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  • Posted 2016-09-13 00:09:14 UTC
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  • IC Wolfe - Arena:

    Wolfe let out a massive "YEAH!" when Thumper made her entrance, but his subsequent applause was cut short by Zib's call. The vet's first thought was that the Tower was under attack again -- after all, they hadn't dealt with a Priority 1 mission since the original Tower came down. He glanced at Render and Flood worriedly, but the former was already getting up to leave.

    "Zib, Render's on his way over now," he called over the comms. "Flood and I are still at the arena, but we can be over there in five minutes if need be."

    IC Flint - Space the Final Frontier:

    The white-armored Hero glanced about the dull interior of the dropship he was riding along in, wishing there were windows. He and the Hero team he was with had been on the road, so to speak, for three hours, and had a little over an hour left until they reached Makuhero City. The team in question, Mu 19, had recruited Flint for a border dispute on the edge of the system -- an almost week-long venture -- and had finally helped the two warring planets call a truce. It wasn't the outcome the Heroes were hoping for, but at least the two factions had agreed to not blow each other to smithereens. Flint had a feeling it wouldn't last long.

    Just then the ship's comms blipped on. "Zib just called," called Geneva Mills, the team's leader, sounding unhappy. "Priority 1 mission. We'll wait and see what the situation is -- I know how badly you all need a recharge -- but be prepared for some major activity at the Tower."

    Flint sighed, hoping enough Heroes turned up so he could get some sleep.

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  • IC: CORE


    Core shrugged. "Possibly. I've heard some interesting rumors that have suggested otherwise, but... well, they're not the sort of rumors that one can verify easily, as you could imagine."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    His eyes, underneath the biker helmet widened.


    "Well you know what they say, gringo. Sharing is caring."


    Insurgent leaned forward, towards Core.

    "Do tell."

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  • IC: CORE


    "A trade seems reasonable," the former hero replied. "A few months back, my ship was destroyed during the Mechna Incident. In all the confusion that followed, Echo and I managed to get back here, where quaza charges are commonplace, but... we're also stranded. If you have information on where we could find a ship, I'll tell you what I've heard - and perhaps you might join us?"

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  • IC: Insurgent


    He shook his head, sadly.


    "Sorry, amigo, but I can't help you there. I don't have anything in regards to a ship. And unless you want to go start stealing random ships off of civilians, I don't have any ideas as to how to get one."

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  • IC: Echo - Establishment

    "We could always swipe a Hero Factory dropship. I hear there's a lot of that going on these days."

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    IC: Kavok Quake


    "Oh that little event. Impressive...."


    He paused a minute


    "Your wish is my command" 


    GM IC: Black Phantom/Corrodor - Penitentiary 1331. 


    Well... that was easy... While Black Phantom was remarking on this fact, Corrodor bounded back into view, laden with Kavok Quake's and Night Stalker's confiscated weaponry and equipment. The ammo had been taken away, of course, but Black Phantom had secured a supply of the duo's preferred projectiles in the hold of his ship. Assuming the pair didn't try to betray him before they'd even left the prison, he'd give them access to the ammo once they were safely on board the ship and en-route to their destination. 


    "Corrodor, if you will," he took a step back from the cells, making room for Corrodor to open the cells with a few careful blasts of his signature acid. "Now, I believe these belong to you," he gestured to the pile of equipment that Corrodor had dumped before the two former prisoner's cells. 


    OOC: Sorry. College/high school started up again


    "Thank you Corroder. And why wouldn't I go with you? You actually have posed a threat against HF. It's more then in my interest to destroy them any way I can. So where are we going next?" 

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  • GM IC: Black Phantom/Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331. 


    "Through them," Phantom replied, indicating the group of guards gathered at the end of the corridor.


    Seeing that their shots were proving largely ineffectual in halting Night Stalker's charge, the gun-toting guards stepped back, letting their shield-wielding friends form up in front of them. The six robots interlocked their shields and braced themselves for impact. 

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  • GM IC: Black Phantom/Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331. 


    "Through them," Phantom replied, indicating the group of guards gathered at the end of the corridor.


    Seeing that their shots were proving largely ineffectual in halting Night Stalker's charge, the gun-toting guards stepped back, letting their shield-wielding friends form up in front of them. The six robots interlocked their shields and braced themselves for impact. 


