-Metru is the third district, and adjusting the cipher back three letters in the alphabet reveals:

    • “Power can only reach so far / Dig its grave where it ends.”

    The last part of the first puzzle is players realizing the red dot created by correctly illuminating the glass lies on the top of a large, buried, inverted pyramid.

    Second Puzzle:

    The main location for this puzzle involves the inverted pyramid.

    • The pyramid is 100 matoran paces long on each side.
    • The pyramid is missing its capstone, and an entry to the inside of the structure can be found there. The entry is a straight shaft to a central chamber approximately thirty feet cubed.
    • The pyramid is not the most structurally sound sculpture in the fields.

    To solve this puzzle find the entrance and go inside. Pretty simple. Once inside the central chamber players are presented with the final puzzle. If the structure is cracked or broken, sand will fill it. This preserves the final puzzle for players who don’t give up.

    Third (Final) Puzzle:

    The interior chamber is completely covered on all the floor, walls, and ceiling surface area with strange hieroglyphics in a language unknown to any member of the party. These hieroglyphics are the same as others seen in complementary Great disk Puzzles. Near one of the walls is a rectangular table with the following clues:

    • Four circular depressions on top
    • Four small statues of matoran with the words unity, duty, creation, and strategy. All statues have a circular base of similar size to the depressions on the table.
    • A poem is written in four lines on the side of the table facing the players: "In all of the world Metru-Nui stands / Bringing minds and hearts together as one / A plan devised to defend against foreign lands / A single path never undone.”

    The correct order of statues from left to right is: creation, unity, strategy, and destiny. Completing the table puzzle opens the stone gateway built into it and reveals the resting place of the Great disk of Po-Metru (339). 

    Disk Location:

    A stony plateau overlooking a desert wasteland with a single lizard (important, do not forget lizard).



    Objective: open the frozen door and collect the disk hidden on the other side.

    How to solve: open with at least two characters


    • "In Unity, Wisdom" written on the plinth below the floating door coated that's frozen shut with a coating of ice. This suggests players unite to diskover Ko-Metru's wisdom.
    • The door is frozen shut with a coating of ice. 
    • The door is floating 30 feet directly above the plinth. Most matoran cannot reach this height or jump from the walls such a distance.
    • The notes of the deceased matoran offer three valid disks to use in solving the puzzle, and two that are very bad ideas. The digits graffitied on the plinth tell the power type and minimum level needed for kanoka, but the circle with three towers scribbled next to them suggests all disks must be from Ko-Metru.
    • The weaken disk is for breaking the ice off the door.
    • The enlarge disk is for the plinth. If the door grew, it would be too heavy to push open.
    • The reconstitute disk could also be used on the ice.The frozen water would reconstitute into vapor. 

    Setting information

    • Someone tried and failed already, giving a sense of danger. They carried only a reconstitute at random disk. They were not alone in their attempt, but were abandoned as the Frost Beetles finished molting. 
    • The molted shells belonged to a clutch of Frost Beetles who moved out after molting from pupa to adulthood.
    • The unknown hieroglyphics on the walls are a prophecy still uncovered. 

    Disk Location: 

    Solving the puzzles opens a portal to an icy peak with a red flag at the summit and the Great Disk held in ice.



    Final confrontation battlefield:

    • Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they get the Krom Sphere and players activate the teleporter.
    • Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they win the Silver Sea conflict battles. Otherwise they must wait for the teleporter.
    • Eliminated Metrus will be replaced in SK2.

    Tuyet’s reveal

    Tuyet from another paradox travels to this dimension on her search to charge the Nui Stone. She arrives with 5 disks of time, having determined she needs six and a special machine to alter her own element from water to time. She kills Tuyet from this dimension, frames Nidhiki and Lhikan for it. They are brainwashed.

    Dume’s reveal

    Dume wants to make a toa of time in order to undo the league of six kingdoms through time travel as a way of eliminating the threat to his society. Lhikan disagrees, believing the effects of time travel should not be weaponized because the long term outcome is unknown. Lhikan shared his concerns with the Mangai, but Tuyet confided the secret to Turaga Dume. Turaga Dume imprisoned the Mangai he could find, with Nidhiki slipping away.

    SKE Endings

    Bad Endings:

    • Makuta assumes control
    • A player goes back in time and nova bombs the barraki (not a tpk).
    • The Disks are found, a player makes the mask of time and uses it for personal gain.
    • The Krom Sphere is found and is used to destroy all life and make an undead apocalypse.
    • Mata-Nui’s avatar does not reach the Cortex.
    • Dume lives and sends himself to the past. This will TPK the game. MAKE IT CLEAR.
    • The Shadowed One gets the Great Disks and the Krom Sphere.


    Rebirth (future):

    If the Mata-Nui avatar sits in the captain’s chair in the Core Processor (“Cortex”) and the Krom Sphere is NOT used.

    • Mata-Nui fully revives, the GSR begins to move
    • Mata-Nui realizes they are an escape pod, or ark, lost adrift in space
    • Tries to activate but the GSR is broken from millenium of floating in an asteroid belt
    • Head breaks at the neck and begins drifting towards a planet
    • Crashes into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz.

    If the Krom Sphere IS used:

    • Tren Krom fully revives the GSR
    • Decides leaving the majority of the matoran universe adrift in space minimizes potential harm of allowing Mata-Nui to fully revive.
    • Beheads the GSR
    • The head of the GSR plummets into a nearby planet, crashing into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz


    Impact (Past):

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