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  • IC: Ken Render and Wilbur Flood - Makuhero City


    Render arrived at the arena shortly before Flood, who looked as cheery as ever. He was living at the Makuhero City Aquarium, with the permission of one of his marine biologist friends who worked in the facility. The aquarium was more than happy to have Flood in the place after hours, since it seemed to deter thieves to have a Hero in the building. Render had no idea that aquariums had problems with thieves, but apparently some of the fish there sold for a pretty penny.


    He greeted Flood with a wave and they headed for the arena. Thankfully, with Flood's slimy exterior, they didn't have to push through any crowds. They claimed the VIP tickets Thumper had set aside for them and headed in.


    "How's the fish tank been treatin' you?" asked Render playfully.


    Flood smiled. "I find it very homely. I miss the Hero Factory, but I'm happy to have such a nice place to stay."


    "They ain't bothered by you bein' in there?"


    "No, actually. Rip says that my slime is actually relatively nutritious and harmless for marine life, and they seem to have taken a liking to it."




    "She's the head of the marine biology department. She's a good friend; she's the one who originally offered to let me stay there. I already go there in my time off to help out, so she says this isn't too different."


    "Huh. Well, I'm glad that's workin' out, skipper." Render considered the time. "Say, where do you think Quark's gone off to? She can't have been here already, she would've given us a holler."


    "She might have been called in," Flood offered. "She does tend to keep very busy."


    "Mm. I'm sure Thumper ain't gonna mind too much, she knows how it is. Still, it ain't like Quark not to call in 'n let us know."


    Flood was going to reply, but instead pointed up ahead. "Hey, isn't that Quark's friend? Wolfe?"


    Render squinted. "Well, I'll be. Let's go say howdy, skipper."


    They rushed to catch up with the veteran, and Render called, "Wolfe! Fancy seein' you here, pardner!"

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  • IC: Gabriel Bliss and Alex Drift - Totally Didn't Just Now Think Of Doing This Hahaha

    Bliss had stayed behind at the garage to see if he could get the mechanics to swap out the armoring on his new ship for some heat-resistant stuff while Drift headed down to the Makuhero City Arena. Thumper's match was tonight and he'd had heard some pretty wild stories about Thumper's matches.


    IC: Blink - Eclipse Station Tier 3

    Blink slipped through various slimy back alleys and side-streets until she spotted what she'd been looking for: a rich guy. A guy who kinda looked like a rich guy. A guy who was probably not rich, but looked like he might be.

    Blink slithered up behind him and thunked him on the head before hiding him behind a dumpster and looting his pockets. Yes! Enough money to get her into another casino. This time, she'd definitely hit the jackpot and be able to afford that nice ship she wanted. For sure.

    Blink spied out the nearest gambling den and began her seventeenth spending spree of the day.

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Makuhero City, Streets.


    He'd been browsing a few of the local websites when he'd come across an article about an upcoming wrestling match in Makuhero City. There were heroes attending, heroes spectating, heroes participating, all of it a testament to how safe and secure the detestable beings felt in their precious city. 


    It was the opportunity he'd been waiting for, an opportunity to show the heroes just how deluded they were. Leaving his blaster in the apartment, Vyle had taken his cane and set off, making a beeline for the nearest store to grab a few final pieces for his plan... 

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  • IC Wolfe - Wrestling Arena, Makuhero City:

    Wolfe glanced around at the sound of his name before finally spotting Render and Flood. "Evening, guys!" he happily replied when they had caught up to him. "You two here to see Thumper fight?"

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  • IC: Beemer


    Beemer snapped out of his daze and turned to the admin addressing him.


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  • IC: Render and Flood - Makuhero City Arena


    "Ayuh," said Render. "Heard this is some kinda title match."


    Flood nodded with a smile. "I believe Thumper described some of the details to me last afternoon. Following her defeat last match, she's now facing off tonight for a shot at the championships proper. What good timing for us all to be free, I'd say!"


    Render glanced around. "Speakin' of, y'all seen Quark? Thought she was gonna meet us outside, we figured she was still at the Hero Factory. Did she come with you instead, pardner?"




    IC: Quark - Makuhero City


    Quark considered the Hero. Well, he wasn't rolling his eyes at her. Already an improvement. "I understand, after being told to break up a fight between a Hero and two civilians, you instead joined it."

