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  • IC: Whipcrack (Eclipse Station Tier 3)


    Whipcrack immediately shoves his way past the other villains, towards docking bay 17B.

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  • IC: Ruby


    Ruby, having recharged the night before, was just shy of 100%, so she followed Stormer towards the dropships.


    IC: Morphos


    Morphos watched Whipcrack push his way past the others to get out to the bay.  Inaudibly grunting in disgust Morphos followed, making a mental note not to trust Whipcrack.  Actually, not to trust any of his new 'teammates.'  Every one of them would be more than happy to reduce the number of shares.  A grim smile crossed his features.  And they had better not trust me either.

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  • IC: Whipcrack (Eclipse Station Tier 3)


    Whipcrack coughs loudly as he enters the docking bay.


    "So," he says to Xplode loudly, "Voltix sent me."

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  • IC Jade Riley- Hangar Bay:


    The pilot stood leaning against her ship, waiting for the 'real' Heroes to hurry their metal behinds in so she could get started on this mission.

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    IC: Ferro and Gorn- Hero Factory



    While Ferro ran off to retrieve some extra ammunition for his weapons, Gorn followed Stormer and the others out to the dropships.

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  • IC: Gabriel Bliss & Cobra Shard - Hero Factory

    Bliss hadn't done much more than walk around and hang out at the apartment all day, so his power levels were fine; he headed to the dropships while Shard split and went for the recharge chamber.


    IC: Blink - Gang of Evil

    Blink followed her new buddies to hangar 17B, still pointedly avoiding the sick guy.


    IC: Marrow - Hero Factory Grounds

    Marrow slipped into a pitch black crevice at the first sound of the approaching Heroes and began to softly munch the menagerie of insects and rodents it had gathered while it waited for them to leave.

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  • IC: Flynn Flames


    I decided to make my way to the recharge station before leaving, after all the training I had been doing it would be good to make sure I was at 100%. I noticed a white and dark blue hero with a  cannon arm ahead of me.


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  • IC: Cobra Shard - Recharge Room

    Shard turned around. Cool! Another rookie! "Hey buddy! You excited for this mission?"

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  • IC: Yofrid Atgeir & Peppy Starburst

    Location: Meadhall

    She sighed. "I suppose. But you'd better start heeding my words and keep your refurbished posterior out of trouble. I don't want to have to see you getting hauled off to some out-sourced prison facility just because you couldn't keep out of the factory's way. I've got enough worries without you adding to them." After a momentary silence, Yofrid gestured to the table she was standing at, inviting him to take a seat. "Make yourself comfortable, at least, since you're here."


    Meanwhile, Peppy had just finished up with her duties in the back, and thus emerged to the main room. "Yofrid, I've finished up for tonight, so I'll just be-" She froze as only when she had walked several steps into the room did she notice that Kaiba was here. "Oh... hi..." Fortunately for Blader, Yofrid had made Peppy promise to not attempt an arrest or report Kaiba in when he showed up at the Meadhall. Albeit reluctant at first, she grew to be more understanding, and now... her feelings were a bit complicated. Indeed, if Peppy could blush, she would.


    IC: Nimius, Titanos & Captor

    Location: Hero Factory

    And so the three amigos went back out of the briefing room and made their way to their dropship.

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  • IC: Flynn Flames



    I exclaimed while catching up to this other hero. I held out my hand.

    "The name's Flynn, Flynn Flames"

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  • IC: Night Stalker


    Seeing that Corroder had the guards attention for the moment, Night Stalker threw the shield like a frisbee, aiming for the guard farthest away.  Then, dropping his hammer, he picked up one of the guards and heaved him over his head, hurling him at a guard who was about to shoot Corroder.  Grabbing his hammer, he again charged forwards towards the remaining robots.


    GM IC: Black Phantom/Corroder/Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331.


    Lesser beings might have fled or surrendered by now, but the prison riot guards were blindly obedient to their programming. It was their job to prevent prisoner escapes, and they would fight to their last sparks to pursue that goal. 


    Alas, their best efforts were proving not to be enough. Between Corroder and Night Stalker, their numbers were thinning out fast. Black Phantom just stood back and watched as the remaining half-dozen guards formed a line, raised their weapons, and made a final defiant charge against the group of villains.


