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  • Posted 2016-07-15 15:09:53 UTC
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  • IC: Captor

    Location: Suite Life of Nimius and Captor (Titanos: "No moping in my lobby")

    Captor shook his head. "Not exactly a plethora of hobbies for someone without a proper pair of hands, is there? I mostly just charge up, talk to Nimius or hang out in the training spheres... and now that the training spheres are gone, I can't even do that."

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    And my conversation gets interrupted again. I turn to the old-timer, eyes showin' boredom, tiredness, unbelief an' a pinch of annoyance - I have very expressive eyes. When I went out this evenin' I did it cos I was weary of my apartment. And when I followed those gangsters, I did it cos they looked like they were up to no good. And now some stranger is shoutin' at me because I tried to do my job (and have some fun at the same time) - and what's more, she's expectin' me to mind.

    I glance down at her hand clamped onto my arm - my suspicions about her arrogance are confirmed. Then I look across at her, eyebrow still raised. I didn't catch all of her speech, but all in all it seemed pretentiously threatenin'. I tilt my head to one side, music turned down a tad but still playin'.

    "I've just been shot by an armed hooligan I tried to disarm. I'm now goin' to go home and recuperate. I don't know or care who you are or why you're angry with me for doin' my job, but I'd appreciate it if you ###### off."

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Skylor Will Have No Videogames By The End Of This


    Quark was in disbelief. Surely, no Hero could be this dense.


    "You assaulted civilians, one of which shot you in self-defence, and disrespected not only a Mission Manager warning you your actions were inappropriate, but also the Hero sent to reign you in and bring you back to Hero Factory for a hearing about your future at Hero Factory. The Hero who also can have your flying capabilities shut down to ensure you don't go flying off to assault more innocent people. Me."


    Her face was set in a scowl, her eyes blazing. "Being a Hero doesn't mean bullying others, or showing off how strong you are. It's about helping and protecting people. And, thanks to you and your actions, an actual, dangerous criminal got away. Now, I am taking you back to Hero Factory, where you're going to discuss what future you have at Hero Factory, if any at all, with your current attitude. I can take you there in Hero Cuffs, or you can at least keep your dignity going in. If you want to try and fly off, then fine. Expect a letter about your dismissal from Hero Factory in the morning, because you're clearly not cut out for being a Hero if you're not willing to take this seriously. If you want to keep your job, you'll come with me and keep your mouth shut. I'm being lenient because you're a rookie, but you've succeeded in making this much worse for yourself. If you were trying to get put on probation immediately so early in your Hero career, congratulations. That's literally the best case scenario for you right now."




    IC: Mara Quiver - Casa de Forticus


    "O-Oh. I'm s-sorry, I sh-shouldn't have... S-Sorry." She avoided eye contact, awkwardly setting her model ship back into the bag.

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  • IC: Captor

    Location: Domum Fortis

    "No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be moping like this... It's unbecoming of a hero..."

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  • IC: Mara Quiver - Titan's Lair


    She continued looking away. She regretted asking; it was stupid of her to ask such a question. And now she'd upset Captor. The environment was uncomfortable and awkward, and she dearly wanted to leave it- but leaving it would make things worse, she was pretty sure.


    "S-Sorry," she said again, lamely, not knowing what else to do.

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  • IC: Captor

    Location: Pent House of Titanos

    Captor wasn't blind to Quiver's discomfort. In fact, he himself felt not only uncomfortable, but ashamed that he had created this kind of an atmosphere. "... I should go." Captor walked out of the room, stopping in the doors and glancing back for a quick moment- "My apologies..." Before then leaving.

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  • IC: Mara Quiver - The House That Forticus Bought




    She wasn't able to get 'wait' out before he left. She squeezed her forearms in her hands, her arms crossed. Well, that hadn't gone well at all.


    She felt terrible. First she'd upset him, and then she'd made him leave. He probably thought she was a massive jerk. She tried to console herself- she couldn't have known, she knew, but she couldn't shake the guilt.