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  • IC: Alex Drift - Makuhero City Arena

    Drift spotted a cluster of Heroes he recognized, but decided not to interact with them. Frankly, that Flood guy always gave him the willies. Instead, he bought his ticket and began hunting for an open seat.

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Makuhero City Arena. 


    Having completed his brief shopping trip, Vyle headed for the arena, joining the queue out front and waiting patiently for his turn to come. 

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  • IC: Beemer


    "Sorry, ma'am. I had little information, and believed the Hero to be a threat, trying to apprehend them. My usual missions require a more gung ho approach than this one apparently required, so I tried taking the rogue down through battle." Beemer responded with the utmost seriousness and respect.

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  • OOC: Sorry for the delay! I'm super busy at the moment.


    IC: Quark - Makuhero City


    "I was led to believe that you were aiding the Hero in attacking the civilians," said Quark. She was unimpressed with his actions, but his current tone and behaviour suggested he actually valued his place at Hero Factory.

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  • IC: Beemer


    "I'm sorry if my actions made it seem like I was helping the rogue. Whatever punishments or repercussions you have for me, I will take them." The gravity of his words hit him as they escaped his mouth.

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  • IC Wolfe - Arena:

    The vet shrugged apologetically. "Haven't seen her. I don't think she even knows I'm here, come to think of it." He had made a point of not telling Thumper, obviously, but it had completely slipped his mind to mention it to Quark or anyone else. It was entirely possible she was already sitting down somewhere, though.

    "I hate to bother her," Wolfe said as he checked the time on his HUD, "but I think it would tick her off more if we didn't check on her." He gave a small chuckle and opened a comm channel to Quark

    "Hey, Dot! Where are you?" he said in his too-dang-cheerful-to-not-be-up-to-something voice.

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Arena.


    When his turn finally came, Vyle bought his ticket and started to head inside. The place had a few guards, which was to be expected, and he had a feeling he'd probably wind up having to deal with them sooner or later...

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  • IC: Sylver - Arena


    With nothing to do now that Beemer was being debriefed, Sylver decided to look through the streets to find some news. 




    After wandering the dark streets for a bit, Sylver found a gathering of sorts at the arena. She got in the long line and bought her ticket, starting to head inside, camera alongside her. "This is real news." she muttered under her breath.

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  • OOC: I don't think Vyle would have been able to walk in and buy tickets without any problems with his wearing a visor. It seems very suspicious for a guy to be completely concealing his face for no apparent reason when entering a crowded, popular event. Maybe just mention a brief explanation to the cashier?


    IC: Quark - Makuhero City Streets


    She frowned at Beemer in confusion. "You were attempting to stab a civilian, Beemer. I'm not sure what part of that would be attempting to stop Sparrowhawk-"


    Her communicator went off; it was Wolfe. She sighed and gestured for Beemer to follow her as she walked towards her ship. She called Scarlet and Sparrowhawk over too. "We'll discuss this on the way, Beemer. Sparrowhawk, with me, and don't even think of trying to fly off. Scarlet, thank you for your time. I can handle it from here. You are dismissed."

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  • IC Wolfe - Arena:

    He shrugged at Render and Flood as he waited.

    IC NPC Security Guards - Arena:

    Two guards standing by the main entrance glanced over at a robot dressed in black and red. The well-dressed patron was wearing some form of visor, completely obscuring his face. Not that it was a crime to do so, but it didn't give the guards a very good impression. One guard watched him for a good long minute before turning to his companion. "That guy look familiar?"

    The other guard studied the dapper robot and nodded slowly. "One of those guys that blew up the Hero Factory, you think?"

    "Might be," the first responded. "All we got is that old description from six months ago. Guess we better check it out just to be on the safe side."

    The two of them walked over to the robot in question, their expressions business-like. "Sir, could we see some ID?" the first guard asked.

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Arena. 


    He sighed exaggeratedly, as if exasperated by the question, "Is this about my faceplate?" Nonetheless, he unclipped his mechanical equivalent of a pocket and dug through it, pulling out a small screwdriver, a simple communications headset, audio recorder and a handful of loose change, before finally emerging with the ID that had been buried beneath it all. 


    He handed it over without looking at it. Although he'd updated the image to match his current appearance, he didn't really consider himself to be the person depicted on that piece of plated plastic. Lucius Viler was dead, as far as Mr Vyle was concerned. "I have doctor's approval to wear this," he started to dig through another of his pockets, "I have the documentation here somewhere, if you need it." 