    If Kavok Quake had any intention on getting in on the action, this would likely be his last chance. 


    IC: Whipcrack (Eclipse Station Tier 3)


    Whipcrack coughs loudly as he enters the docking bay.


    "So," he says to Xplode loudly, "Voltix sent me."


    GM IC: Whipcrack - Eclipse Station, Tier 1, Berth 17B.


    Berth 17B was a large, partitioned off section of the outermost Tier, surprisingly pristine and well-maintained compared to some of the neighbouring docks. It was unguarded, but the symbols spray-painted onto the barriers on either side of the entrance were warning enough to uninvited guests of what would might happen to them if they chose to head inside.


    As he stepped through the entryway and into the open berth, Whipcrack would see a trio of docking arrays, only one of which currently had a ship clamped in place. And beside that ship, two iconic villains were in the process of loading a final crate of equipment into the back. As Whipcrack spoke, they turned towards him, their expressions indicating that they weren't particularly impressed by the other villain's impolite entrance. 


    IC Jade Riley- Hangar Bay:


    The pilot stood leaning against her ship, waiting for the 'real' Heroes to hurry their metal behinds in so she could get started on this mission.


    GM IC: Preston Stormer - Hero Factory, Exterior. 


    "Are these ships up for a mission like this?" Stormer asked, as he approached the pilot. Jade's own gunship seemed well-maintained, but without a proper hangar for storage and repairs, some of the other HF dropships looked a little worse for wear. 

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Okay Then


    Quark frowned slightly as Beemer failed to respond. "... Right."


    She led them both inside. "Remain at the Hero Factory unless otherwise instructed by a mission manager aware of your situation. Trying to lie will only get you in more trouble."




    IC: Timothy Gyro - Hero Factory


    He stood, stretched his blades, quickly pulled them in and smiled sheepishly at the Hero he knocked upside the head with the action, and followed after the others.




    IC: Mara Quiver and Ken Render - Hero Factory


    "Welp," Render said. "Best we get along, li'l doggy."


    Quiver nodded and followed him out the door, staying close.




    IC: a duck - Hero Factory Grounds


    Irritated at being ignored, she pecked her charge's foot and quacked crossly and sharply.


    OOC: I nearly forgot the duck tried to talk to her baby ages ago. Also, I'm not sure if they'd be able to see the Heroes? Unless we have the docked ships outside, on the ground floor. Actually, we probably do since the upper floors probably aren't stable enough for ships yet. Never mind.




    OOC: Also now I get to Live The Dream


    IC: Rotor and XPlode - Berth 17B


    Rotor hefted a crate into the back of their ship. "You plannin' on helping out anytime soon?"


    This was directed at XPlode, who was leaning on the last crate. His friend placed his hand over his faceplates dramatically. "Oh, but Rotor! I'm afraid I just don't have the brutish strength you do. Why, were I to attempt to lift this crate, I could very well bust my motors, and then where would we be for this grand escapade?"


    "Ha. Ha. Ha." On the last 'ha', Rotor yanked the box from under XPlode's elbow and carried it to its brethren in the ship's cargo hold. "Whadda we even need these for? We're just droppin' off Voltixx's punks on some ship, right?"


    "And joining them," XPlode corrected. "We are joining them on the ship."




    "Because, dear friend, this ship allegedly has a good deal of treasure on board. Guarded by pirates. Where is your sense of adventure?"


    "Back home, next to my common sense, 'pparently," Rotor grumbled, setting the crate down. "Remember what Voltixx said? The info was from a broadcast to Hero Factory. That means there's gonna be Heroes crawlin' all over the place. I ain't too keen to be in a metal box with no flyin' room against those chumps."


    "Scared of a few Heroes, Rotor? Goodness, what has become of you?"


    "Shaddap. I ain't afraid of no Heroes. Just doesn't seem clever to follow a bunch of chumps Voltixx picked up into this place."


    XPlode patted his back with a knowing smile. "Oh, Rotor. When will you learn? See, best case scenario, we have a share in some impressive loot. If we fail, we have a-"


    He was cut off by a loud cough and a shout from across the room. He and Rotor turned to see a sickly-looking Villain, who had called to them. Rotor turned his gaze to XPlode with a smirk.