    She admitted that she was still a little glad it wasn't Ardor who came to greet her. He was Forticus' friend, but she wasn't entirely sure why, if she was honest with herself. He was quite mean.

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  • OOC: Soz for the wait, I was busy procrastinating...


    IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    Once she's finally finished talkin', I genuinely ponder the question for a few seconds. Now, its obvious I won't actu'lly get fired: I've been shouted at, ranted at, 'I'm-not-angry-I'm-just-disappointed' at as many times as you can shake a stick at, an' I can tell you none of those times have resulted in more than a few seconds o' me tryin' to suppress a laugh and maybe a day or two 'suspension' - or as I like to call it, a day or two off. I've seen it all before - her diatribe has been repeated to me so many times that it's literally lost all meaning or significance. I'm even ignorin' her idle threats and incompetent insults, just cos of how ineffective they are. 


    Now, the real question is: would going now or going later result in me being able to go to bed sooner? After a few more seconds, I look up at it again.

    "What exac'ly d'ya mean by 'probation'?" I roll my eyes around in my head aimlessly while I wait for it to answer.

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Uneasy Peace


    Quark released her arm. "You have been shown considerable patience, due to you being a rookie and our currently less than ideal circumstances for training rookies. But, given your record and apparent lack of response to it, you're looking at probation. Which means, kid, you'll not be allowed on missions, patrols, or any kind of Hero duty without another Hero accompanying you to see to it you're kept in line. Off-duty, you will report to a Mission Manager every hour with a summary of what you are doing. The only exception to this is when you're at home, wherein you will have to report in the moment you step out of your house and continue with the hourly updates."


    She glared down at the rookie. "You're on thin ice, rookie. I'd take your Hero work more seriously if I were you, else you'll find yourself booted and sent to guard some run down storehouse somewhere. Depending on what the Hero Factory decides in terms of severity of punishment, you could be as close as one step away from being dismissed. You're lucky Zib didn't have you arrested."

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    "Yeah, yeah, whatever..." I say as I push past the Hero - I thought I'd got a bit of respite from the rantin', but apparently not. "But hey, that doesn't sound so bad." I call behind me as I stretch my arms above my head. And I mean it: o' course it's ridiculously severe as a punishment, but it's not gonna last long, is it? Frustratin' as they can be, even the HF aren't dumb enough to use up a Hero "guarding" me for long, let alone punishin' me in some way for not postin' an hourly report. And even if it is strict, it's pretty satisfyin' denyin' this old-timer the cowering response she's probably expecting. "You coming or not?" I inquire as I walk away.

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark - Wow


    Quark was more than a little concerned. In her time at Hero Factory, she'd seen Heroes like Sparrowhawk before, and most of them ended up booted from Hero Factory. Disrespect for authority, she'd seen before, but that alone wouldn't be the problem- many great Heroes had an attitude when they were rookies. No, what was more concerning was the lack of concern for consequences, or for her actions. Quark had expected at least some minuscule expression of distress or embarrassment for hurting innocent people, or if not that, at least for being so close to being fired. Sparrowhawk likely wasn't going to make the grade, at this rate.


    "I don't think I was clear enough," she said to the rookie. Her voice had lost some of the anger, she actually felt a little bad for Sparrowhawk now. "There will be a Hero monitoring you to make sure you are following Hero procedure. Any mistakes, any situations like tonight's, and you will face the risk of being fired."


    She glanced to Beemer, still waiting for his due lecture, and sighed. She stopped Sparrowhawk by grabbing her arm again.


    "Listen to me carefully, kid," she said, forcing her temper down. "Because I don't think you're listening. This is very bad for you, and for your career at the Hero Factory. You might hand wave it, or try and make yourself look impressive or cool by being disrespectful to me or Zib, but we've been at the Hero Factory far, far longer than you have. I've seen Heroes like you before, and none of them got very far- if anywhere at all- with their attitude. I'm giving you this advice in case you really do care about being a Hero, because so far all you've shown me is that you really do not give a toss what happens to you, because you think you're immune to any consequences. Hero Factory can't survive with members that hurt people like you just did. If you are dedicated to your current course of actions, then by all means, ignore me. But I'll tell you now: you won't last long here if you do."