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  • OOC: Ah shoot I forgot to have Quark reply


    IC: Quark - Makuhero Streets


    While she waited for her charges to follow her to her ship, she answered Wolfe. "Daren, I appreciate the social call, but can this wait? I'm ushering a couple of rowdy Heroes back to Hero Factory and I am already running late for something."

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  • IC NPC Security Guards - Arena:

    "That won't be necessary," the first guard told Mr. Viler, beginning to suspect that he was just an innocent wrestling fan. "After Hero Factory got blown up, security all across the city has been on high alert. We thought for a sec' that you were one of the guys involved." He chuckled.


    The second more skeptical guard, meanwhile, took the offered ID and scanned it into a small, arm-mounted device with a screen. Lucius Viler didn't snow up in their database, but then again they weren't exactly Makuhero City P.D. or Hero Factory. Nevertheless, he sent a scan of the ID to the latter in case they could identify him, and typed out a quick message to the rest of the arena's security force, so as to keep an eye on this Mr. Viler.

    When the guard was finished, he handed the ID back to its owner. "Sorry for the wait," he said. "That should be all, though." 

    IC Wolfe - Arena:

    "Eh, I figured it was something like that," he responded. "Well, I thought I'd come and cheer Thumper on at her big match, and I just ran into Render and Flood on my way inside. They said they hadn't seen you, so I called. Since you're running late, though, we'd be happy to hold a seat for you!"

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Arena.


    "Very well," he nodded, retreiving his belongings and placing them back in their respective pockets. "Good day to you both," with that, he set off into the crowd in search of a seat. 

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  • IC Kaiba:


    The vigilante stepped into a distinctly Norse pub.


    "Yofrid! You around?"


    IC Kat:


    "No problem, Quark; say hi to Thumper for me!"


    I jetted away.

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Makuhero Streets


    Quark grumbled as she gave Scarlet a half-hearted wave goodbye. She'd be lucky to meet Thumper leaving her match, at this rate. To Wolfe, she said, "It may not be worth it. One of the Heroes is... a bit of a handful, and the other seems very confused."


    She paused. While not a fan of wrestling herself, it was nice to see Thumper enjoying something outside of Hero work. And Thumper always seemed extra delighted when her team showed up to watch. She pinched the space between her eyes. "... Holding a seat would be much appreciated. I'll return as soon as I can."

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  • OOC: *phew* Finally back. Sorry I haven't been posting much here lately =/


    IC: Gabriel Bliss - Hero Factory Garage

    Bliss finally gave up arguing with the mechanic. The request to add in flame-resistant armor (which had been flatly denied) had somehow evolved into a discussion about whether golf or hockey was better. He wasn't quite sure how it had happened, but it had been pretty serious; he was really starting to rethink his views on imported yogurt.


    IC: Alex Drift - Totally Failing At "Spot-The-Villain-Hiding-In-The-Stadium"

    Drift didn't notice at all as Mr. Vyle walked right past.


    IC: Cobra Shard - Worst Hero Ever

    Shard turned around and looked at Kaiba as the vigilante came in. He was pretty sure the guy was a villain; there'd been a lot of radio chatter about him a few nights back. Shard thought for a few seconds about whether he should call for backup or tackle the White Wolf all by himself, but then decided it wasn't worth it and just went back to his drink instead.

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  • IC: Mr Vyle - Arena.


    It became extremely apparent within moments of joining the crowd that Mr Vyle had entered the building with some serious misconceptions about the layout, and skewed expectations about... just about everything. 


    He'd been operating under the errant assumption that the announcer would be in a separate booth, away from the crowd. Instead, they were actually right down next to the ring, meaning that Vyle's entire, hastily-thought-up plan was already a bust.


    Scowling grumpily, he slumped down in a seat near the back of the crowd, and tried to think of some new tactics.



    IC: Saracen Rune - Hero Factory.


    It was always a surreal experience, returning to the factory. From the outside, it looked so different from the home he'd once known, shrouded in scaffolding and tarps, a bare skeleton of the titan it had once been. But, on the inside, it was practically identical to the old factory... just newer. And shinier. And with several significant chunks still missing.


    Painstaking effort had been put into recreating the look and feel of the old factory in the interior of the new, and while it certainly wasn't a perfect mirror, Saracen appreciated the attempt. 


    It made the whole traumatic experience that much more tolerable... 