    IC: Night Stalker 


    Night Stalker doesn't stop charging until he is almost on top of the guards, at which point he swings his hammer in a full circle around him, the hammer hitting the blockade with double the force from the turn and double the momentum of a several ton robot at top speed.

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  • IC: Insurgent

    He thought for a moment.


    "We could....but I don't think that's the best option considering your....history, with Hero Factory. I will certainly help, if you indeed fight against crime, as I do."

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  • GM IC: Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331. 


    The guards of Penitentiary 1331 were no pushovers. They'd endured riots, thwarted attempted breakouts, defended against attempted break-ins, but their shields and experience were little use against the heightened force of Night Stalker's hammer.


    The villain's weapon collided squarely with the interlocked shields, scattering them, and the guards holding them, like leaves in the breeze. When the cries faded, and the limbs stopped flailing, two of the guards lay prone, disabled or dead, while the others slowly picked themselves up off the floor. The six rifle-toting guards, who'd been standing back behind the others, now saw their opportunity, and opened fire at Night Stalker's face and chest with their stun weapons. 

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  • IC: Timothy Gyro - Making Friends


    Man, this kid was new. Gyro patted his back. "That's good enthusiasm right there. I remember my first mission. Nothin' as cool as this, though. It was a robbery in progress. We caught the guy, but I spooked some of the civilians a bit."


    He paused, and said quickly, "Anyway, you'll do fine. Remember your training, and if you don't know what to do, stick close to someone who does. You got a team yet?"




    IC: Ken Render - Hero Factory


    Render got off at his stop and jogged up to the front doors.




    IC: Mara Quiver - The Ardor Cardor


    She sat in the back, listening to the thrum of the engines and the machinery humming and chugging around her. Ardor hadn't said a word to her, which was good. She'd stayed out of his line of sight, which might have been the reason. After the awkward situation she put herself in with Captor, she wasn't really in a talking mood, except to speak quietly with Forticus when prompted.




    IC: Dorothy Quark - Hero Factory


    She landed the ship on the front lawn and opened the doors. "Don't go running off. I have to walk you both inside. I mean it. Don't make this situation worse on yourselves."


    She turned off the engines and took her keys before unbuckling herself from the pilot's seat.




    IC: Wilbur Flood - Arena


    "What's going on?" he asked Wolfe loudly, over the roar of the crowd. Part of his sentence was obscured by a lout bell being struck in the ring.




    IC: La Puño de Hierro - WRESTLEMANIA PART III


    The bell went, and Tiger Stripes wasted no time in rushing her. La Puño braced herself and barely gave ground when they crashed together, struggling to throw each other down. She managed to shoulder him aside and push him away, granting enough time to forcefully swing her fist into his side. He took the hit with a pained grunt, but was quick to respond with a foot to the stomach.


    Another opening. She grabbed his foot and twisted it, sending him toppling. He was quick to get to his feet, though, and jumped at her again, this time angling to get her in a hold. He managed to get a good enough grip to throw her into the ground, and she had to roll to dodge his knee drop.


    "You call that a drop, hombre?" she called to him as she jumped to her feet. "Why don't you let me show you what a real drop looks like?"


    "What about you lie on the floor and let the ref count you out? Save yourself a lot of hurt."


    She charged for him, but as he went to defend against a grapple, she instead extended her arm and dropped, catching his neck sending them both to the floor. The crowd roared and cheered as she rolled to her feet and backed up for the ropes. He was still trying to get up, but it looked like she was going to be able to show off her new move once he did so.


    What a finisher, she thought to herself proudly.


    OOC: I'm not sure how long wrestling matches usually go for but I've kept people here for a decently long while. From the few wrestling matches I've seen, they're not all that long. Besides, this has been going on for a while now and I'm sure everyone's keen to go and join the mission.

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  • IC: Flynn Flames


    I stopped just outside the mission control doors.

    "No unfortunately I don't have a team yet, but I'm sure I'll get assigned to one soon."

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  • GM IC: Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331. 


    The guards of Penitentiary 1331 were no pushovers. They'd endured riots, thwarted attempted breakouts, defended against attempted break-ins, but their shields and experience were little use against the heightened force of Night Stalker's hammer.