    "Your friend's callin' to ya," he said bluntly, still smiling. XPlode grunted.


    To the Villain, he gestured for them to approach. "I assume Voltixx has briefed you. We've just finished loading supplies."

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  • IC: Cobra Shard - Recharge Room

    "Cobra Shard," he said brightly, shaking the offered hand. 

    "Right, better get charged up, since we're here," He stepped into the recharging station and let the machine do it's work. After hitting 100%, he popped back out and gave Flames a thumbs up.


    IC: Gabriel Bliss - Hero Factory

    "I'll be bringing my ship on this one, sir," Bliss told Stormer as he passed. "We may need an extra combat ship if things go sour."


    IC: Blink - Hangar 17B

    Blink sauntered into the hangar, ignoring or perhaps not even noticing the signage telling her to not saunter into the hangar.


    IC: Marrow - With Supreme Commander Duck

    Marrow looked at the ground sheepishly and then offered it's mother a rather soggy squirrel.

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  • IC: Whipcrack (Eclipse Station Tier 3)


    Whipcrack walks up to the pair of villains. He nods, acknowledging the information, before a manic grin creeps onto his features.


    "Did-" he pauses to cough, "-Did I hear you say that the place will be filled with... heroes?"

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  • IC: Flynn Flames


    Nodding in response to his thumbs up, I followed Cobra's lead and stepped into the recharge pod, charging my own energy reserves to 100%. I always felt energetic after recharging ... but then again I always felt energetic as a norm. Point was as I stepped out of the pod I felt eager and ready for the mission. After giving a quick once over to my plasma launcher I gave my own thumbs up.

    "All set and ready to go"

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  • IC: Night Stalker


    Night Stalker grinned as he charged.  "How nice of you to line up for me!" he shouts as he nears them.  As soon as the guards are in range he swings his hammer around, a powerful two-handed blow which hits the leftmost guard (his left) and carries through to the rest of them, sending the first three hurling into the wall while the other three are bowled over by their newly flying companions


    IC: Morphos


    Morphos knew that one simply didn't walk into Mordor hanger bays belonging to feared villains, but then he had been told to go there by said feared villain, so he figured that overruled the usual unspoken rules of survival.  He followed Blink and Whipcrack into the hanger.

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  • IC: Insurgent

    He thought for a moment.


    "We could....but I don't think that's the best option considering your....history, with Hero Factory. I will certainly help, if you indeed fight against crime, as I do."


    OOC: If there's a post after this that I need to respond to I've missed it


    IC: CORE

    "We're going to need some way to get off planet before we follow my leads," Core replied, shrugging. "Just in case the leads try to slip away. From what I've gathered, the chances are pretty high that they'll try to make a run for it first."

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  • IC: Insurgent


    "Then perhaps we should go with your compadre's idea. This information is quite...valuable, let's say." 


    Insurgent looked directly at Core.

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  • IC Jade:


    "If they aren't, I haven't been doin' my job," she quipped as she pushed away from the ship and into a more upright position.


    "She's loaded up and ready, just needs a destination."


    She stepped into the ship, slid into the pilot seat, and began powering up.

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  • IC: XPlode and Rotor - Berth 17B


    Rotor leaned down to whisper in XPlode's audial receptor, "Does this guy have superhearing or somethin'?"


    "If he does," XPlode replied, "Why are you bothering to whisper?"


    That was a good point. XPlode turned to the villain before him. "Please excuse my friend. I assume you overheard our mention of Heroes; we are expecting them to try and interfere. From that look on your face, I assume you are keen to meet them."


    There were more villains arriving behind this one. Rotor glanced to the smaller one who'd sauntered in and was standing close by. "And what're you s'posed to be?"


    OOC: That'd be Blink that Rotor is talking to.




    IC: a duck - Hero Factory Grounds


    She ruffled her feathers with a growling quack, as if to say, "I should think so". She gobbled up the offered squirrel in a pretty disturbing fashion.




    IC: Timothy Gyro - Hero Factory


    Shoot, he'd forgotten to charge. He did a loop back to the Quaza Chamber before heading back down to the ships, fully charged.