    OOC: According to canon, Heroes who don't make the grade either get demoted to very low-tier teams or wash out entirely and end up guarding warehouses or something. I don't have the reference with me but it was something like that. Presumably the warehouses are owned by Makuro, so my guess is he employs washout Heroes elsewhere in his industries. But yeah that's what Quark's been referring to.

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  • IC: Ruby


    Ruby ran down the street, mostly at normal speed, towards Weaver's location.  She looked up to the powerful hero, both for her fighting prowess and her friendliness.  Not everyone with that much power and skill stayed friendly, especially not to rookies like her.  She glanced at her power levels and saw she was still nearly full, as she had just charged up before Zib's call went out.  She decided to put on a little burst of speed, blazing down the road in an attempt to get to Weaver faster.

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  • IC: Saracen Rune - Makuhero City, Apartment. 


    As the first claws of dawn began to creep up over the planetoid's horizon, Saracen forced himself to get up. While no one seemed to mind the fact that he went off line and off the grid during the nights to mope and wallow in his misery, the same could not be said during the day time.


    Knowing Zib would likely have a fit if he didn't show up for a third day in a row, Saracen forced himself to his feet, unplugged himself from the charger, and clambered out the window before taking flight, only switching his tracker feed back on once he was halfway back to the factory. He still valued his privacy, after all. 



    IC: Mr Vyle - Makuhero City, Hero Factory. 


    The criminal generally referred to by the alias Mr Vyle was pacing. He often paced when he was agitated, and these days, he was frequently agitated. Even after everything he'd done, the accursed Hero Factory was still standing, prouder and stronger and more oppressive than ever. 


    And as for Vyle himself... even after sprucing up his look and loadout with a carefully thought-out upgrade, nothing had really changed for him. He was still a nobody in the underworld, too unskilled to serve as a simple thug and work his way to the top, and not intimidating or influential enough to build up his own organisation from the ground up. 


    He once again found himself stuck in a position where there was nothing he could do. 



    IC: Anamnesis - Makuhero City, Penthouse. 


    With the action out on the streets over, Anamnesis resumed his work, meticulously assembling his latest line of nanite prototypes. He was experimenting with the concept of self-replication, trying to engineer a strand of nanobot capable of duplicating itself. Ideally, he wanted his virus to spread as quickly as possible, and that would be much easier to accomplish without the hassle of having to constantly build and distribute new strands of nanobots every time he wanted to infect a new host.


    Unfortunately, his grasp of the concepts of nanotech still left much to be desired. Even before they'd made their way off the production line, the new bots had began disassembling both the machinery and each other, leaving nothing but sparking clumps of mangled metal in their wake. 


    With a sigh, he sent a line of lightning crackling along the production line, frying the defective nanites before they could do any significant damage. Back to the drawing board...



    IC: Sir Reginald Buckley - Makuhero City, Warehouse District. 


    There were a lot of bots out there who liked to say that Sir Reginald Buckley, last of the original-build, first-generation heroes, belonged in a museum. What many didn't realise was that Buckley actually owned a museum, and with no personnel quarters at the Factory yet, he was currently living in his museum. 


    Of course, the museum had technically been out of business for decades, the building closed down and condemned when the warehouse district had sprung up around it. But Buckley had bought the building and begun filling it with memories and memorabilia of the Golden Age of Hero Factory, before the stupid Upgrade had come along and turned an entire generation of hardcore heroes into pampered pansies.  