    The villain's weapon collided squarely with the interlocked shields, scattering them, and the guards holding them, like leaves in the breeze. When the cries faded, and the limbs stopped flailing, two of the guards lay prone, disabled or dead, while the others slowly picked themselves up off the floor. The six rifle-toting guards, who'd been standing back behind the others, now saw their opportunity, and opened fire at Night Stalker's face and chest with their stun weapons. 


    IC: Night Stalker


    Night Stalker promptly dropped to the floor and grabbed one of the shields, using it to shield himself from the majority of the shots.  However, the nature of stun shots meant that they could hit him anywhere and he would still feel the effects, meaning he was beginning to feel a bit woozy.  "Why don't you lazy ##### get up and help before you end up having to carry me out?" He shouts to the other villains as he lunges forward, trying to hit one of the guards.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk


    I stare at her for a second, head on one side, before saying: "Y'know, I was actually planning to fly off before you said that...but now you've convinced me not to."

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  • IC: Kavok Quake - penitentiary 1331


    "GET DOWN"


    He yelled at night stalker


    Feeling the jolt of instinct he began to shoot at the remaining guards.

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  • GM IC: Zib - Hero Factory, Mission Control.


    Zib had been in the middle of performing another headcount of the heroes who'd shown up when he got a priority communique from the Call Centre. "Yes? Zib here." He answered. If any of the heroes happened to be paying attention to his face, they would see his expression twist into a frown, "That's not how we operate, mister. Yes, I understand the importance of the cargo, but people's lives matter just as- no, of course. Yes, I'll let them know," he cut the transmission and turned to Quadal, "I've got a bad feeling about this mission..."



    GM IC: Voltix - Eclipse Station, Tier 3, Another Shady Bar. 


    Elsewhere, Voltix was immersed in a similar headcount. His turnout wasn't nearly as large as Zib's, but for Voltix, quality was far more important than quantity. Factory-built tin cans were no match for hardened criminals. 


    He dug a communications unit out of his armour, radioing one of his compatriots out in the field. "How're things going on your end?"



    GM IC: Black Phantom/Corroder/Prison Guards - Penitentiary 1331. 


    "Things are absolutely fabulous," Black Phantom replied, stepping into what had formerly being Night Stalker's cell to answer the call outside of the firing line, "We've hit a slight snag, but we're still on schedule." A pause, "Yes, Mekron. Alright, good luck with your end, and I'll meet your somewhere in the middle. May the best villain win." With that, he hung up. 


    The guard Night Stalker had swung at went down with a grunt, crumpling under the force of the blow. Corroder seized the opportunity and leaped through the gap the fallen guard had left in the guard's formation, claws spraying acidic goop across the surface of their shields, forcing them to drop them or risk losing their hands. 


    Kavok Quake, meanwhile, would find his attempts to open fire on the guards woefully unsuccessful. While the prisoner's weapons and belongings had been kept in lockup, there was no way the prison staff were going to leave loaded weapons lying around, especially not weapons loaded with explosives or radioactive waste. He was going to have to have to use his bare hands, steal one of the guard's dropped weapons, or hunker down while the other villains finished the job. 


    Having finished his call, Black Phantom stepped back out of the cell. "Did I miss anything?" 



    OOC: I did mention the lack of ammo in another post, in case you missed it, or forgot. 


    For everyone else - I know there's a few more characters still on their way to Zib or Voltix, so I'll hold off a little bit longer before launching into the mission briefings. I don't want to rush anyone, but it has been a few days now... 

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  • IC: Night Stalker


    Seeing that Corroder had the guards attention for the moment, Night Stalker threw the shield like a frisbee, aiming for the guard farthest away.  Then, dropping his hammer, he picked up one of the guards and heaved him over his head, hurling him at a guard who was about to shoot Corroder.  Grabbing his hammer, he again charged forwards towards the remaining robots.

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  • IC Kaiba Blader - Yofrid's Mead Hall:


    He held his hands up in a placating gesture, "What, I can't drop in on an old friend?"

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  • IC: Timothy Gyro - Hero Factory


    Gyro grinned and stepped through first. "It can take a while, but don't worry if it does. Doesn't mean nothing. I had to be on some boring team for ages before getting on a proper flying team with Kat!"