    IC: Mara Quiver and Ken Render - Hero Factory


    Both Quiver and Render were nearly fully charged, and so they headed straight to the ships. Render glanced around. "Can't see Quark around. Wonder what's takin' her so long with them Heroes."


    "I h-hope she's a-all right," said Quiver.


    "She'll be fine, junebug. In the meantime, we'll hitch a ride with some other cowpoke." He led the way to Jade's ship and stuck his head in the door. "You takin' passengers, pardner?"

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  • IC Jade:


    "Only if you're payin for my fuel," she shot back with a smirk before speaking into her comms.


    "Tower, this is GS-Four One Niner, prepped for take-off, on standby, over."


    She glanced back. "If you're getting in, best hurry up."

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  • IC: Mara Quiver and Ken Render - Jade's Ship


    Quiver went to retrieve her wallet, but Render stopped her. "It's a joke, junebug."


    "O-Oh. Um, s-sorry."


    "No need fer that, y'didn't know." Render boarded the ship, Quiver shuffling in after him, embarrassed. They both sat down and strapped themselves in. Render said to the pilot, "Thanks fer th' ride. Our usual ride's awful busy with somethin'."

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  • IC: Ruby


    Ruby stood around awkwardly, wondering whether Stormer would assign them teams and dropships or if they just picked one themselves.  Then she noticed a few heroes boarding one of the dropships and and figured that they knew what they were doing.  She walked over to the dropship.  As she reached the top of the ramp Ruby asked, "Hey, um, do you guys have room for another?" 

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  • IC Jade:


    "Doesn't surprise me, we lost a lot of people, even the pilots are spread thin."


    She looked back.


    "If you can find a chair, sit in it."


    IC Kaiba:


    A smile crossed his face as he took a seat, offering a nod to Peppy as she passed.


    "How's business lately?"

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  • IC: Cobra Shard - Recharge Room

    "Alright then, let's do this!" Shard started to head back towards the area with the ships. It was definitely nice to finally find another Hero who didn't always call him 'kid'.


    IC: Gabriel Bliss - Hero Factory Repair Bay

    Bliss checked with the mechanics in the machine shop to sign out the Cor Solis before hopping in and powering her up. It was good to be back in the pilot's seat.


    IC: Blink - In Awe

    No way, was this really happening? XPlode, one of the most notorious thieves in the galaxy, was here? Best. Day. Ever. If this guy was involved, this mission was worth way more than she had assumed.

    "Oh, I'm... uh... you can call me Blink... Mr. Xplode's henchman... sir," she stammered to the bigger, uglier villain who was speaking to her.

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  • IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Hero Factory


    Seeing as nobody was telling him to go anywhere, Gorn simply decided to board the dropship that was closest to him. When he reached it, it already had three other heroes inside, none of whom he knew particularly well. Without a word, Gorn sat down in an unoccupied seat, at least until he noticed who the pilot was.

    Though it was technically part of her job, Gorn knew that there was a chance that Jade wouldn't want him on her ship after what had happened the last time.


    "I hope you don't mind if I come along. I can assure you, I will do my best to keep the plasma sword induced damage to a minimum."

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  • IC: Whipcrack (Eclipse Station Tier 3)


    "Very much so," he chuckles, before breaking out in a fit of coughing.

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  • IC Jade:


    She leered at Gorn.


    "I just got her all fixed up, and if you put any holes in my ship with that sword, I'll patch it with your chassis."


    She flipped visor down, and returned her attention to her instrumentation, making final checks.

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  • IC: Flynn Flames


    I followed after Cobra. I could almost see Hero Factory's ships through the door ... they weren't quite as pristine as I imagined them to be. The attack really had took it's toll on the factory.

    "So is this your first mission too?"

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  • GM IC: Preston Stormer - Hero Factory, Exterior. 


    Realising that a few heroes had already jumped the gun and started boarding the dropships, Stormer raised the volume on his voice modulator to ensure that the heroes in the ships would be able to hear him, as well as those still outside, "Listen up, heroes! Like Zib said, we'll be sending teams to both Antropolis and Mekron. Bulk and Nex will be leading the Antropolis team, while Stringer and I head the expedition on Mekron. I don't care what team you pick, just decide fast." 