    Stomping down the creaky, rusted staircase to the lower floor, Buckley made his way thought the shelves of old gadgets, past the cases of photographs, and into the old delivery bay, which he'd turned into a makeshift hangar for the Old Timer. It had taken him a while to have all of the wreckage gathered up and brought back here, and longer still to piece it all back together, repairing and replacing components as required, but at last he was on the verge of being reunited with his pride and joy. 


    Soon, he'd be ready to take to the skies once more...



    IC: Evangeline Weaver - Makuhero City, Rooftops.


    Eva had long since given up on trying to track down Kaiba. The vigilante was like a ghost, appearing and disappearing without a trace, or a care in the world. Someone would probably catch up with him eventually, but she knew she probably wasn't going to be that person.


    She was okay with that.


    Slumping down on top of a billboard, Eva let her legs dangle past an oversized image of her own head. She hadn't even realised she was in the picture the first time she'd wandered past this thing, only noticing later on that she'd been caught in the background during some kind of promotional photoshoot to showcase the rebuilding of the factory. 


    Those who didn't know Evangeline Weaver would probably laugh if she'd told them she was a stickler for the rules. After all, she regularly overstepped her boundaries, pushing too far with her boasts and her abilities, hurting her allies almost as much as she hurt her enemies, and getting herself suspended on more occasions than anyone could be bothered to count.


    In spite of all that, though, she did put the law above all else, and therefore accepted her (usually well-deserved) punishments anytime she went too far. But when it came to things like Kaiba, or the incident back on Mechna where Stormer had ordered her to break the law, she was torn. Morals and laws didn't always go hand in hand, and she had immense difficulty deciding which way to go when it came time to choose between the two. Sometimes, like on Mechna, it was easier to just pull back, refuse to follow the order, and accept the consequences as they came.


    In the back of her mind, though, lingered a constant fear that one day she'd encounter a decision so pivotal, so important, that no matter what choice she made, she'd never be able to come back from it.



    IC: Crowley - Makuhero Reservoir. 


    While combing the far side of the bank for something to snack on, Crowley stumbled across a crab...

    And became it's Best Friend Forever.

    ...and promptly ate it. 



    IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3. 


    Ever since the fall of Mechna, Eclipse Station had become busier than ever. While that was good for the criminal elite as a whole, it didn't bode so well for the small-time neutral parties like Nexus and his fellow mercs. More and more, the streets of the Third Tier were filling up with dumb thugs, all eager to make a quick buck, and taking business away from the professionals in the process.


    In order to alleviate the issue, and remind the bosses who the real pros were, Nexus and a few of his pals had taken to ribbing the Tier of trash, and Nexus had just spotted a particularly repulsive looking pile of sentient garbage gathered around a central street corner. 


    "Time to clean up the streets," he grunted, Gleam taking to the air as he closed in on his quarry. 


    This was going to be fun... 

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station - Tier 3

    "Off to beat up some punks now, Zander?" Uerub stepped in front of Zander, cutting him off for a moment.

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    "Everyone's got a hobby," he flashed his fellow merc a lopsided grin, "Mine's hurtin' people."


    And cheatin' at cards, heh.

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  • IC: Uerub Kalslann

    Location: Eclipse Station, Tier 3

    "Well don't let me stop you. In fact, I hope you don't mind me joining in on your fun?" Uerub smashed her fist into the palm of her hand as a display of combat readiness.

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  • IC: Nexus Zander - Eclipse Station, Tier 3.


    "A'right, then," If there was one thing that Nexus constantly missed about his old hands, it was that he could no longer crack his knuckles. "Which one do you want?" There were four of them, a gang of dumb-looking robotic brutes jostling rowdily at the street corner. Nexus has seen this particular group handing out shoddy-looking business cards at a whole lot of the local bars, and he'd had enough.


    "Just one thing," he added, casting a cautious glance around for any cops who might be nearby, "Try not ta kill anyone." 

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  • IC: Blink - Eclipse Station, Tier 3

    Blink watched from the sidelines with only minimal regret as the guys she'd just stolen lunch from got cornered by Uerub and some ugly purple dude. She turned away before any violence started and kept walking, munching on a soggy old sandwich and whistling an annoying tune.