    IC: Dorothy Quark - Hero Factory


    She returned Sparrowhawk's stare. "Well, I am glad I managed to convince you. Else you would be learning just how unpleasant it is to be Hero Cuffed mid-flight."

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    "Um...a second ago you said you didn't care if I flew off, I'd just be fired. At least be consistent with your empty threats..."

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  • IC Wolfe - Arena:

    "Some Priority 1 situation," he told Flood, sounding troubled. "Zib didn't answer -- the Mission Managers probably have their hands full. I'll keep my comms tuned in, but we should be ready to mobilize at any moment." He leaned back in his chair and tried to concentrate on the match. "Plus," he continued, "Thumper's out of the loop, and I'd hate for everyone to disappear on her. If we aren't pulled away in the meantime, we'll fill her in as soon as the match is over -- which should be soon by the look of things."

    Wolfe gave a cheer as Tiger Stripes went down.

    IC Helen - Mission Control:

    After checking in with Delta 9, Helen decided to see why Quark was being saltier than usual. And boy, oh boy was everyone's favorite Manager in for a treat. She'd seen Skylor in action a couple of times, and probably exchanged words with the rookie all of one, maybe two occasions. Helen didn't care for her much -- and that was saying something.

    Finally the Manager had had enough of listening to Skylor and Quark's venomous exchange. "As much as I would enjoy seeing you come into Mission Control in cuffs, Miss Sparrowhawk, having you fired would be much more satisfying," she piped in over comms for both of them to hear. "In all seriousness, you will be asked to speak with an advisor tomorrow in preparation for a possible disciplinary hearing. I suggest you behave yourself in the interim." She wrote a memo to herself to have a talk with Makuro about the sudden bout of insubordination all these Heroes were going through.

    "And restrain yourself, Quark," she said over a private channel (Helen wasn't a total monster). "Revered veteran or not, I don't want to have to add you to the growing list of Heroes Mission Control is going to have to speak to Mr. Makuro about. Please submit a report as soon as you can and we're square."

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  • IC Flynn Flames


    I followed after Timothy through the doors of Mission Control, while thinking about what he said. How could a hero team be boring? It was impossible to imaging there could never be a dull moment while saving people. Still it made me think, what sort of hero team would I end up on? A fire themed one? or would it be a non specialist well rounded team.


    That was when I noticed how many heroes were packed in the room. Each unique and more than capable of saving the day in a normal crisis. I was awestruck.

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  • IC: Wilbur Flood - Makuhero City Arena


    "Oh." He nodded to himself. "Yes, I suppose we'd be better off waiting and taking Ellie with us. But if you'd like, you can join the others. I can handle fetching her on my own, and unless this particular mission is underwater, I'm sure my presence won't be needed."


    He glanced back to the ring, smiling. "Of course, staying is fine, too. Ellie's quite the fighter, and I'm sure she's going to be finishing up here soon."




    IC: Dorothy Quark - Hero Factory


    "Tomorrow?" Quark frowned. "I was told to bring her back tonight. I missed supporting Thumper at her match tonight to bring these hooligans in, because they were posing a threat to innocent people. I understand that a Priority 1 mission has just come up, and I would allow Beemer some leniency- he seems to be confused about the entire situation, but I think he is aware of his mistake- but Sparrowhawk has shown nothing but an uppity attitude about being stopped from attacking civilians, and no apparent regret or recognition of her actions as inappropriate. If you deem it safe to have her left alone to her own devices until tomorrow, then I suppose I will put up with her attitude in leaving. But I would not recommend it."


    She stepped away from the other two and lowered her voice, so only Helen could hear. "Thank you for changing to a private feed to give me a reprimand- you would not believe the attitude on that rookie- but I don't think you fully understand. Sparrowhawk started a brawl with two civilians without any cause for doing so, except she thought they 'looked suspicious'. I've spoken to her about repercussions, about what she did, and she honestly thinks we're in the wrong for stopping her before she seriously hurt someone. Report me to Mister Makuro if you must, but she was very lucky she wasn't brought back in Hero Cuffs as it is."




    IC: Timothy Gyro and Ken Render - Hero Factory


    He grinned and patted Flames on the back, seeing his expression. "I'll see you later, bud. Zib doesn't like Heroes chatting through his briefings."