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    "Ok, boss lady." I smirk, strolling after the pensioner.

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  • IC: Echo - Establishment

    Echo waited a moment or two for Core to respond to Insurgent's question, but his partner said nothing, so he answered instead. 

    "We're... well, Heroes isn't the right word. Not anymore, at least. 'Outcasts' would be a more appropriate term," he said, using the bar's Net connection to display any files he could find on this Insurgent character to his HUD. He wasn't finding much, but there was enough there that he could reasonably assume the man was some kind of vigilante; there'd been a lot of those in town after the old Factory's collapse, most notably the Proto-Hero, Kaiba Blader.

    "He's Core," he gestured to his partner, "and I'm Echo."

    He wiped his internal display clear and looked right at Insurgent. 

    "Now," he leaned forward an inch, "Who are you?"

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  • IC: Insurgent

    The spaniard chuckled a little. "I'm not going to tell you my real name, but I'm what you would call a vigilante. I stop crime. If the 5/0 come for me, I stop them. Simple as that." He adjusted his helmet. "Since the cop-bots seem to be so....incompetent, at what they do, I decided to take action myself." Insurgent looked at their armour. "You ex-heroes?"

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station - Tier 3

    A particular hoodlum could feel his spine cracking as they received a heavy punch in their stomach, putting them well out of commission. "I make no promises." Uerub finally retorted to Nexus.



    IC: Yofrid Atgeir

    Location: The Meadhall

    Yofrid's eyes widened. "Kaiba Blader! You have some nerve showing up here again after what you did last month!" Yofrid stood up from her chair, her sulking demeanour completely gone in favour of a rather stern posture. Her grim eyes were practically shooting sparks.

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3. 


    "I guess that's one way ta start a fight," he mused, watching Uerub's victim slump to the ground with a distorted groan, sparks flying from the crumpled hole in his mechanical innards. His three companions - and most of the nearby bystanders - stared for a moment. "Personally, I like to goad 'em a bit first, make them start the fight. But this works too." 


    The three remaining thugs finally lurched into motion, followed by another three of their friends, who surged out of the crowd hollering angrily. "We got maybe a minute before the cops get 'ere," he called over to Uerub, before rushing to meet the nearest of the thugs, "So try ta finish this up quickly!" 

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station - Tier 3

    Uerub blocked a sloppy punch from one of the thugs and then proceeded to throwing her foot up to kick his head. It was strangely effective, throwing him off balance, giving her an opportunity to jab him in the neck, sending his balance-modulators and servo-controllers out of whack, leaving him to limp down to the floor. "I'm sorry, are you aware who you're talking to?"

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  • IC: Echo - Establishment

    "More or less," he replied, thinking not for the first time that the term "Ex-Hero" applied better to him than most.

    He still wasn't quite sure what Core had wanted to discuss with this guy, so he once again looked to his partner for the next word.


    OOC: If Lucina doesn't respond in the next day or two, I'll try shooting him a PM.

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    He didn't respond, instead focusing on the fight before him. A pair of thugs lunged at him, and he rushed to meet them, knocking the first of them flat on his back with a single well-placed punch. The second backed off, more wary now, and reached for a gun holstered at his side. Oh no ya don't! Nexus jumped forwards, slamming his fist into the thug's shoulder while the gun was only halfway out of its holster. 


    Metal crumpled, wire frayed, sparks flew, and the arm went limp, the gun clattering to the floor. After a lifetime of fighting robots, he knew how to cripple them. Grinning wickedly, Nexus followed up the blow with another, striking them square in the chest and putting them through a nearby window. They hit the ground, and didn't even bother trying to get back up.


    Gleam let out a warning cry, and a flicker of imagery flashed across his mind's eye from his psionic connection with the creature - a third thug, this one wielding a crowbar, swinging out at Nexus from behind. He twisted around, just far enough for the incoming weapon to sweep past him, before grabbing the arm and lifting the entire robot off his feet. "Sorry 'bout this, but we professionals got an image ta maintain," with that, he unceremoniously tossed the unfortunate amateur onto the nearest rooftop. It was just showing off, but he considered it a crime not to make the most of his super strength. 


    Flicking a few bits and pieces off his hands, he turned towards Uerub, to see if she'd finished dealing with her opponents yet. 

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station - Tier 3

    Uerub sat on a conveniently placed folding chair, polishing one of her pistols, with knocked out and badly damaged mooks lying on the floor around her. "Again, are you aware who you're talking to?"