    IC: Gabriel Bliss and Alex Drift - Hero Factory

    After delivering their salad to the homeless shelter, Drift and Bliss had headed to the Hero Factory outskirts. Drift wanted to see how the new Cor Solis was coming along and Bliss didn't have anything better to do, so they were now in the machine shop, watching the mechanics install the third wing. The ship hadn't been painted yet and it was far from complete structurally, but the chief engineer assured the Heroes it would be done within the month.

    "Made any changes to her?" Drift asked, after examining the ship for a few seconds.

    "Yeah. After the way the old one went down, I figured it was time for an upgrade." Bliss moved over to the cockpit area and gestured at the turret underneath with a huge grin. "Flamethrowers. Top of the line. Next time, it'll be the villain's ship that goes down flaming."

    Drift blinked a few times. "Flamethrowers.

    Not... I dunno... flame-resistant armour?"

    Bliss's grin disappeared. "Shoot! I knew it was missing something."

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  • IC: Insurgent

    He sat down at one of the tables, gesturing the others to also do so.

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  • IC: Echo - Establishment

    Echo debated whether to remain standing for a split second before deciding to sit down.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    Well, I suppose that offic'lly adds one more person to my imaginary kill list. I'd kinda been holdin' off, but she's just done it. I hardly give her words a thought: ev'rythin' she just said was stuff I've heard before - you won't last long if you carry on like this, you're not fulfilling your potential, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I've done 'this' for as long as I can remember, and I've 'lasted' fine so far. Yeah, I can dismiss all that...her actions on the other hand, are a tad more aggravatin'. I look down at her hand as if it's sludge dirtying my armour - which it might as well be - and as if I hadn't really listened to what she said - which is true. Then I say, in the sweetest tone I can do...


    "Please remove your hand and we can do this civilly...Or do I need to call some backup to get you under control?"

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  • IC Kat:


    It was about this time that I showed up to the odd gathering.


    With a small wash of plasma, I landed gracefully near the others.


    "Hey, uh.... what's with the party, guys?"

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  • IC: Dorothy Quark and Nathaniel Zib - Skylor Is Doomed


    Quark's eyes blazed with fury and anger and every other synonym for the same all-encompassing, powerful emotion welling in her tanks. Behind that, though, there was disappointment. This Hero would be lucky to see the end of the day still employed. It would do no good to shout, and she doubted anything would get through to the Hero at this point. So, she forced her rage down, refusing to give the Hero what she wanted.


    She took a moment to calm her air intake. She released Sparrowhawk and stepped back. She placed a call to Zib, not taking her eyes off Sparrowhawk. "I assume you've heard all that."


    He sighed, shaking his head. "Yes, Quark. It's been duly noted."


    "I'll be bringing her back as soon as I've spoken to the other Hero. If she starts trouble, I will be bringing her back in cuffs. I suggest you have people ready on your side to disengage her flight mechanisms."


    Zib paused. "Are you sure? She's a rookie, she needs all the training she can get with those."


    "She should have thought of that before assaulting civilians and outright disrespecting her peers and superiors. And I'm not done. I am submitting my feed for evidence in the disciplinary hearing, to aid in the decision of whether or not to keep Sparrowhawk under Hero Factory employ. From her file, it seems like this was a long time coming."


    "If the Hero Factory was properly built and equipped, sure. We're trying to be lenient because of how understaffed we are. We can't really afford to lose too many Heroes, but..."


    "Understood. Quark out." Quark cut off the feed. She said to Sparrowhawk, "If you so much as power up your flight mechanisms or reach for your weapon during this trip, you will be fired. I have the power and I have the authority to place you under arrest, especially with your record. I'm not going to waste any more time with trying to help you, kid; it's clear you don't want to be helped."