    He reset his volume to default, and clambered aboard Jade's gunship, "Any particular preference as to which team you wanted to transport?" He called up to her, "I need to know what ships to start putting people on." 

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  • IC: Michael Barrier and Isaac Rider


    I followed after the mission leader, nearly knocking over a smaller hero. "Sorry." I quickly apologized. "It's fine!" He piped up quickly.


    Me and the smaller hero made our way into the pilot Stormer was talking to's ship, and strapped ourselves down.

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  • IC: Ruby


    "Ok, thanks."  Ruby took a seat and strapped herself in.

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  • IC: Cobra Shard - With Flynn Flames

    "Nah, I've been on a couple before, but they..." he trailed off, remembering with some distaste the Antropolis disaster and the nightmare that was the Mechna incident. "They didn't go so great." 

    He began looking for a ship to board as they neared Stormer and the other Heroes.

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  • IC Jade:


    "I hear Antropolis is nice this time of year, but I've got a feeling I'll be more useful over on Mechron."


    She shook her head as she tapped a slightly sticky dial and sent a report off to have it fixed when she got back.


    "Overall, I'm not picky so long as I'm working."

    She glanced back and commed the Tower.


    "Tower, GS-419er, fully loaded, waiting for final clearance for takeoff, over."


    She looked back at Stormer, "I'm closin' her up, are you in or out?"

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  • IC: Charles Erudite (Hero Factory Exterior)


    Erudite quickly walks up to Jade's ship, and climbs inside.


    "Do you have room for one more Hero?" he asks.

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  • GM IC: Stormer - Hero Factory, Exterior. 


    "Don't leave yet," he told Jade, pushing past the occupants as he made his way back outside, "Alright, listen up! Mekron team, on these two ships," he gestured towards Jade's vessel and the one parked next to it, "Antropolis team on those two!" He jabbed his finger in the direction of the other two vessels. 

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  • IC Jade:


    She rolled her eyes behind her visor.


    "Ten seconds and I'm punchin' outta here. I only have so much space."


    She glanced back.


    "Standin* room only, I got room for one more, maybe, but it ain't gonna be a comfy ride!"

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  • IC: Charles Erudite (Jade's Ship)


    "That's fine."

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  • GM IC: Preston Stormer/Mission Control - Hero Factory.


    "We read you, 479-er, you're clear for takeoff." 


    Seeing that Jade's ship was now completely full, and overhearing the communication from Mission Control, Stormer clambered down off the ramp, leaving her free to lift off when she was ready. He opened a radio channel to Jade's ship, "Transport the team to the Mekron City police station. Chief Drax is expecting us, and I'll rendezvous with you there."

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  • OOC: Sorry for the delay! I've been super busy.


    IC: Timothy Gyro - Trendsetter


    Gyro, seeing Jade's ship was full, climbed on one of the two heading for Antropolis. To his utter delight, it was completely empty- pilot and all. He immediately vaulted into the pilot's seat, narrowly escaping slamming his face into the controls in his fervour when his blades nicked the roof, and fastened his seatbelt with some difficulty. He grabbed the steering wheel and turned it around, making spaceship noises with his vocaliser as he mucked around with it before anyone got on and saw him.


    He loved flying ships, not as much as he loved flying on his blades, but close. It felt similar, at least. Usually there was someone else manning the controls when he went on missions, and he figured that'd be the case this time around, especially with him being a little delayed in arriving because he had to charge first. This must have been his lucky day!




    IC: XPlode and Rotor - Berth 17B


    XPlode took a subtle step back from the sickly villain. Voltix sure could pick 'em. Hopefully this one was not going to keel over on the way; dead organic smell was hard to get out of the upholstery. "... Good. Well, you're sure to get your fill on this trip. Say, chum, are you all right? You sound a tad... ill."


    Rotor frowned at Blink, the soundwave-looking jagged line on the screen where a mouth would be curling downwards as a result. "Henchman? Me 'n XPlode're partners, ya doofus."


    XPlode scoffed at this, but said nothing, still facing the sickly villain.