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    "Someone who can conjure chairs up outta thin air, apparently," he mused, whistling for Gleam to return to his shoulder, "Now I'd suggest that we make ourselves scarce before the guards get 'ere." 


    Sure, the station was a hive for scum and villainy, but it still had to maintain a state of relative law and order. And although the local law enforcement was fairly lenient with locals and long-timers, it still wasn't a good idea to be caught hanging around at the scene of a crime. 

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station - Tier 3

    "Way ahead of ya, big guy." Uerub promptly launched off from the ground using her jetpack, flying off to another location on the station. "See you around, Zander!"

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    "Show off," he muttered, before scampering off into the crowd. 

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  • IC: Wilbur Flood and Ken Render – Makuhero City Arena


    Flood pointed at the doors to the arena. “I think they’re going to be starting soon. Perhaps we should head in. I’m sure Quark will be around.”


    “Aw, shoot,” Render winced. “S’pose we’ll have to go in without her, ayuh. Come on, Wolfe; we’d best head in.”


    He and Flood started making their way for the door.




    IC: Mara Quiver – Titanos’ Titanhome


    Quiver carefully set down a one-haired brush after wiping it free of gold paint. Her HUD alerted her to the time; she could get so carried away with her work, as peaceful as it was, that time would fly by without any heed on her part. She turned on the small television in her room, checked it was set to mute, and switched to the channel Thumper’s match was being shown on live. It might have been loud and too intense for her in person, but she could still watch her friend and support her from afar.




    IC: Eloise Thumper La Puño de Hierro – WRESTLEMANIA


    It was time. La Puño de Hierro tied her cape around her shoulders in a loose knot and took one last pose in the mirror before throwing the door open and marching into the hallway. A few members of security followed her, more out of shooing off fans who sneak backstage than actually protecting her. They walked by a few reporters as they approached the entrance to the arena- not a lot, but enough to record something for the people watching at home. She could talk to them properly after the match, but a few words beforehand couldn’t hurt.


    “La Puño de Hierro!” called one of the reporters, camerabot at their side. “How are you feeling about the match tonight?”


    La Puño gestured for the security guards to wait, and then grinned at the reporter. “A lot better than the other guy, seeing as I’m not the one who is facing me.”


    She’d thought of that one last week, and was still proud of it. It made her grin wider all the way to the doors to the arena, where she and her security guards waited for her cue. She thanked them both and took her stance in the dark, waiting for her cue. She made sure her communications were switched off- she hated to do so, but leaving it on would lead to too many accidents as people from Hero Factory placed general call-outs and announcements over the feed, which were very distracting.


    The arena went dark. The tension and excitement could be felt in the air. La Puño almost felt as if she would be able to grab it in her hands. She checked her mask, found it fastened properly, and ensured the costume she wore- a one-piece, her arms completely exposed and short pants sleeves that covered part of her thigh- was comfortably resting as it should.


    The announcer rose from his desk and meandered, almost casually, to the ring. He slipped easily between the ropes, and as he stopped in the middle of the ring, a spotlight fell on him.


    A moment of silence.


    “Good turnout,” he commented lazily, glancing over the crowd. “I’m sure you’re all here to see the matches. But I don’t think we can waste our time if you’re going to be this quiet! Tell me, Makuhero City: are you… READY TO SEE SOME WRESTLING?!”


    Cheers erupted in waves and roars across the stadium, deafeningly loud. La Puño bounced on her heels a little to the noise, motors revving softly, systems raring to go.


    “Well, don’t we have a lineup for you tonight! I’m sure, if you arrived early, you saw the newbies strutting their stuff in here. Good kids. Now, we’re into the big leagues. And to start us off…”


    Lights flared a few steps beyond where La Puño waited. She readied herself.


    “Our first fighter, fresh out of Newbie rank and ready to flatten the big leagues, hailing from the Lucha Libre team right here in Makuhero City… LA PUÑOOOOOO DE HIERROOOOOOOO!!! THE IRON FIST OF HERO FACTORY!!!”


    She burst from the shadows and gave a roar, echoed back by the crowd. She took a second to grin at the sheer number of people who turned up tonight. Not everyone was here for her, of course; other wrestlers, bigger names, were fighting after her match. Still, her newbie rank matches never saw a turnout like this, and her special matches against higher-ranked fighters and event matches were rare. She could definitely get used to this.