    She glanced to Scarlet as the rookie touched down, and her expression softened. Scarlet, though a bit of a troublemaker, had a good Hero Core under her plates. It felt nice to speak to a decent Hero again after that infuriating debacle.


    "Hello, Scarlet. Very nice timing. Keep an eye on this..." she hesitated, glancing at Sparrowhawk; it didn't feel right to call her a Hero. "Keep an eye on Sparrowhawk while I speak with... Beemer, was it?"




    OOC: Quark doesn't have as much authority as Stormer, but as a very experienced and talented Hero, she's got a good deal of it.




    IC: Eloise Thumper - Getting Ready


    Thumper closed her eyes, steadying her intakes, and opened them again. She sat across from a mirror in her prep room, waiting patiently to be called to the ring. She grinned at the mirror, and felt every bit as happy as her reflection did- and her reflection was beaming.


    She'd done big matches before. Even before she'd been allowed to move up ranks, she'd warmed up crowds for better fighters, or participated in special matches wherein ranking didn't matter. She'd been in grand stadiums, where the roar of the crowd was deafening above all else and a sea of faces shouted at her to win or to lose. But today, she wasn't warming up or having a one-off. She was competing for a title. She was fighting to move one step closer to the championships. She was facing challenges for once, she was losing more often but she wasn't a big fish in a little pond anymore, she was learning and getting better and showing the galaxy what she was made of.


    She pulled on her wrestling mask reverently, closing her eyes once more. When she opened them again, in the mirror she saw La Puno de Hierro, the Iron Fist of Hero Factory, golden eyes ablaze and face set in a confident, brave grin. She roared at her reflection, and it roared back. She bounced on her feet, throwing a few mock punches, and then stretched her limbs carefully. She couldn't hurt herself, of course, she didn't feel pain, but she couldn't have a nasty surprise weakness in a joint when throwing her opponent across the ring. She tested her joints, her limbs, her torso. Everything felt in order. She felt complete.


    She went over the one-liners she'd memorised for the fight as she traced her steps for her dramatic entrance.

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  • IC Kat:


    The crimson rookie raised an eyebrow, but nodded once all the same. Easier that way, really. She looked over at Skylor, one hand on her hip, the other hanging by her side. A slight, knowing smirk slipped easily across her face.


    "So what'd you do to get her so angry at you, huh?"

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    I'd zoned out a bit while the old bag rambled on some more - all I caught was something about an official hearin', which she was bringing up again for some reason (to try an' intimidate me, I s'ppose). However, now another newcomer is talkin' to me, breakin' the trance of utter boredom and annoyance. In normal circumstances in mood like this, I might just tell her to [go away], but I don't want her or any other Heroes to get the chewed up and regurgitated story from Zib or anyone else afterwards. 


    "Well, lessee...I'll make a list: I...attacked a criminal (apparently the wrong sorta criminal), I defended meself from the criminal when his buddy shot me (s'ppose I shoulda let them just kill me, really...), I tried to ignore this stranger when she appeared and suddenly started shoutin' at me (for reasons I'm still not sure about), and finally I committed the heinous crime o' askin' this stranger to let go of me when she suddenly started grabbin' me (and if you don't believe me you can review the tapes)."

    I'd started the list calm, but as I went through each incident I realised how bloody unfair this situation is, even more so than before. The irritation apparent in my voice, I carry on:


    "Tonight I have been beaten up, shot at, talked down to and attemptedly handcuffed by a fellow Hero...and fin'lly this: just when I thought it couldn't get any bloody worse this person I've never seen before comes up to me and tries to give me #### about it!I" I take a deep breath. "So, can you tell me what exactly have I done that she's angry at? Because if I think logically about the situation, I can't ####ing work it out!"

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  • IC Kat:


    Her eyebrow went a little higher. This one must be fresh off the line or something. Lotta attitude. Not necessarily a bad thing, but hard to focus it in the right direction sometimes. She knew that better than some, being still a rookie herself.