    Render moved past the two Heroes standing just inside the room, nodded to Zib with a "Chief" in greeting, and sat down next to some other Heroes.




    IC: La Puño de Hierro - WRESTLEMANIA PART IV


    La Puño's glee in finishing the battle so quickly was cut short as Tiger Stripes got up much faster than she expected, tackling her into the corner of the ring and managing three strikes to her face before she kicked him off. She brought herself up and stood on the ropes, and was ready when he recovered and came at her again, catching him in a headlock and jumping into a diving bulldog, landing on her back and driving Tiger Stripes' face into the mat.


    "Kissing the ground I walk on is a bit much," she laughed as she rolled to her feet. He staggered, but climbed to his feet to face her.


    He spat oil and glared at her. "We'll see how your attitude is after I've sent you to the scrapyard."


    He feinted a kick and when she went to block, he instead twisted and grabbed her around the middle, using her momentum to lift her off her feet, over his hip, and slam her into the ground. He had her pinned before she knew it, and she could hear the referee counting and the subsequent bang as she hit the mat in time with the counts.




    La Puño tried to throw Tiger Stripes off, but he was holding on tight.




    There had to be a way to force him off, she had to get up... Or take him along.




    She jolted to her feet, Tiger Stripes still on her back, and fell backwards to land on him. He shoved her away immediately, but she was no longer pinned. Better yet, the move had put her close to the ropes. All she needed was to get up there, and get him close enough to pull her move.


    She allowed him to hit her and took the excuse to stumble back to the ropes. As he went to club her with his forearm, she grinned, facial plates grinding where he'd given her a dent in the cheek.


    He didn't expect her forehead to make contact with his, and stumbled back, dazed. This was her chance! She climbed the ropes, took a second to rile up the crowd with a pose, and leaped.


    Her newest move, 'La Pandeo Huracanrana', was something she'd been practicing for weeks. She caught Tiger Stripes with her legs, used her hands to swing him over her body with a handstand-like position, and slammed him into the floor, landing perfectly, sitting securely on top of his back. She reached back and hooked his leg in a leg-lock for good measure.


    The referee counted, but Tiger Stripes couldn't get free, incredibly dazed as he was. The bell rang, and once it did, La Puño de Hierro jumped to her feet, cheering with the crowd and flexing her incredible arms. Tiger Stripes groaned loudly and put his hands over his face, lying on his back, as the referee lifted La Puño's arm in the air.


    "THE MATCH GOES TO LA PUÑOOOOOOOOO DE HIERROOOOOOOOOOOO!" The announcer shouted into his microphone. He'd been commentating on the entire match, but La Puño hadn't been paying much attention, too focused on the match. "THE IRON FIST OF HERO FACTORY HAS CRUSHED ANOTHER OPPONENT IN HER WAKE! BUT CAN SHE KEEP IT UP FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIPS?!"


    She'd done it. She'd won. She laughed, loud and bellowing, and finally turned to offer Tiger Stripes a hand up. He waved her off with a scowl, jumping to his feet and shoving roughly by on his way out of the ring.


    Once he was far enough away, he turned and pointed to her. "This ain't over, luchadork! Just you wait- I'll face you again! And next time, you'll fall to the Tiger's claws!"


    "Fists beat tigers every time!" she shouted back. "Nothing beats Makuhero City, especially not on our home turf!"


    The crowd roared in agreement, with some boos tossed in from Tiger Stripes supporters. She could hear people yelling her name. She thumped her fist against her chest, just beside her Hero Core, and raised her fist to the crowd. Some copied her. On the outside, she kept herself cool, but on the inside she was barely holding herself back from hugging herself in glee.


    She left the ring, signing autographs and posing for photos as she went, until she reached the exit and headed for the changerooms. Her two security guards joined her, and she greeted them warmly and thanked them when they congratulated her for her victory.




    OOC: I was informed that a regular match lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, but I've taken up enough time with WRESTLEMANIA so I figured I'd try and wrap it up. Sorry that there's a lot happening at once- I don't think anyone was doing much in the arena except for cheering. If you wanted to do something in the interim, let me know and I'll divide the post where you need it divided.