    The crowd whooped and cheered as she threw her cape dramatically aside, flexing for the flash of cameras and stalking for the ring. The announcer continued riling the crowd up, music blared for her, but La Puño barely heard. She hi-fived extended hands, pointed into the crowds further up, and managed a few cyber-signatures (these only needed the palm of the hand against a datapad, rather than the traditional writing with a pen or stylus) before skilfully hoisting herself over the ropes of the ring. She jumped onto a corner of the ring, feet on ropes on either side of the corner pole, and hollered to the crowd, “VAMOS A TRAER EL DOLOR, MAKUHERO CITY!”


    In the cheers, she could see signs people made for her. Usually it was only her friends and other members of the Lucha Libre who did that, and even then not all of them did. Pride welled in her Hero Core, and she pushed off the ropes into a flip backwards, landing in an impressive pose.




    OOC: This will be broken up into a few posts for people to reply with cheering or whatever you want to do. Admittedly, this was originally intended as a completely self-indulgent few posts of wrestling, so there’s not much for other people to do, exactly, unless they want to streak or something (may not be the best idea to put one’s self within range of getting pulled into the Wrestle Zone. Especially after Vyle’s grand error that still entertains me to no end. Now he’s forced to sit in an uncomfortable chair and be surrounded by a bunch of dorks who are shouting at two robots in spandex fighting each other. I’m sure this is similar to at least one nightmare he’s had.


    But, never fear! This self-indulgent wrestlepost heralds the coming of the first mission! Stay tuned!

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  • But, never fear! This self-indulgent wrestlepost heralds the coming of the first mission! Stay tuned!


    OOC: Speaking of which...


    GM IC: The SS Star Whale – Deep Space, Approaching Outer Colonies.


    “I fold,” the captain conceded, dropping his cards and stepping away from the table, “You win.” The announcement was met with a chorus of jeers and groans from the other defeated players.  


    “Heck yeah,” the first mate cheered, scraping the accumulated pile of currencies from varying planets over to his side of the table, “Honestly guys, you shouldn’t even bother trying.”


    “Whatever,” the captain grunted, turning away from the game and looking out the front viewport of the bridge. All that lay beyond was darkness, punctuated by occasional, momentary motes of light as the Whale’s path through FTL brought it past a handful of distant stars. Those stars were few and far between now, as their voyage brought them further from the galaxy centre, and towards the outermost frontier colonies.


    The ship suddenly lurched, warning signals lighting up all across the consoles and casting the bridge in their ominous red glow. The game was forgotten in an instant, as the crew scrambled for their stations. “What’s going on?” the captain demanded, bracing himself against a pole as the ship continued to shake. The outside view shimmered, as the ship began to decelerate.


    “We’re caught in a gravity field!” One of the crewmen shouted.


    “But there’s nothing here,” the helmsman protested, “We’ve travelled this route a dozen times before, there aren’t any planets here to generate this kind of gravitational pull!”


    An explosion rang out, and the ship was abruptly torn completely out of FTL, the colossal vessel spinning wildly through the void of open space.

    “What was that?”


    “Explosion in the engine room!” One of the men reported, “FTL is gone, and our sub-light capabilities have been crippled.” He turned to the captain, “We’re dead in the water, sir.”


    The announcement was accompanied by a grinding lurch, followed by the groan of tearing metal, and a few moments later one of the stabilising thrusters drifted past the bridge, a winding trail of frayed wires and mangled conduits unravelling behind it.

    “What about the cargo?”


    “Cargo bay looks to be intact,” the first mate reported, “and the comms array looks to be functional as well. Life support and weapons are both still operational, and our-” he broke off a series of impacts rattled the ship, corresponding with a volley of bright flashes in the distance. “We’re under fire, hull breaches on decks 5 and 6.”


    “Pirates! Radio the gun crews, tell them to bring the weapons online!” Barked the captain, “And send a distress call to Hero Factory.”


    “Are you sure?” the first mate hesitated, “Mekron is closer, shouldn’t we ask them for support?”


    “No, our cargo is too valuable to entrust to simple cops,” the captain berated him, while another crew member relayed his orders to the gun crews across the ship, “Call Hero Factory.”


    “Very well,” the first mate nodded, then winced as a laser blast flared narrowly past the bridge. He picked up the radio, “This is the SS Star Whale, requesting Hero assistance. Our ship has come under attack from pirates. Our coordinates are-” the radio spat static, then went silent.