    "Well, let's take it from the top, I guess; this criminal you went after, what was he doing?"

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    I pause for a second - this gal has wrong-footed me by actually showin' an interest in my problems (a novel idea, I know...). At least the moment of silence lets me calm down a bit (I can see I mighta gone a bit overboard-- no, scratch that, it was justified). So I explain...


    "Well, I was mindin' my own business on a rooftop, listenin' to music, when I see a guy below me. He's heavily armoured, looks like a bruiser: unusual for a bruiser to be wanderin' around lookin' mean, so I take an interest..." Yes, I admit it, my thoughts at the time weren't really as detailed as that. "Anyway, s'ppose he hears me or somethin', and as soon as he does he gets out some kinda nasty lookin' energy blade. Maybe he was just a trigger-happy paranoid totally innocent civilian, but o'course I doubted that..." I pause in my rivetin' tale to check if she's still listening.


    "So I carried on watchin', and lo and behold his buddy comes along, similarly armed to the teeth an' mean lookin'. Now, at this point I turn off my tune and listen to their convo: and lemme tell you it's suspicious. They're sayin' they need to talk in private, away from any police, and lookin' about them like a pair of distrustful rats. So I s'ppose I saunter over, ask 'em what's going on. Next thing I know they're makin' thinly vieled threats at me an' tensin' up to attack. I know I can't take both of 'em, so I make a preemptive strike. Few seconds later and there's a brawl and one of them has shot me."


    I sigh in a 'What can ya do?' kinda way.

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  • IC Kat:


    Kat frowned, mulling over the information.


    "Not sure that sort of profiling is really becoming of us as Heroes, but It sounds like you had your core in the right place. Probably should have called for back up though, if you thought they were up to something."


    She shrugged.


    "Odd that she'd get so up in arms about it in that case, though....."


    She looked over at Quark again.


    "She's a hard Veteran, but she's been around, y'know? Chances are, if she's telling you something, it's cause she wants you to be a better hero for it." 


    A grin.


    "Even if it does seem like she's just getting on your case all the time."

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  • IC: CORE


    Core also sat down, as his higher power tried to remember what they had been up to.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    "Really doesn't seem that way." I reply, deadpan. "There's gonna be an official hearing because of my alleged "assault of civilians", and I'm probably going to lose my job. I dunno 'bout you, but I fail to see how that can improve me as a Hero."

    Yeah, yeah, I'm playing it up a bit...but this Hero might be able to convince the old-timer to leave me alone.

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  • IC Kat:


    "If you -were- assaulting civilians, you could be Core Transferred. Which, is a lot like losing your job. Except you don't get to be around to mope about it."


    I shivered a little. Core Transfers were exceedingly rare, but they still freaked me out a bit.


    "That said, you'd have to do it like, a lot, and knowingly for that to happen. I think...."


    I shook my head.


    "Anyway, be polite, and tell your side of the story plainly as you can when the time comes, and you'll be fine. Y'know, probably."

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    I ignore the 'core transfer' bit, either because I know it's not gonna happen or because I...don't really wanna think 'bout it right now. However, I respond to the other bit: "Be polite? These people don't deserve politeness..." I sound as exasp'rated as I am. However, I'm too tired to argue (and besides, this gal doesn't seem too bad), so I just say, "But yeah, you're probably right..." in a kinda absent-minded way. I look the newcomer up and down for a second thoughtf'lly. Then, to my surprise, I hear my voice sayin', "I'm Skylor Sparrowhawk, by the way. Third division rookies." and see my hand reachin' out to be shaken.

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  • IC Helen - Mission Control:

    The main doors into Hero Factory slid open to allow passage to a somewhat disgruntled, not-yet-fully-awake Helen Corona. She ignored everyone and everything as she strode toward the elevators -- preferring to reserve her biting tongue for any Heroes stupid enough to try her patience at this ungodly hour -- and waited for the elevator to arrive. Normally she would come in for the afternoon shift, but another Mission Manager was out sick and Helen was the only one available to take over his evening shift.