    EDIT: Also forgot to mention but Thumper's move is named 'The Warping Huracanrana' and is dedicated to the time Thumper and Kavok Quake broke the space-time continuum with a huracanrana. A beautiful time.

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  • GM IC: MISSION BRIEFING - Hero Factory, Mission Control/Eclipse Station, Tier 3.




    "Alright heroes, listen up!" Zib made a mental note to put a megaphone next to his desk for the next time a situation like this came up. The tower was still a construction zone, meaning the acoustics weren't exactly the best. 




    "I imagine you're all wondering why I summoned you here," in the bar, Voltix needed no enhancement for his voice. He was one of the galaxy's most notorious criminals after all - when he spoke, people listened. "A short time ago, the patron of this station intercepted a distress call directed at Hero Factory. This distress call represents an opportunity for us, not only for personal gain, but to further damage Hero Factory's already fragile reputation and morale." 




    "The distress call came from the SS Star Whale," Zib explained, "Now, for those of you who don't know, the Star Whale is something of a 'vault for hire'. It's a one of a kind vessel, outfitted with the most advanced security and defence systems known to the galaxy, and used only to transport the most dangerous or valuable of cargo." 




    "Someone, somewhere, out there in the galaxy, has attacked the Star Whale, and left it crippled and vulnerable," he kept an eye on the faces of the villains he'd gathered. Going by their expressions, most of them already had a pretty good idea of where he was going with this. "Now, if we find the ship before Hero Factory gets to it, I can promise you all a share of whatever cargo we find on board." 




    "The distress call came from deep space, but we weren't able to discern the exact location," Zib nodded to Quadal, who tapped the computer screen, bringing up a readout of what little information was publicly available regarding the ship's latest voyage, "We know the ship set off from Antropolis, and was headed to Mekron City, but we don't know the exact route it was going to take, or where along that route the ship was attacked." 


    Spotting Preston Stormer in the crowd, he gestured for the veteran leader to make his way up to the front, "We also don't know what was currently on board the Star Whale, but it's safe to say that it's not something we want falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, I'm going to be splitting you into two groups, each led by members of Alpha Team. Half of you will go to Mekron City, while the rest go to Antropolis." 




    "My associate Black Phantom is already gathering a team to investigate the situation on Mekron City, so the rest of you will be accompanying some other trusted allies of mine to Antropolis. Find out where that ship is, and get to it before Hero Factory does. If anyone gets in your way, make them move, or make them dead."




    "Just remember, heroes, even though it's important to make sure the Star Whale's cargo doesn't fall into the wrong hands, civilian lives still take precedence. Save the crew, then worry about the cargo. Now, any questions?" 



    OOC: The teams will be getting sent out shortly, but I'll leave some time for reactions/questions first. 

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  • IC Helen - Mission Control:

    "Oh, no, we still intend to have her brought in as soon as possible," Helen quickly responded. "She is not to leave the Tower until she has spoken with her advisor. We'll take care of the others tomorrow as well."

    OOC: I'll write something for my other characters in a bit.

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  • IC: Flynn Flames


    I gasped. This really was an important mission, and I would get to work with the alpha team on this one! Yer ... whatever happened to the star whale sounded worrying, I hope there are still survivors to save when we find it.

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  • IC: Morphos


    Morphos speaks up, asking, "What's so special about Mekron and Antropolis that you think there will be information on the Star Whale there?  I imagine one of them was the ship's destination, but what about the other one?"

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  • IC: Los Quatros Amigos

    Location: Hero Factory

    Nimius landed the dropship, and the four of them hurried out. Fortunately, they had made it in before Zib began his briefing, and caught all of it.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    I listen to the exchange wearily. The more they talk the more bored, tired and ####ed off I get.

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  • IC: Gabriel Bliss - Mission Control

    "Do we know of any opposition we might be up against? Pirates? Mercs?"

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  • IC Helen - Mission Control:

    She glanced at Zib when he started talking (not that Quark and Skylor could see). "I have to go; Zib has started briefing everyone on the Priority 1 mission."

    IC Wolfe - Arena:

    Wolfe cheered when Thumper took down Tiger Stripes. It made him happy that one of his fellow Heroes could do something like this -- going out and getting involved in a civilian sport, and having fun like everyone else. 