    “Our communications relay has been destroyed.” One of the bridge crew reported, her voice grave.


    “What do we do?” The first mate turned to the captain.


    “Well, we-” he never got to finish. The pirate’s next volley scored a direct hit on the bridge, drowning the captain and his companions in a sea of fire and fragmented metal.



    GM IC: ??? – Eclipse Station, Tier 4.



    Even in their weakened state, Hero Factory was careful about securing their transmissions. They had a careful variety of encryptions layered over their secured frequencies.


    Fortunately, when you had a few rogue heroes and disgraced HF employees on your payroll, and a space station the size of a large moon at your disposal, you could afford the equipment and computing power required to intercept and translate even the most secure of messages, given enough time. This was especially the case when the message in question came from a non-HF source, originated from somewhere in the outer reaches of the known galaxy, and subsequently had to travel past you before continuing on towards its intended destination.


    The villain who resided in Eclipse Station’s fabled fourth Tier waited patiently for his software to finish dissecting the intercepted distress call, but that patience evaporated entirely once the task was completed, and he’d heard the message. He lurched to his feet, striding over to a nearby console and messaging one of his lackeys in the third Tier. “Find Voltix, now.”  



    GM IC: Zib – Hero Factory Mission Control.   


    “The Star Whale?” Zib couldn’t keep the worry from creeping into his voice as he listened to the message play out. He turned to Quadal, “This is bad, very bad.” 


    OOC: Think of this as a bit of a teaser. The actual mission shall begin soon, once we sort out a few final details. 

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  • IC: CORE

    Wherever the heck I last posted


    "That's a way to put it," Core replied, downing a shot of a liquid that was literally smoking. "We- well, I became rather disillusioned with them awhile back, after stumbling across an unauthorized experiment gone wrong. Echo here... got caught in the middle."

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  • GM IC: Zib - Hero Factory Mission Control. 


    "This is Zib," Zib's voice carried over an open channel across the HF network, "Any available heroes, please make your way to Mission Control as soon as possible. This is a Priority 1 mission."



    GM IC: Voltix - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    Voltix emerged from one of the secret, isolated passageways that led into the bowels of the fourth Tier, and out into the streets of the third. He'd already sent a message to Black Phantom, informing him of the situation, and now he had to focus on gathering his own team to tackle the mission. 


    "People of Eclipse!" he bellowed, stomping up onto the cart of a nearby street vendor to elevate himself. One of the nearby security cameras on the adjacent wall swiveled to focus on him, as someone in the station's tech department began broadcasting his words and face to screens all across the Third Tier. "You know who I am, you know I mean business! I need a crew, a group of capable beings to accompany me on a mission of extreme importance to our patron! Spread the word, tell your friends. I'll be waiting." 



    GM IC: Night Stalker & Kavok Quake - Penitentiary 1331.


    The first thing the two inmates would notice was the lights flickering, before shutting off entirely. The red emergency lights snapped on, and the prison began to echo with distant explosions and gunfire. The cacophony drew closer, growing increasingly loud and violent before reaching an abrupt crescendo.


    And then, silence.


    The cells began to slide open, one after another. Most were empty, the occupants of the few that weren't seized their opportunity and ran. The neighboring cells of Night Stalker and Kavok Quake, however, remained sealed. 


    Once again, there was silence. 


    Footsteps began to approach, heavy and purposeful. There was a second sound, too, the rhythmic clicking of metallic claws on the hard floor. "Is this them?" Corrodor chattered, stopping in front of the two cells. "They don't look so tough." 


    "These are the ones," Black Phantom came to a stop beside his companion, "Gentlemen," he addressed the two prisoners directly, "My compatriot and I have an offer for you."



    OOC: A few notes - this is intended to be something of an 'equal opportunity' mission, wherein both heroes and villains will be on a fairly equal footing when it comes to approaching the mission. As such, we'll be waiting until both Zib and Voltix have a few people with them before launching the mission proper. 


    The mission isn't compulsory, and there won't be any negative consequences for characters who choose not to participate. You can just make up some excuse for why they didn't hear Zib's message, and continue doing whatever you were doing. 


    Also, we won't be engineering prison breaks for every unfortunate villain to get themselves captured. This is a special case, because the players of both Night Stalker and Kavok Quake had decided to start their characters off in prison for their actions in the previous iteration of the game. 

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