    Purse slung over her shoulder and a cup of Starbolts in hand, she walked into Mission Control a few minutes later and made a beeline for her desk. Zib was having a discussion over comms -- something about an unruly rookie -- but Helen wasn't paying attention. When the senior Manager had finished speaking, she composed herself and walked over, datapad already booted up and ready for use. "Reporting in, Zib," she said in her usual tone of disinterest. "Which Heroes do you want me to supervise tonight?"

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  • IC Kat:


    "Kathrine Scarlet, good to meet you, Skylor."


    I shook the offered hand.

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  • IC: Insurgent

    "So, who are you two, exactly?" Insurgent asked.

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  • IC: Robert Shade - AD Hangar


    Shade put his blades down. His daily training was complete. Now low on power, he headed into the nearby recharge station.

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  • IC: Skylor Sparrowhawk - Makuhero City


    "Nice ta meetcha too," I reply, before sayin', "I s'ppose I should go with her now..." - a hand gesture to the nearby pensioner - "See ya 'round."

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  • IC: Nathaniel Zib - Hero Factory


    Zib glanced over at Corona, rubbing his temple with one hand and holding a datapad in the other. "Hm? Oh. Well, it's been rather quiet tonight, apart from something I've been handling here. A rookie started a fight with a few civilians, another Hero got mixed up in it, a villain was sighted in the area who seems to have all but disappeared somehow... It's all winding down now, though. I had Quark sent out, and she's just speaking with them both before bringing them back."

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  • IC: Sir Reginald Buckley - Makuhero City, Flying High.


    It had taken weeks of work - scavenging, purchasing and bartering new and replacement components - but at last, the Old Timer had been fully restored to its former glory. And now, as dawn broke over the horizon of Makuhero City, it was time for her to fly again.


    Opening up the bay doors, he rolled the ship out into the street before gathering up his things and shutting the doors behind him. He slipped into the cockpit, sliding his shotgun into the slot behind the seat, and powered up the systems. The holographic overlay flashed into place, and there was a low whine as the engines began to power up. The wings rotated, angling the engines downwards to provide upwards thrust, and the Old Timer lurched into the sky. 


    Chuckling in delight, he directed the ship upwards, and accelerated up towards the cloud layer, before twisting downwards and angling out the wings, turning the steady downward descent into a wild spiraling corkscrew. Moment of truth... He yanked on the controls, leveling out just short of colliding with the warehouse rooftops below. There was no groaning of metal, no parts flying off, no sign that his diligent craftsmanship hadn't paid off. 


    Allowing himself a momentary sigh of relief, he started flying off towards the gleaming H in the distance. 

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  • IC Helen - Mission Control:

    She cocked an eyebrow at the mention of a rookie causing trouble, but made no comment. The situation was of little interest to her, unless this troublemaker resumed his or her antics upon returning to the Tower. Helen would certainly have a thing or two to say about that. 

    "Very well, then," she replied, bringing up a list of away teams on her datapad. "I'll check in with Mu 19 and see how they're doing." With that she gave Zib a polite nod and walked over to one of the Mission Control stations, where live footage of Mu 19's mission was being displayed, and set to work catching up on their progress.

    IC Wolfe - Wrestling Arena, Makuhero City:

    The tall, grey veteran stood in line just outside the arena, checking his HUD for the time. Considering the hour and the size of the crowd, it was doubtful he was going to get a good seat, but at least he would get inside before the match began. Wolfe had the night off and thought he'd surprise Thumper by coming to see her fight. They were still only acquaintances, but he thought it would make her happy if a fellow Hero came to watch. Wonder if Quark's inside already, he thought. He hadn't told her either, which, in retrospect, had probably been a bad idea -- Quark tended to be more punctual than Wolfe, so he could have asked her to hold a seat for him. C'est la vie.

    After a while he reached the box office, got his ticket, and headed inside.