    He waited until some of the crowd had dispersed before leaving his seat and gesturing for Flood to follow him. It wasn't too difficult to find the locker rooms, but it was a hassle getting passed all the wrestlers, trainers, press, and fans. After a few minutes, though, Wolfe finally located Thumper's room and approached the two guards stationed outside her door. "Evening, fellas!" he greeted them. "We're here to pick up Miss Thumper, if that's alright." 

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  • GM IC: Zib - Hero Factory, Mission Control.


    "I'm afraid I have no idea what you'll be up against," Zib replied, apologetic, "If they were able to successfully ambush and disable the Star Whale, then they're well equipped, and dangerous."


    He grinned, "But I'm sure it's not anything you heroes can't handle." 



    GM IC: Voltix - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    "As I just said," he replied, doing his best to retain some semblance of patience, "The ship left from Antropolis, with Mekron as its final destination. We're sending teams to both cities to narrow down the ship's exact location." 

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Hero Factory


    "What? But you just told her-" She paused, frowning, when Helen expressed a need to leave. "At least tell her she has to stay here first. It will make my job that much easier. Else I'm sure she will ignore me and fly off home, since you have only told me in private to keep her here."


    OOC: Sparrowhawk would only have heard part of the exchange, by the way. It's been specified that Helen switched to a private feed, and Quark stepped away so only Helen could hear.




    IC: Timothy Gyro - Mission Control


    This mission sounded pretty awesome, though he hoped it was one of those ships with big rooms. He didn't really like being stuck in cramped, small hallways.




    IC: Wilbur Flood and NPC Guards - Arena, Backstage


    Flood easily kept up with Wolfe, with his innate ability to part a crowd.


    When they reached the guards, the two Heroes were looked over with a professional gaze. One said, "This is La Puño de Hierro's room. No Thumper in here at the moment."


    The other, a newer guy, said, "Besides, you don't think we've heard the ol' song and dance about knowing a wrestler or being here by appointment before? Granted, ain't exactly common at La Puño's level, but I don't know yer life. Got any proof?"


    OOC: Luchadores are often fairly serious about maintaining their alter ego, from what I've read. In HF RPG, I tend to treat it as more of a tradition that people treat them as two separate entities. When she comes out of the room they'll probably just act like she's a friend of La Puño or something.




    IC: Mara Quiver - Mission Control


    She was glad they weren't late, and was happy to spot Render in the crowd, smiling warmly and gesturing for her to come over. She mumbled a 'goodbye' to Forticus and headed over before listening to the briefing. The mission sounded very high stakes, and very close quarters. It made her nervous. Render patted her shoulder.


    "Well, how 'bout that?" he said with a lazy smile. "Good ol' info-huntin' t'find a runaway ship. Reckon we can do this one with th'whole team on board, even. I'm likin' that more 'n more."


    Quark used to hesitate before bringing any of the kids on the team with her. Ever since she was forced to take Thumper and Quiver along on the Mekron City mission, she seemed to be getting back into the habit of team missions. It started small; bringing Quiver along to deliver aid to natural disaster areas or other non-combat missions, watching Flood in the field and offering real-time advice on dry land fighting, having Thumper tag along if she suspected there'd be something big and heavy involved. It was starting to feel a little more normal on the team, like before the incident that changed them both.


    Render chewed his wire thoughtfully, his smile fading just a little but not disappearing. He tried to not dwell on his memories too long, instead resigning them to the status of a lesson learned and never to be repeated. He brought the corners of his mouth back up to their previous state. "Could be that you get t'watch Quark shake some answers outta bar patrons like a wolf lizard shakin' th' fight outta a rattler. Metaphorically speakin', of course. 'Less they try and get rowdy."


    His smile grew wistful. "Ain't seen Quark in a bar fight fer years. She'd always be the one to finish 'em, mind. Always some joker who thinks pickin' a fight with a Hero's th' smartest thing since canned oil. You can guess how that goes."


    Quiver giggled quietly, with a small but genuine smile.

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  • IC Helen - Mission Control:

    Rubbing her temples in exasperation, she let out a long sigh before turning the comms back on. "Sparrowhawk, please continue on inside with Quark," she said flatly. "If you need a recharge, I suggest you hurry in before the rest of the night-shift Heroes arrive. I'll notify Mr. Makuro and we'll see about getting you an advisor as soon as possible."

    IC Wolfe - Well, Karz:

    Wolfe blinked. "Sorry, I meant La Puño de Hierro," he replied, trying to remain cheerful and casual. "It's late, and I've been running around all day and most of the night on half a charge -- you know how it is. Anyway! It's really important that we speak to La Puño, because there's a situation over at Hero Factory and they really need her help. You can call my superiors yourselves, if you like." 

    Chances were they wouldn't believe him, but it was worth a shot. 

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Hero Factory


    "Uh, OK..." I reply through the comms. I honestly hadn't been planning to fly off: I've already had multiple opportun'ties and I admit I'm not one for self reflection: in other words, if I decided not to at the beginnin', that's prob'ly still gonna be my decision now. The mention of an adviser does stand out to me though...The way they're treatin' me like someone who needs to be Looked After an' Worried About both irritates and mystifies me: in the past I've been shouted at, told I'm a disappointment yadda yadda (it all becomes the same meaningless jargon after a while...), but acting like this case is somethin' different or special worries me a little, not gonna lie. I maybe misjudged a situation (not that I'll admit that to them), but is this all really necessary? This hint of an anxiety lingers at the back of me mind. Earlier I was so annoyed that I just thought 'Sod it, I don't care - even if they fire me', you know how it is. Now, though, I'm still annoyed but more in the sense that I'm in unfamiliar territory. Still, you won't catch me asking these glorified caretakers for specifics...

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  • IC: Wilbur Flood and NPC Security - Arena, Backstage


    The newer guard frowned. "Sure. And my guess is your 'important business' is autographs or something, right?"


    "Hold on, Bill," the older guard said. He looked to Flood. "You're Flood, right?"


    "Yes, I am. If I'm not mistaken, you are Rick, correct? I believe I met you last time we had to collect our friend for Hero business."


    Rick clicked his fingers in realisation. "That's where I saw you! That team leader of yours didn't come this time?"


    "Quark was held up with something at the Hero Factory, unfortunately. That's why we're here."


    "Sure." Rick turned and knocked on the door. "La Puño? Flood and, uh... His friend? They're here to see you."


    From inside the room came Thumper's cheery voice. "La Puño just left, but I'll talk to them."


    Flood sometimes felt that the hubbub that went into the whole luchador alter ego thing was a bit much, and he didn't see much of a point when everyone knew who the alter ego was anyway (as was the case for most of the luchadores), but it was rarely a big inconvenience, and he knew it meant a lot to Thumper- he'd even seen her put her mask on to take phone calls to La Puño. Rick held the door open for him and Wolfe to pass through.


    Thumper waved from the other side, grinning brightly despite the massive dent in her jaw. "Hey, guys! Thank you for coming to see my match! I didn't know you were coming, too, Wolfe; I would've gotten you a seat reserved!"




    IC: Dorothy Quark - Hero Factory


    Quark walked back over to the pair of Heroes and spoke to Beemer, "You'd best stay in the Hero Factory, too. Speak to Zib; I understand you were extremely confused about the situation, and he may give you permission to assist this mission, since it's high priority and so long as you take care not to break any further rules."


    OOC: Beemer's so quiet, I keep forgetting he's there. Whoops

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  • IC: Blink - Eclipse Station Tier 3

    Blink shifted uneasily. The sudden silence of the crowd was making her nervous.

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  • GM IC: Zib/Stormer - Hero Factory, Mission Control.


    Zib frowned, exchanging a quick glance with Quadal before shrugging his thin shoulders and addressing the strangely-quiet crowd of heroes once more, "If that's everything, I guess I'll hand over to your team leader."


    Stormer took the fore, "Okay heroes, let's move out! Gather up your equipment, top up your cores, and meet us out the front. We'll have dropships waiting." With that, he headed for the exit. 



    GM IC: Voltix - Eclipse Station, Tier 3 Shady Bar.


    Voltix, too, was becoming disgruntled by the silence, "Fine," he gestured towards the door, "My associates Xplode and Rotor are waiting for you at docking bay 17B. It's a private berth, tell them I sent you." 

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